How it all Started....

Back in 1997 I was living in my dads place a condo on the beach.In the summers I had a friend come down from new york with her f****y. She was 3 yrs older then i was.I loved going to the jacuzzi the building had by the pool. one day I was seating in there and her grandfather and she came in. we where all in the hot water and i feel as where talking my foot being played with. after a while the foot got higher un till it was almost at my thigh inside my trunks. I got hard. I must of been twelve or so....As my friend get up to go to her towel. I figure out that It wasnt her, that was doing it.. By know Im confused but horny his foot was rubbing the base of my hard cock. he's got my ball sack between his toes going up and down.I had never felt anything like it. All i new was how to stick my dic in a sock and masterbait. porn i had seen threw my dad tv he had unlimited channels.
I got my hard dick in my shorts ,fixed it so that it was been held by my waist and trunks and i got up picked up my back pack and left to the bathroom at the building lobby.I get in there and sit. A min or so i here the door open. He comes threw the second set of door and i see him come in come to me am still rock hard confussed what up but i do as he says and let him take me to the first sit down bathroom it wasnt a stall its like a room with a door and toiet/ shower its a very nice set up there are 3 of them. We get in and he locks the door and he just smiles and ask if am oka with this. I could hear my Heart pounding in my ears as i said yes, my legs where shacking and i wasnt as hard. I let him play with my dic threw my shorts again as i got hard again. He untied my shorts so i can step out of them. I could hardly stand from how nerves i was. but it felt so go to have some else holding my cock in there hands. he went and turned on a shower and left it running. He asked me to put my back on the wall. He held my cock with both his hands and jerked it for a little. I saw him stair at my hard on for a few, I had pre cum just dripping out of my dic and then he placed my head in his mouth. that felt so wierd inside but so good.I
watched him suck on it and play with my dic. he grabbed my head and placed alot of saliva on it closed his hand on it and jerked just my he massaged my balls i felt his middle finger rim my ass. He sat down and sucked me off. he kissed me all didnt take long before i felt i had to cum i tensed up he grabbed on to my dick and suck hard and hard i didnt get to see any of my milk he took it all in and just keep on sucking it felt to good i hard a hard time after i came to let him suck on it but i did. at that point i was like what... it was wierd inside me i just wanted to get out and go smoke a little weed. But that wasnt gonna happen. he took down his shorts and grampa was hard to the rock like i was. asked if i wanted to help him like he help me.I was oka so i asked him what do you want me to do. He told he to masterbait him like i would do to myself. he came a little jizz and got soft. he picked up and left with the quickness that was like that almost everyday that summer.
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1 year ago
have to agree with sir_jerks, the others who commented obviously will read and get off on any old shite, if it was your intention to make it look like it was written by a 12yr old then well done, you surpassed yourself, it looks like it was written by a 10yr old. and then you went to smoke some weed? you got that far and thought anyone reading was still believing the story? then you decided to turn the boy into a dope fiend too. leave the writing to the grown ups in future
2 years ago
Older men can be so good at rim out asspussies and suck cock clitties
2 years ago
Nice start there like it!!!!
2 years ago
i love older men. good storie
2 years ago
I like it. thx
2 years ago
I'm so sorry our educational system failed you. Good lord, you are an attrocious writer...