First Threesome

*NOTE* this story is an original work by ME. copyright 2010. you can copy this and switch it around and change the names and make it your own if you wish. if you make money off it, consider cutting me a slice of the pie. this story can also be found enjoy!

My girlfriend, Bella, turned me on to the idea of having a threesome with another guy.

Admittedly, it didn't take much arm twisting on Bella's part. I've always been curious to know what it would be like to watch my lover with another guy and I even had a fantasy of playing with another guy myself.

So, we're on our way home from a night on the town, waiting at a cab stand when along walks this guy we recognize from the gym. His name is Kyle. He's one of the regulars.

Kyle sees us and pauses, places our faces and then says, "Hey don't I know you from the..."

"The gym," Bella finishes, her hand squeezing mine. We make small talk for few minutes as we wait for a cab. Then Bella turns and fixes her, 'follow my lead' look on me and asks Kyle if he would like to join us for a night cap back at our place.

I'm too buzzed to do anything but go along with Bella's suggestion and before I know it, we are all chilling on our back deck. A couple drinks and a Bob Marley-sized joint later and we're all feeling pretty loose.

"Hey Kyle," Bella says. "How long did it take for you to get such big muscles?"

"I don't work out as much as you might think," he replies flatly.

"Yeah... right," she presses.

"No shit... I probably work out no more than three times a week. I've always had a well developed body," he insists.

Bella pauses, openly gawking. "You mean... you mean... you were BORN that way? No way!"

Kyle smiles and nods his head.

I can tell by the look on her face that Bella is about to up the ante.

"Will u take off your shirt so I can see?" she asks.

Kyle pauses, his eyes turn to meet mine as if seeking clearance to proceed.

But Bella quickly interjects, "Hey... Kyle. He wants you to take it off too; isn't that right, baby?" she teases. "Just take it off and give us a look at what you have going on under there."

"Hey baby," she says to me. "Take your shirt off too. I want to compare your body to his."
It is clear the Bella is calling the shots tonight, so we both comply; stripping away our shirts.

It's hard not to feel totally inadequate next to Kyle. His heavily muscled torso is deeply tanned and hairless. He has a great set of pectoral muscles, perfectly developed six-pack abs and appears to carry zero body fat.

I, on the other hand, have a very common body type - a little soft, but basically height/weight proportional. Next to Kyle though, I feel like a puny weakling. I flush with a sudden wave of shame. Even so, I cannot deny that I totally envy Kyle's body and the effect it has on Bella who stares, eyes wide open and mouth agape.

She is speechless.

"You like what you see, baby?" Kyle asks, though it comes across as more of a statement of fact: You DO like what you see.

Of course he needn't ask. It is so clear that Bella is totally consumed with his hot, muscled body. Even I, despite my jealous envy, cannot help but admire his Adonis good looks and Atlas-like body.

It takes a moment for Bella's lust/shock to subside enough to allow her to speak.

"Holy.....Christ.... You're beautiful!"

Each word hits me like a dagger to the heart and I suddenly wish I could pull the plug on this entire affair, but I can tell by the look in Bella's eyes: She's gonna fuck this guy tonight whether I'm a part of it or not.

"MMMMMMmmmmm..." she sighs after ogling Kyle for a short eternity. "Boys, will you show me the rest?"

I had a feeling this was coming and this time Kyle does not hesitate; he opens the fly on his 501's and hauls out an obscenely huge handful of meaty cock. It is easily twice the size of my own, average 6 incher.

"Oh my gawd..." Bella gasps taking a good look at Kyle's giant package. "How big does it get when it... can it get hard?"

Kyle stifles a laugh and affirms, "Oh yeah... it gets hard all right. How big? You wanna find out?"

"YES!" Bella blurts. "I wanna see!"

So Kyle steps up to Bella and waves his dick in her face and says, "Well then, you know what to do."

And, of course, Bella DOES know what to do. She is, among other things, an expert cocksucker; the girl has no gag reflex!

She casts her sexy eyes up to meet his, licks her lips and then goes to work.

I know from experience that Bella LOVES to suck cock and even as the sight of her gobbling Kyle's monster meat stabs at me like wicked, thorny spikes of pitiful jealousy, I must also admit it's about the hottest thing I've ever seen.

Kyle has both hands twisted into bunches of Bella's golden locks and draws her in so she is f***ed to accept more and more of his giant dick. Already she looks to be stuffed to the throat and still over half of his cock remains exposed between her lips and Kyle's body.

The action in front of me is so fucking hot I cannot help but rub away at own stiffy.

Bella braces her hands on Kyle's hips trying to keep him from stuffing his big dick all the way into her throat.

At first, it seems like he gets the message and he backs off until Bella relaxes. Then, without notice, he delivers a vicious thrust of the hips and brutal pull of her hair, driving his huge cock down Bella's throat.

Bella, caught totally unprepared, doesn't even offer resistance until it is way too late.

Even from where I stand I can see the raised profile of his monstrous cock pushing up through her neck. Her panicked, muffled mewling fills the room as Kyle continues his pursuit, slipping more and more of his giant cock into Bella's gullet until finally, her face is pressed tightly to his lower abdomen.

He's all the way in!

Tears squeeze out from the corners of Bella’s eyes and her face flushes red. Kyle is choking her with his big cock. For all I know, the damn thing is going to kill her.

But Kyle is a pro. He knows the limitations of the human body and he expertly tools away at Bella’s throat: driving deep and then backing off just in time to keep her from passing into u*********sness.

It goes on and on and by the time he finishes, Kyle has pumped an ocean of hot cum into her belly and all over my sweet Bella's face. She looks like she's been dipped in raw egg whites and her normally tight, taut tummy is swollen out, round like an over filled water balloon; her stomach is positively bloated to near bursting with his seed!

Still, despite having had his way with her for well over an hour, Kyle's cock still rages stiff as steel and as big as ever. He is ready for more and intends to get it. But with Bella totally spent and barely conscious, Kyle fixes his attention on me.

My every instinct tells me to run like hell and, if not for the heaving, sobbing heap of whatever
Kyle left remaining of Bella, I'd be long gone. My stomach churns with dread as I know I must stay.

"Okay boy, let's see what YOU can do for me and my big cock," he laughs, standing directly in front of me. His long cock sticks straight out like a hunk of gas pipe, extending all the way to within an inch or two of poking me in the gut.

I cannot help but stare at the b**stly thing. It's so fucking big; beyond porn star big. My mind spins to and fro, flitting through images of every porn star, cock-god I've ever seen on the screen.

Kyle ranks right up there among the biggest of the biggest in both length and girth!

His hands come up to rest on my shoulders and, applying steady, downward pressure, he easily f***es me to me knees.

Now his giant cock bobs and throbs but an inch or two from the tip of my nose. He stares down into my eyes; his crooked, smug grin rains down on me while, from across the room, Bella's soft gurgling sobs provide an eerie soundtrack to this X-rated, sordid affair from the Twilight Zone.

"Please Kyle," I start, not sure where it will go. "Please... just go now. This has gone far enough already."

He isn't impressed.

I plead and beg, on and on, bringing myself to tears as Kyle stares down at me with cold, piercing eyes.

He doesn't have to participate in this nonsense. He knows he can have me at the time of his choosing, but he wants me to come to him on my own volition.

"Are you gonna cry too? Just like your girlfriend?" he taunts.

"Go ahead, bitch-boy, cry. Go ahead and cry for me. It only makes me hornier!" Then he grabs a handful of my hair and thrashes my head around and around, back and forth. "CRY BITCH! CRY!"

Of course, I am already crying and breaking into open sobs as he roughs me up and the more he makes me cry, the bigger his cock seems to get.

Then, taking his mighty cock in hand, he uses the heavy shaft to bludgeon me. His wet, sticky shaft slaps hard against my cheeks, smearing his and Bella's saliva all over my face.

At first I try to dodge him, but Kyle quickly secures my head; pinning it back to the wall behind me, giving him free reign to abuse me with his big cock!


"You like that, boy?" he hisses.


"What's that? I can't hear you...," he growls, aiming the monster directly at my trembling lips.

Just as I open up to respond, Kyle f***es his big cock into my mouth. The knob alone fills my mouth to capacity, reducing my protests to a series of stifled, pathetic squeals while the girth of his massive shaft stretches my lips to the threshold of their structural integrity!

"Yeah...," Kyle groans, probing my mouth and working the tip into the back of my throat. All the way in and then back out again.


Again and again; in and then out.

Back in; all the way in to the very back of my throat, setting off sparking showers of RED ALERT panic through my mind. He isn't backing off this time!

Instead, he throws his hips toward my face and jams it into my throat sending me off into a series of spastic heaves and convulsions, my body's final, futile attempt to reject his invading column of flesh.

Then finally, Kyle claims the tight opening of my throat; pries me open - inching deeper and deeper...

Its more than half way inside of me!

... and deeper and deeper until my face is pressed tightly into his hard, smooth abdomen and his long, fat cock skewers me to the very core! With his fat knob throbbing deep down in my gullet and my jaw stretched to damn nearly the breaking point, Kyle lets loose with a howling cry....


My food tube's rippling, heaving convulsions stroke his long shaft as he fucks away at my throat with long and brutal strokes.

All the way in... all the way out... over and over and over andoverandoverand....

"I'm gonna CUM!" he hisses, driving all the way in. "Yeahhhhh.... Take it... TAKE MY HOT CUM!"

Deep inside of me, his big cock jerks and jumps, like a rubber ball on a trampoline as he pumps his load right down into my stomach!
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9 months ago
Kyle sounds like a cool guy We should talk more and maybe set up a 3some sometime
9 months ago
well thank you very much, my Bi (not gay) friend. Kyle is a fuck god... and he doesn't care if one is gay, straight, bi or whatever. he just wants to get off. ;)
9 months ago
Sound so hot First of all I am BI NOT GAY LIKE MY NAME SAID and not as big as kyle is only 6" and uncut
1 year ago
thank you, baby! i hope the story got you a little wettt... ;) xox
1 year ago
Wow, daddy!!! You really have talent writing stories! This story is awesome! I'm gonna save it in my favorites. I can easily see you writing a whole novel. You got talent, baby! It makes me feel even more proud to have a man with such talent and intelligence and with a rich vocabulary. You just keep impressing, don't cha! That's my man!
I love you, daddy! XOXO
Your Eden
1 year ago
wow that was a HOT EXCELLENT story , wanted to read more thanks!! xoxo
1 year ago
2 years ago
thank you dexbi!
2 years ago