Al Fresco Threesome

He was out birdwatching, enjoying the tranquillity and the sunshine. In the distance he could hear the burble of water running, and he realised that would be a likely spot for birds. He made his way towards the sound and came to the edge of a clearing. There, about 50 metres ahead of him, he saw a couple lying on a rug, arms around each other, kissing passionately.

He stopped himself just before he betrayed his position. His heart began to race as he realised what was likely to unfold before him. He saw the guy slip his hands under the blouse the woman was wearing and fondle her tits. “Damn!” he thought, “I wish I could see them”. It was as if they read his mind. The woman sat up, the man unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it down her arms revealing two lovely round, natural breasts with chocolatey little nipples.

“Just as well I’ve got my binoculars,” he thought. He didn’t often get lucky like this, but in the past he’d been fortunate to use them to admire young women on isolated beaches and once a couple of guys down by the river engaging in a 69 and then some anal! He brought the binos to his eyes and had a good close-up of the woman’s boobs. They were really gorgeous – the breasts of a mature but fit woman, just the right size for sucking. And that’s just what her partner began to do. He cupped one breast and leaned forward, first flicking the nipple with his tongue, then tracing around her areola before sucking quite firmly so that much of her breast disappeared into her mouth. Then he paid the same compliment to her other boob.

As he fondled her breast, the watcher saw her hand move down to where he was sitting cross-legged. She brushed the back of her hand against his cock and made tiny up-and-down motions, clearly stimulating him while he continued to show his appreciation of her tits. He slipped one hand down as well and reached under her skirt, clearly rubbing her pussy too. He left her breast and brought his mouth to hers and they kissed deeply, seeming almost to devour each other in their passion. But they weren’t like teenagers in a desperate hurry to start fucking – they enjoyed the slow build up and the mounting tension.

She motioned for him to stand and she unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them to the ground. His cock sprang up, clearly aroused, and she moved her mouth towards it with her lips forming a perfect O as she placed them on the head of his cock. She withdrew a fraction and the watcher saw through his binos her tongue flick out across his glans. He arched his back in pleasure and she began to move her head slowly back and forth, taking him deeper into her mouth with each stroke. She cupped his balls and raised her eyes to gaze at him from under her eyelashes.

She continued for some minutes before he pushed her head back and said something to her. She lay on her back while he slid her skirt and panties down her legs, then removed his shirt so they were both completely naked. He lay on his belly between her outstretched legs and began lapping at her pussy. Through his binos the watcher could see the man trace around the woman’s pussy, slowly and tenderly, before moving forward just a fraction, clearly sucking on her clit and then pushing his tongue into her wetness. After a couple of minutes she began to raise her hips to his mouth, and then bucked sharply in what was obviously a thrilling climax.
She lay back and through his binos the watcher could see the rise and fall of her chest as she panted for breath. Her climax had clearly aroused her partner too because he knelt up, moistened his cock and then eased himself into her. After his licking and then her climax she was obviously very wet and he glided in with one smooth stroke. He slowly moved in and out, deep to his balls then out almost entirely, savouring the exquisite sensation of her love tunnel squeezing his cock. Gradually he increased the tempo and his arse rose and fell rhythmically as he drove into her.

The watcher wanted to see more so, keeping a screen of shrubs between himself and the couple, he edged in a semicircle closer to where the couple were screwing. He got to within about 10 yards and moved to a position where he could see her pussy starting to cream with their combined juices. His own cock was straining against his trousers and he decided to release it while still watching all the action through his binoculars. The couple were clearly coming close to a climax. He could hear the sound of a thick cock in a slick pussy, and then he heard her say “Oh Mike that is so good! Oh – oh yes – oh my god – I’m cumming!! Yesss,” she hissed. “Cum on my tits Mike! Cum on my tits!”

Mike pulled out, took his purple cock in his hand and said “Right Di! Here it comes!” and with that he sprayed ropes of creamy cum on her tits and her pussy. The watcher was almost beside himself with excitement and stroked his cock vigorously while still holding his binos to his eyes. His extra movement was enough to dislodge the large rock his left foot was on and suddenly he fell out into the opening within yards of the surprised couple.

“Oh shit!” he said to himself and then “Uh... uh... I... uh........ Sorry! I lost my footing,” he mumbled. He clambered to his feet and then realised with acute embarrassment that his rampant cock was pointing straight up with excitement. He tried to cover himself but got the strap of his binoculars caught on his cock. Covered in confusion he was amazed to hear giggles of amusement from the woman.

“Calm down, man! Take your time. You were obviously enjoying our little session! You look like a professional voyeur, binoculars and all.”

“Actually,” he said, “I’m a bird-watcher.”

“What sort of birds?” the man said jokingly.

The woman sat up, cum still on her tits and her thatch, and said “Come over here and introduce yourself. We’re not embarrassed – neither should you be. I’m Diana and this is Mike, and we just love having sex in the outdoors.”

“I’m Bill,” the watcher said. “I’m sorry I’ve spoiled your little – uh – interlude.”

“Well don’t be” said Mike. “We’re bits of exhibitionists, so an audience is something we enjoy. And you were clearly enjoying it too,” he said, glancing down at Bill’s now semi-rigid cock. “Look Diana – Bill was all set to cum when he fell in on us. Do you think we should invite him to join us?”

Diana looked at Bill’s cock that was already starting to lengthen. “I think that would be great, Mike. Bill can pleasure me while you regain your strength for a second round later.”

“Sounds good to me, Di,” Mike said. “My old boy will take a little while to recover – it would be nice for you to have a fresh cock to suck.”

Bill couldn’t believe his ears! Instead of being marched off to the police or thumped about the head he was being asked by the husband to pleasure his wife! But before he could answer, Diana had shuffled over on her knees until she was kneeling directly in front of him. She reached out a hand and gently took his cock and brought it to her lips.
“Enjoy it, Bill. She’s a great cocksucker,” Mike said with a grin.
Diana kissed my purple cock head, tasting the precum, then slid my cock a couple of inches into her mouth. Mike was right - she certainly knew how to suck cock. She danced her tongue over the head, then wrapped it around my shaft, then began taking more of me into her throat until I thought she would gag. But she relaxed her throat, controlled her breathing and f***ed my member as far as it would go - truly deep throat! It was so wet and so hot and so tight, just like a virgin pussy.

A medical problem a few years ago means I take a long while to cum - an old girfriend used to call me 'marathon man'! Diana did her best to bring me to climax but I wasn't there yet and her face was red from all the exertion. I decided it was time for her reward, so I stepped back and turned her around to lie on her back. Then I lay down between her legs and approached her musky pussy. I traced my tongue around her inner lips without touching her clit (to build up the tension), then I slid two fingers into her steaming twat at the same time as flicking with my tongue her clit which was by now engorged and quite prominent.

A sharp intake of breath told me I'd hit the spot. I slid my tongue in as deep as I could, then returned to her clit, and kept alternating like this for several minutes. She started to raise her hips to meet me, and I knew she was getting close. I put two fingers back into her and searched for her G-spot, walking my fingertips against the front wall of her love tunnel. Her sheath started to convulse on my fingers as her climax approached, then she came with great f***e and an extra gush of moisture on my hand. Her cry of ecstasy reverberated from the surrounding hills. The climax was so intense she pushed my hand away.

"Well done, Bill!" said Mike. "That was a ripper! You know you've hit the jackpot when she cums loudly like that."

Diana lay back, panting for a minute, and then said softly "I want your cock, Bill - and I want it now! I've already cum three times - do me again!"
Lying back in that position, pussy red with excitement, Diana was a real temptation. But first I needed to be sucked back to full hardness so I shuffled up and offered my cock. Diana took it eagerly in her mouth, fluttering her tongue on my cockhead, then sliding down almost to deep throat again. That was enough - I came back to her splayed legs and drove deep into her. The sound of my hard cock in her slick pussy was such a turn-on, all slurpy and squishy. Then added to it was the sound of my balls slapping her arse.

I rolled her further onto her back and pistoned vertically into her, feeling her cervix at the bottom of every stroke. Then I rolled onto my back and she straddled me like a cowgirl, settling herself deeply onto my cock and sqirming to give me the maximum stimulation - 'up - down - squirm' repeated twenty or more times at an increasing tempo. I reached for Diana's nipples and tweaked them hard and I'm sure she felt a little jolt of electricity jump to her clit. At last I could feel the cum begin to boil in my shaft. Diana was also close - I could feel it in the way her pussy was clenching my rod. So I drove in hard and fast and deep and suddenly I was blasting her love tunnel with gallons of cum.

The sensation of my jizz shooting against the walls of her pussy tipped Diana over the edge and she came too with a long, shuddering sigh. I lay on her for a time, cock still twitching deep within her, before carefully withdrawing to preserve the expected creampie. Diana started to squeeze her pussy muscles but Mike said 'Hold on - I want to add my cum to that!" While I'd been banging away at her, Mike had been stroking his old boy until it was purple and erect and covered in saliva. He came over, knelt in front of her and slid in, forcing cum to ooze out of her and down his cock. He was so turned on her fucked with abandon, and it wasn't long before he came too, crying out loudly in his passion as his juices mixed with ours. Then we both sat back to enjoy the sight of our cum and her juice trickling slowly from her pussy and down her slit to her arse.

"Well how's that for a birdwatching adventure, Bill?" Mike asked with a laugh. "What sort of rare bird do we have here?"

I thought for a moment then, looking at her creamy pussy and statuesque tits, I suggested "A White-vented Mannikin, I think, Mike!”

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2 years ago
Very sexy - maybe I will take up birdwatching. Can't wait for xmas when we will be in Australia and see what we can see.
2 years ago
Thanks for the feedback - love your comments.
2 years ago
Yes, what a great story....loved it
2 years ago
love it!
3 years ago