First MMF Threesome

I didn't recognise the phone number that came up on the screen when the phone rang, so I just gave a non-committal "Hello".

"Hello," said a male voice. "Is that Bill - Bill Little?"

"Ye-es," I said cautiously.

"It's Gary here - Anne's husband."

My stomach lurched. I have no experience in dealing with angry husbands!

"Anne told me about the time you spent together," he said.

Oh shit, here it comes! I waited, speechless.

"I made her tell me all about it. You see I've always wanted to see Anne with another man, and we thought this might be the way to begin a three-way experience. It was important that she find somebody she liked as a person as well as just in bed ....... and Bill, you're the one she wants! If you're up for it, that is."

I was up for it alright! My cock was up already! I couldn't quite believe it, but I wasn't going to turn down an opportunity like this. Best not to sound TOO keen though.

"Yes, that would be fine," I said, trying to control the pleasure in my voice.

"We thought you might like to come up on Saturday night for a few drinks and a bite to eat and see how things go. We're about an hour and a half from your place so it might be an idea if you stay the night. Don't want to be driving back to London and get caught for drink-driving."

It sounded too good to be true, but we made the arrangements, exchanged addresses and contact details, and arranged to meet at six o'clock Saturday evening. The days dragged slowly; Saturday came and the hours dragged! But a little after four o'clock I left the flat, stopped at the off-licence for a couple of bottles of red (Australian, of course!) and then headed up the M11.

I found the house with little difficulty, grabbed the wine and my overnight bag, locked the car and made my way to the front door. My stomach was full of butterflies as I rang the bell.

After what seemed an eternity Anne answered the door, looking as beautiful as ever.

"Hello Bill, good to see you again," she said, standing on tiptoes to kiss my cheek and at the same time brush her hand against my thickening cock. "Come and meet Gary - everybody calls him Gaz."

She took the bottles of wine and led me by the hand to the kitchen. "This is Gaz," she said. "Gaz, this is Bill."

Gary shook my hand firmly and said with a grin "I've heard a lot about you, Bill. Seems you're a bit of a stud!"

"No, not at all," I said, embarrassed. "But I was - er - having sex with a very beautiful woman."

"Something we can repeat a little later, I hope," Gary replied.

I warmed to this man instantly. He was very welcoming, very accepting of the fact that I'd screwed his wife several times the previous weekend, and apparently quite eager to share her with me. Who was I to refuse?

Gary offered me a beer, we sat at the kitchen table while Anne dressed some pizza bases with all manner of goodies, and within half an hour we were enjoying the pizza with the red wine I'd bought. Maybe it was the beer and the wine that made me feel relaxed, but the mood was definitely mellow when Anne said "Forget clearing the dishes. Who's going to fuck me first?"

You could have knocked me down with a feather! Before Gary or I could even reply, she had taken each of us by the hand and led us to the bedroom. She turned her back to Gary and faced me. He slid his hands under her shirt and caressed her tits before lifting it over her head. Then he pushed her towards me and I ran my hands over her gorgeous boobs while he slid first her skirt and then her panties down her legs.

Anne undid my shirt and then undid my belt, and soon I was as naked as she was. Not to be left behind, Gary had quickly shed his gear too. As soon as we were all naked she hopped on to the centre of the bed, patted each side of it with her hands and said "Come on, my big boys - come and play with me."
Gary hopped beside her on the right, I walked around and clambered up on her left. By the time I got there Gary was already kissing her so I leaned across and stroked Anne's breasts with my fingertips before gently rolling her nipple between thumb and forefinger. She moaned a little and rolled back to offer her nipple to my tongue. I took it between my lips and sucked it in, swirling my tongue around the nipple then flicking it with my tongue. Anne seemed immediately responsive - then I realised Gary was also running his forefinger the length of her slit and rubbing her clit.

I reached down to her pussy and Gary moved up to her right breast. I continued the pussy stroking and then leaned forward to run my tongue along her lips. She was already wet and I could taste her sweet muskiness. My tonguetip found her clit and I sucked it, nibbled it with my lips and flicked it with my tongue. Her breathing became shallower and I realised a climax was approaching so I deferred to Gary so he could bring her to the first one for the night.

I swung around to give him space and lay playing with her lovely tits and erect nipples while Gary came to the end of the bed and positioned himself between her thighs. After a minute or two Anne said "I want both your cocks - now!" She turned and knelt on all fours, presenting her pussy to Gary kneeling behind her and facing me in front. Gary rubbed his cock against her wetness then, lubricated, he slid directly into her. I moved forward and she took my cock in her mouth, and we were in the classic "spit roast" position.

Only trouble is that it's not as easy as the video clips make out! With every thrust of Gary's, Anne would lurch forward and gag, finding my cock wedged unexpectedly in her throat. I tried moving back as Gary thrust forward, and she lost my cock entirely. It was really difficult to establish a rhythm, so I took the initiative and shimmied on my back beneath her so my tongue could reach her pussy and she could bob up and down on my cock.

Gary didn't miss a beat. He slid his handsome cock back and forth at a steady pace and I could smell the scent of a pussy in heat. I reached up with my tongue to her pussy and tasted the sweet mix of her juices and his precum. As I diddled her clit with my tongue I felt Gary's cock slide past the edge of my tongue, and it was electric! I had never had a cock near my mouth before! And here it was, rigid and fat, sliding between her lips and against my tongue. Despite its hardness it was still fleshy, a bit like the skin on a pomegranate seed covering the hardness just a millimetre beneath. I wanted more of this wonderful new experience and so I left Anne's clitty and ran my tongue the length of Gary's manhood as he drove in and out of Anne's cunt.

Anne noticed the lack of attention, put two and two together and said with a bit of a giggle "You're licking his cock, aren't you Bill". I grunted in agreement. "I want to see it!"

"In a minute luv," said Gary. "You're about to cum."

"No!" she cried. "I want to see your cock in Bill's mouth NOW, Gaz! That will make me cum!" She wiggled her arse to disengage him and sat cross-legged on the side of the bed, stoking her pussy and saying "Well come on, you two! Gaz, give him your cock."

Now this was a totally new experience for me - I don't know about Gary - but we were both so consumed by lust that we did as Anne directed. He came closer and I got on my knees to take his cock in my mouth. Very tentatively I put my lips over the mushroom head of his cock. It was wet and slippery with Anne's pussy juices but unlike anything I'd ever tasted before. And not only was his cock hard, it was HOT - throbbing and hot! I suppose that's something all women know, but it was a surprise to me somehow, obvious as it as when it happened.

I was a little unsure of how to proceed but I thought back to the best blowjobs I had had and imitated them. I flicked my tongue across his peehole, I swirled my tongue around his shaft and I slid up and down on his pole, using one hand to fondle what I couldn't take in my mouth. I knew from experience how talented Anne was at giving head so I guessed I was more or less doing the right thing when he put his hands behind my head and pulled me deeper onto his cock.

I've always been able to clean the back of my tongue with a toothbrush so I was well able to control the gag reflex. As Gary pulled me forward I felt the head of his cock enter my throat. I spluttered - it was much thicker than a toothbrush! - but by controlling my breathing I was able to take him a little deeper each time. Anne was cooing her encouragement -"Deeper, Bill - yeah that's it - and again - yeah!" She leaned forward and cupped his balls in one hand while never taking the other pussy from her pussy.

I could feel Gary's cock begin to throb and he increased the pace of his thrusting. "I'm close Bill - just don't stop!" This encouragement was all that Anne needed because her hand became a blur as she plunged fingers in and out of her pussy. As she let out a triumphant cry I felt the final twitch in Gary's cock and his hot cum spewed down my throat and into my mouth.

Now in all the best stories the one giving the blowjob seems to swallow all the cum, but his spurted into my mouth with such speed and in such volume that it burst its way out of the corners of my mouth and onto the sheet below. His cum was hot, salty with a pleasant bitterness and somehow 'steely' in taste. I swallowed what I could then slid back up his shaft before squatting back breathless on the bed. Gary too was red-faced and panting, and Anne was sitting there, legs open with a sopping wet pussy and a cheesy smile!

"Wow Gaz, Bill - that was something! I loved it!! How about you?"

"Surprised myself," I said. "I enjoyed it. I guess if you girls can get pleasure from it, there's no reason why guys can't. What about you Gaz?" (I figured if I'd been intimate enough with him to suck his cock and swallow his cum I could use Anne's familiar term for him.)

"Surprised myself too! Are you sure you've never given a blowjob before?"

"Absolutely sure,Gaz. But I've had some good teachers," I added, looking directly at Anne and winking.
Gradually our breathing returned to normal. Anne lay down between us and Gary and I lay beside her, just casually stroking her soft flesh. After a few minutes Gary seemed to have nodded off, and I think perhaps Anne had too, but I was still so aroused I lay there reliving in my mind all that had happened.

After five or ten minutes both Gary and Anne were asl**p so I gradually disentangled myself and went out into the kitchen to clear away the plates. I thought I’d been very quiet but just as I was finishing I heard the pad of feet and there was the lovely Anne. She came straight across and kissed me, squeezing her tits against my chest and said “Thanks for doing that. You are domesticated! And thanks for a great evening. We’ve often talked about a threesome but this is the first time for us. How about you?”

“First time for me too, Annie – and it’s been wonderful!”

“It’s not finished yet, I hope!” Anne said, leading me to sit down at the kitchen table. “I want anal from both of you, and then maybe a DP,” she said giggling.

“Really! I thought you weren’t so keen on anal.”

“I wasn’t – it always hurt. But after that first time with you I realised I just needed to be wetter. When Gaz knew we had done anal he was desperate to try so I made him buy some lube – Astrolube I think it was called. And it worked! We took our time, then used the lube on both me and him, and it was fine. Tight – but fine.”

“And so enjoy it now?”

“Love it! And if we can, I’d like to go all the way tonight – both your cocks together.”

All this talk made me hard again, and Anne said “Oh poor Bill – you haven’t even cum yet!”

“That’s okay, Annie – means I can keep going. You know the ‘marathon man’ story.”

“Yeah but – wouldn’t you like me to suck you off?” she replied.

“That would be lovely,” I answered and she slipped immediately to her knees, took my cock in her mouth with her hands behind her back, and proceeded to slide her hot wet mouth onto my pole. She looked up from under her eyelashes and I almost did cum. It was all so sexy! I fondled her beautiful boobs – her nipples were so hard again – and she cupped my balls. In a moment she moved down a little lower and began to suck my balls, one after the other. It was heaven.

After a few minutes I whispered “Have you got that lube handy?”

Anne nodded her head, then got to her feet and tiptoed into the bedroom, emerging a few moments later with the tube in her hand.

“Why did you want it Bill?” she asked, handing me the tube

“Because I want to fuck your arse, Anne. You said you wanted anal from both of us. Well I thought I might ‘warm you up’, so to speak,” I said.

With that I bent her over the table and proceeded to lick her divine arse, all the way from her pussy to her little star. I pressed my tongue against her sphincter at the end of each stroke of my tongue, and after about five minutes I could feel her muscles relax and I was actually able to push my tongue a little way in. She tasted tangy but pleasant and I kept it up for another five minutes while at the same time stroking her clit.

She was making little moans of pleasure so I took my tongue away and pressed against her with a moistened finger. I was amazed at how easily I penetrated her, then it occurred to me that her arse had been stretched a couple of times in the last week. I slid one finger in, licked her again, then slid the second finger in and pumped methodically in and out.

“I want your cock now Bill,” she said urgently. “Fuck my arse now!”

I took the Astrolube and applied it generously both to her entrance and my cock. Then I placed my cock against her hole and let her control it from there. She pushed back slowly and I could feel the muscles slowly yield to accept the mushroom head of my cock. The lube certainly helped. Anne was so hot down there, and when eventually I slipped inside her it was ..... ‘tropical’, you might say – hot and steamy.

I withdrew so I could see her arse gaping and it was a wonderful sight – all red and wet and very open. I couldn’t help but slide straight back in and bury my cock to the hilt in her arse.

I heard the creak of a floorboard and I turned my head to see Gary standing there, cock in hand, enjoying the scene.

“Ready for more?” he asked.

“I am if you are Gaz – I think Annie’s already shown what she wants!” I replied.

“I know what I want – two cocks!” Anne said. “At once!”

“Do you mean ‘immediately’ or ‘at the same time’?” I asked.

“Both!” she said fiercely, now totally consumed by lust.

With that she pushed her arse back against me to disengage herself, then headed back to the bedroom and plopped herself on the bed.

“Now how are we going to manage this, Bill?” Gary asked, stroking his cock in anticipation.

“Well Annie is pretty wet, but we need to make sure we don’t hurt her. Which one of us do you want in your arse, Annie?” I replied.

She thought for a moment and then said “You, I think, Bill. Gaz is a bit bigger than you – might be a bit uncomfortable with my pussy full as well”.

I looked at Gary. He nodded his agreement.

“Okay then. Annie, you ride Gaz cowboy style, then when you’re set I’ll try to work my way into your bum.”

Gary took his cue and lay on the bed. Anne gave his cock a loving suck before sitting astride him and impaling herself on his pole with a sigh of pleasure. Gary rose to meet her, and soon they were in rhythm, her lovely tits bouncing with every thrust. Beside the gentle squeak of the bed, the only sounds were of heavy breathing and the slurp of Annie’s pussy on his cock.

“Give me yours now, Bill,” Anne said, looking over her shoulder. She reached for my cock and guided it to her mouth. As she sucked me I slid my hand down her arse crack and found she was still open and receptive and well lubricated with the lube. I slid a finger into her, then moved up on the bed behind her and put the head of my cock against her gaping hole.

The head went in reasonably easily, but then I found entry more difficult – she was just so tight. Through the thin membrane I could feel Gary’s cock in her pussy, stretching it like a drum..

“Gaz, just pull out a bit while I get in,” I suggested. I felt him withdraw a bit which allowed my cock to plunge deeper. When it was good and wet I said “Now push back in.” I felt his cock pass underneath mine – what an amazing sensation! I was gripped firmly in a hot tunnel with another cock rubbing against mine through just a smidgin of flesh. After a bit of pushing and shoving we got ourselves synchronised – Gaz on the instroke, me pulling back, me driving in, Gaz pulling back. But it was so tight – and oh so hot in there!

Anne grunted with pleasure every time Gary’s cock bottomed out. “This .... is ..... so ..... fucking ..... hot!” she said. “I ..... am..... SO..... full of ..... cock!”. Then she settled down to the rhythm of two cocks ploughing her cunt and her arse in reciprocal motion. For several minutes there was only the sound of our breathing, the bed, and two cocks making slurping noises in her holes. Finally Gary said “I’m going to cum, Anne! Oh god I’m cumming!”

I felt his cock twitch and jerk beneath mine as he emptied his seed deep in her love tunnel. Then he slowly withdrew and I felt his cum ooze from Anne’s pussy and onto my inner thigh. The whole experience had been amazing and so erotic – but I still hadn’t cum. With Gary still on his back beneath Anne, I thrust back and forth as deep and hard in her arse as I could. It was immensely pleasurable – but no climax! Fearing I might permanently damage her lovely arse I reluctantly pulled out and knelt there, panting.

“Oh Bill – you still haven’t cum!” Anne said. Her arse was red and gaping and cum was dripping from her pussy as she swung around to face me. She took my cock in her mouth, then lowered herself on to Gary’s mouth, giving him a taste of his cum and her juices. She fondled my balls and stroked my cock while her tongue twirled and dance around my shaft. She was giving me one hell of a blow job, but it just needed something a little bit extra.

She stopped for a moment, raised her hips and said “Gaz, get yourself out of there and up here.” He did so and she said “I want you to run your tongue along the side of Bill’s cock while I suck the head.” Gary’s eyes widened but he too was consumed by lust and, with his inhibitions lowered by what we had d***k earlier, he did as she directed. The sensation of two tongues was amazing – nearly enough to finally make me cum. But not quite.

Anne took matters into her own hands. She let go of my cock, took Gary’s head in her hands and pushed it onto my cock. At first his teeth grazed my shaft but that was actually part of the extra stimulation I needed. Tentatively at first but then with growing enthusiasm Gary sucked on my cock, taking its mushroom head into his throat. I’m sure he was doing what I had done – remembered past blowjobs I had had and doing the same.

Anne crouched beside us, watching in fascination as her hubby sucked another man! Then she ran her tongue along the side of my pole – and that was all it took! I wasn’t sure if Gary would have wanted a mouthful of my cum so I withdrew my cock from his mouth, took it in my hand and pointed it at Anne’s pink tits. I could feel the cum churning in my balls and along my tube and suddenly an explosion of cum burst forth from me with great f***e. It had such velocity it arched way above Anne’s tits and landed on her face, in her hair, then on her neck, then on her tits and then on her belly. She was covered in cum.

“Holy fucking hell!!” Gary said. “What an amazing night!”

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2 years ago
LOVED this...exactly what I want to experience with my husband.
2 years ago
Very hot story, we both loved it thanks
2 years ago
Hot hot hot!
2 years ago
Very good indeed! I think you and Steve would get on well:) xx
2 years ago
Dam hot lucky guys
2 years ago
Incredibly HOT and so damn sexy!
2 years ago