My aunt! No relation

When I was younger, I used to go swimming at my aunt and uncles house. One day my aunt, ( 42 years old 5'5 145-150lbs, Bbw big saggy d cups nice round ass, dark shoulder length hair, freckled skin) called me to see if I wanted to come over and swim. Being a young man I was always ready to swim, so I walked over to her house.
When I got there I noticed none of my cousins were there. I asked where they were, she said they were gone for the day.
She was rubbing sunblock on and asked if I needed any? I did. I put some on, and she offered to get my back. She started rubbing the sunblock in. I was in great shape at they time worked out and ran all the time. I started to notice it was taking a long time, she even moaned a few times. They way she was rubbing it started to turn me on.
Now she was VERY conservative, always in church, dressed very conservative too. This was not a slutty woman.
After she rubbed my back down with sunblock she said she needed to go in for a minute, and very sternly told me not to swim by myself. So I sat by the pool and waited for her to return. After a few minutes I started to wonder what was taking so long? I thought she might be getting some drinks and snacks ready, so I went in to check on her. I opened the door, she was not in the kitchen. I yelled for her. She said she was upstairs and told me to come up, her voice came from the bedroom. As I started up the stairs, I could hear a buzzing sound and her moaning. I walked to the entry way to the bedroom and peeked inside her room. She was lying on the bed with her big tits hanging out of her one piece bathing suit. With one hand she was pinching a very hard nipple, the other hand was holding a pink vibrator. She had the crotch area of her bathing suit pulled to the side, and was rubbing the vibrator all over her clit and pussy. Very nervously I started to leave the bedroom, but she saw me, and asked if I wanted to watch. She said if you do you can't tell anyone.
So I came in and sat on the end of the bed. She starred into my eyes while she fucked herself. After a minute or two she asked if my dick was hard. I told her it was. She asked to see it. I pulled my hard cock out of my swimming trunks. She told me to come closer so I walked up by the end of the bed. She put my dick in her mouth and started giving me a very sloppy blow job.
She stopped and took off her bathing suit and asked me if I knew what a 69 was? I told her me and my girlfriend do it. She told me to lay on the bed. So I layed down she straddled my face. At the time I did not now how to eat pussy. So she coached me on how and where she wanted licked. Her pussy was bald and very tight, for having so many c***dren. Moments later she gave my face a good soaking, her cum tasted so good! She told me she wanted to taste me. I don't know how much I came because my dick was in her mouth, but by the look on her face it was a load!
Then she said I want to ride your cock is that ok. I said hell yeah! So she climbed up on my young cock and began riding me! She was talking so dirty, I had never had a woman talk to me like that, I almost instantly came in her pussy. I told her I was gonna come she said fill me full. So I did. She asked do you need a break sweetie, me being a young man I said no. My cock was still very hard after cumming twice. So she continued to ride me. She told me to cum with her, moments later I could feel her cum dripping on my balls and into the bed. She kept grinding it in, her ass cheeks were wet with cum, and they smacked off my balls perfectly.
After she rode to another orgasm, she asked if I had ever done anal? I had not. She got in a doggie style position and and started sucking my dick, I was standing off the bed. After she got my cock soaking wet, she said stick that fat cock in my ass. I did! I could not believe how good it felt. Her asshole was so tight and wet! While I was fucking her doggie style, I noticed she was rubbing her clit. She screamed as she came! Told me to fill her ass with my sweet cum. After a minute or two I did! I was exhausted!
She said good boy! You came in every hole! Your such a good nephew! I told her you are so my favorite aunt! Lol.
This was 17 years ago and we still continue to fuck to this day. I will be posting some picks of her soon. We have took thousands of pics and videos. She has them all, so as soon as she gives me some I will post them!
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8 months ago
Great story of the hot experienced woman that loves teaching the new man what it takes to please her. Usually the full trip around her pleasure spots is spread over some length of time because the cock gives everything at once.
1 year ago
hot and heavy
1 year ago
nasty lil'church lady
1 year ago
we'd love to see the pics of the "church Lady"
1 year ago
Wow,,very hot indeed,,thanks
1 year ago
great story cant wait to see the pics
1 year ago
hot story...we need pics of this hot bitch
1 year ago
HOT story, look forward to seing thepics and/or vids thanks for the Hot dick hardning episode
1 year ago
great story dude
1 year ago
Going to fuck her today!