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I've fantasized over and over again about tasting her sweet pussy on my tongue. Staring at her from afar, being teased from her sweet perfume! My pussy was drenched from her mere presence.

Being interested in women hasn't been good for my career. I've lost three promotions, two jobs, and one best friend because I couldn't keep my hands to myself. I guess it's the act that turns me on much more than the thought itself. Well up until now. This time I will get what I want, how I want it, and when I want her!

"Hey, Avril, are you coming to the office party tonight?" Umm the way my name rolls off her tongue makes my nipples stand at attention. Sure I said. Are you finally asking me out? I pretended to joke." Avril your so funny!" Little did she know I was serious. Serious enough to pretend. Serious enough to try. Serious enough to repeat! No, I'm serious, are you asking me to go with you? "I mean everybodys going to be there, but sure if you want to ride with me then that's fine", said Erosa. OH MY GOODNESS! Was it finally happening. Yes, tonight was the night I would taste every drop of her nectar. I couldn't wait to swallow that peach.

Erosa arrived at my house at eight looking like the sweetest piece of candy. Her pale skin was illuminated in the moon light. Her long red auburn hair shimmered with each beam. Those ice blue eyes pierced straight through me and thick luscious lips painted with hot pink lip gloss ate me alive! I knew she saw me looking, but I didn't give a damn. I continued down her neck, pass her collar bone, and landed in the clouds. Her very, no, extremely tight fitting dress was like a second skin on her very supple breast, 34F's. Not quite as big as mines, but they were succulent on her tiny, curvy frame. My thoughts were interrupted by her voice. If it wasn't for the perversion in my head I would have sworn I heard angels. "Is there something wrong with my dress?!" Alarm sounded from her mouth. NO, I quickly interjected. Girl, you look great! Where did you get that dress? She smiled, now calm, but somewhat confused. "You were staring at me, like you could eat me! Avril is everything okay?"

At that moment I must have lost my mine. Maybe it was because all of the bl**d in my brain had escaped to my nipples and was continuing to fill my already swollen clit. I grab the top of her dress were her cleavage was already spilling over and grab a titty out. I began sucking like a starving c***d. I figured it was now or never and she didn't stop me. I slowly climbed out of my laced dress and stood on my porch in just a bra and six inch stilettos. Her eyes slowly traced my body. They stopped at my plump full lips smeared with Mac red hot lip stick. Continued down to 42Js where she reached out her hands and flicked my quarter sized nipples. She then traced my side with her fingers and glided her hands down and around toward my pussy. But she didn't touch it. Maybe the sticky liquid that was pouring down my legs scared her a bit. Or it could have been the fact that she has never been with a woman. The shock factor that a sexual body was in front of her and missing a penis.

I grabbed her hand and led her into my house. Go sit down Erosa. I started to close the door behind me, but I was instantly captivated by her juicy round ass. Damn, white girl got it all, I whispered as I continued to close the door. "Avril I've never been with a woman before, but the way you sucked my nipples and your feminine aggressive nature turns. Me. On", she moaned. I laid on the floor with my face under her pussy were she stood. My tits fell out my red laced, nipple cut out bra. I spread my legs wide and began to play with my clit. The intoxicating smells of our pussies filled the air. I grabbed her legs so her pussy could land on my face. I licked and lapped up every single drop of her juices. Reached around the front to play with her titties. Oh so big and perky! I pulled her boy cut laced panties to the side and took all her in mouth. Purely ravishing. Her beautifully trimmed cunt, bright pink, and surrounding with auburn red silky hair. I let go of erect pink nipples to smack her ass, but something deterred me. "ahh, oh my, I'm....." Erosa moaned. Then the inevitable happened! Erosa came hard and long all over my face, hair, neck, and floor. I began tongue fucking her harder. The deeper I went, the more she came. Eventually she began to squirt. "I've never squirted so much", Erosa whimpered. Then she wrapped her arms around my legs and stuck her face in my already predrenched essence. I let out a slight moan and my body began to quiver. She arose..... 2 B CONTINUED!
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2 years ago
very hot
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So hot
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Nice start:)
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Great loved it!!!!