My First time.

The first time I tasted cock was when I was 10 in Kensington London living with my father. His best friend from work was having problems with his wife at home so i remember one day in June he came over to our house and my mum and dad had just got divorced so he slept in the extra bedroom always with the door locked. I sore everyday I would come home from school he would still be in that room either crying or taking to his wife on the phone and always yelling. Might I add he was hot for 6'2 Dirty blonde, green eyes, and really buff. He had these dreamy eyes and killer smile. Oh man he had a bulge the size of a baseball.

One day in the middle of June it was hot but not that bad,, my father was out for the entire day and it was me and my dads best friend and I in the house and i have a habit of walking around in my trousers and trainers on but i complete he was in the house and I walked past his room door and to my surprise it was open. I had this gut feeling to check up on him so i crept into his room and he had shorts above the knee, white socks, and a tank top. He was barely covered with the sheets on the bed and the room had a smell of BO and cologne, it was kind of hot. Getting a little hot in my trousers and pitching a little tent and as i'm getting closer i'm getting the urge of pulling the sheets off slowly and seeing his cock. I don't know why but i wanted to. so i go through with it. I pull off slowly but sweating at the same time. don't want to get caught. So am i pull off the sheets i see his bulge, and man it juts curves around his huge balls and i just want to sniff it and feel it with my hands, and at this point i can feel my pulse in my hands and in my breath. This was major what I was about to do and i'm so hard as of right now. For some reason I kinda felt his eyes were looking at me.
So as i reached over slowly his body moved up against my hands and I felt his bulge it was soft and it felt good on my hands then i turned to look at him and he was awake with a smile on his face. OMG i ran out of the room and he called me back and I got so scared started begging him not to tell my dad and he told me to come close and he started to take off his shorts and he wasn't wearing his trousers and it's was this beautiful veiny uncut master piece staring me in my face. it was as thick as 3 German link and it had a raunchy smell to it i didn't care if he didn't wash I really wanted it in my mouth and he pulled me close with his soft hands and i got on my knees and as he layed on the bed i picked up his cock and put it close to my nose and sniffed the hell out of it then tasted the skin with my tongue and it was so good. Then i proceeded to open my mouth and suck on his cheesy head and my mouth was so wet and flowing with saliva it went in smooth. Tasting it in my mouth got me so wet he proceeded to play with my ass which was tight and and it hurt a bit when he tried to stick his finger inside of me. I didn't care I had his smelly cock in my mouth and he guided my head to here he wanted me to suck his cock. Licking his cock head, down the veiny shaft, to his balls, put both in my mouth and worked my way back up his shaft to the head and sucked his head really good he pre cam and i sucked on the head till he gave me more. then he told me to get on the bed and bent his cock so i can suck him between his legs and man did it feel so good. 4 minutes in he wants me to deep throat not even past the head goes in but it still felt good. I loved the feeling. I've noticed one big vein getting thicker and i knew he wanted to cum. We didn't know when my father was ever going to come back home so he told me to suck his head faster as he stroked his shaft and the look on his face as his chest and face got red, butt clenched up and his moaning ringing in my ear made me suck harder and I felt this warm sensation shoot down my throat and as salty it tasted i drank it and i love the taste. Felt like he shot a whole cup full of cum down my throat. it just kept coming and coming and it was in ecstasy and he was finally done and shaking it started to go soft and the head so red and sensitive. I sucked slow and he stroked his cock one last time from the base to the head and I sucked the last piece of cum out of it. He pushed me away and told me to go away so rude but i didn't care. As I was leaving his room a minute more we could have been caught my dad was coming home and I ran up stairs into my bedroom and put on some clothes to hide my boner. It was so hot what we did but I wanted to do it again. The End
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2 years ago
Nice at one time! Thanks!
2 years ago
Very hot, nicely done!