Friend with Benefits

We've been out to dinner - nowhere flash, but a quiet little restaurant where we can get to know each other a bit. I can hardly remember what we ate or drank - I've been too excited by what the evening might bring and by the sight of your gorgeous breasts unrestrained beneath that silken royal blue blouse. You can't help but notice how transfixed I am by them and you flush a little.

Driving back home you put your hand on my knee and say "It's been a great evening, Bill". Is that the end of it, I wonder, but then you rub your hand a little as if to indicate there is more to come. I reach across to put my hand on your knee and instinctively your knees part. I slide my hand a little further over to your inner thigh and I can feel the moist warmth of your pussy just inches away.

For safety's sake I return both hands to the steering wheel but you rub my thigh and brush the back of your hand against my erection. I find somewhere to park not too far from home and we walk hand in hand to the front door. Once inside we turn immediately to each other and our tongues twirl, our lips taste and our hands slide over each other's bodies. My cock grows immediately and you grind your pussy against me.

I lead you to the bedroom where you kick of your shoes as I unbutton your blouse to reveal your splendid boobs with their dark chocolate nipples. You hastily take my shirt off and tug at my belt while I push your white slacks to the floor. In a moment neither of us has anything but our undies on.

I lead you to the bed and spring up beside you, kissing your mouth and neck again as I work my way down to your nipples. As I do I feel your hand reaching for my cock. I trace the tip of my tongue around your areolas then flick first one nipple then the other with my tongue before applying strong suction to your breast. At the same time I reach my hand down to your panties and feel your wetness through the material.

While continuing to pleasure your tits I slip a finger under the elastic of your knickers and slide it between the folds of your pussy. My, you are wet! As I move the pad of my index finger to your clit you breathe in sharply, telling me I've hit the spot. Slowly and ever so gently I circle my finger on the magic spot and you raise your hips and push yourself against my hand.

I move down from your breasts, kissing your flat belly and navel before I reach your neatly-trimmed bush. I slide a finger into the furnace that is your pussy and part your labia in preparation for my tongue. I trace around inner lips in both directions without touching your clit, then slide my tongue deep into your wetness before placing my tongue directly onto your clit. I lap and nibble and nuzzle and it isn't long before you start to raise your hips and moan softly. I slide two fingers into you and find your G-spot, and before long you reach the first of what I hope will be a series of orgasms. The climax has been so intense you push my hand away, then kneel up beside me and position yourself above my cock.

Your beauty and sexiness have kept me aroused, and the pleasure of your climax made me hard, but that's nothing to the sensation of your lips as you make them into a perfect O and put them on my cockhead. You slip your lips just down as far as my ridge then flick your tongue across the tip of my glans. I think I'm going to die with pleasure. Then you slide further down until I can feel my cock enter your throat. You gag a little then slide back up the shaft and continue a steady pumping. Meanwhile I let my hands wander over your tits hanging so tantalisingly above my chest, then I slide one hand down your flank to the curve of your arse and press my index finger against your little star.

If you keep sucking me like this I'm going to cum before either of us wants, so I move around behind you while you're still kneeling and I moisten your arse with my tongue, pushing it gently into your arsehole. I feel your sphincter relax a little and then I'm able to slide a finger into your tight hole. Your pussy is dripping now, so I line my cock up and slide slowly but f***efully into you, bottoming out in one long stroke.

Although you're so slick, your pussy is still tight and grasps my cock as I gently move in and out, pulling your pussy outwards as I withdraw. And because you're so tight I can hear that wonderful 'sssp, sssp' sound of my cock in your wetness. As you get wetter I increase the speed until I'm really pounding you - your tits are swinging and you are grunting with pleasure with my every thrust. You raise one hand to reach back for your clit but we collapse in a heap on the bed! We laugh like crazy, then I motion your closer to the edge of the bed and I stand behind you, sliding my cock back in and pumping inside you. Your breathing is becoming shallow and I can feel the muscles of your pussy beginning to ripple on my cock. You're close to a climax so I spare no effort in pounding away until a muffled scream of ecstasy combines with the vice-like grip of your pussy to tell me you've just had a toe-tingler!

I slow down then stop, and you say quietly "Fuck my arse, Bill. I want to feel your cock in my arse."

"Are you sure?" I say warily. "I thought you weren't keen on anal."

"It's okay when I can control it, and I'm just so horny at the moment that I want to experience it with you. Just be gentle."

"Of course, Anne - I'll take it slowly and you say when to stop."

With that I withdraw from your sopping slit and rub my slick cock against your arse to moisten it. That's obviously not enough, though, so I say "Reach back and put two fingers in your pussy, then take them out and try pressing one against your hole." You do so and I have the wonderful spectacle of you putting fingers in your cunny and then pressing a finger against your arse. To our surprise it opens enough for you to put a finger in as far as the first knuckle. You persevere and after a few more attempts you are taking the whole length of your finger in your arse. I decide to help with a bit more moisture and I come down with my tongue and lick it back and forth along your arse cleft, pressing on your hole with my tonguetip. I can feel you opening up more; when I pause you put your fingers back and this time start to insert a second finger. Before long you're able to slide two fingers into your arse.

"Put your cock against me Bill, and let me press back onto it," you say. I do so and I feel the heat of your arsehole on the tip of my cock. I apply some more saliva to it and you press back again. The head is halfway in but I pause while you gradually adjust to this intruder. You press back again - there is a little wince of pain as my thick cockhead f***es you apart, then suddenly you push back hard and the head is completely inside you.

Once again we wait, then you begin some gentle rocking back and forth. I apply more moisture and soon my cock is sliding inside your amazingly hot tight arse. With each stroke you're becoming a fraction wetter, and after a few minutes I'm able to slide quite freely into your depths. How hot you are! How tight!

"Oh Bill that's so great," you say. "I am so full of your cock!" Then you begin to move more quickly while once again fingering your clit, and soon I am pounding your arse as strongly as I did your pussy. Through the membrane of your anus I can feel the muscles of your pussy beginning to ripple again and soon you come to a third climax. You fall forward onto the bed, panting, then roll onto your back, legs wide apart and give me a contented, if exhausted, smile.

A shadow of concern flashes over your face. "But Bill, you haven't cum yet," you say. "What's wrong? What aren't I doing?"

"It's fine, Anne. You're doing everything right, believe me! I just take a long time to cum." You give me a quizzical look and I explain.

"A few years ago I had a small malignant tumour in my bowel. They removed it but, to be sure, I underwent some ray treatment, and that affected the nerves to my cock. The doc said they'd been 'damaged', but actually it was a blessing - my erection's not affected and I can just go for ages. An old girlfried used to call me 'marathon man'!"

I lie beside you and my hand falls to your wet pussy. "If you're up for it we'll try again in a few minutes - maybe the missionary position," I suggest.

"Okay - I'm ready for a marathon," you say. "Lucky I don't have to go to work tomorrow."

"I wonder why they call it the 'missionary position?'," you add as an afterthought.

"Well, apparently, early last century, a missionary couple on a South Pacific island were surprised at the casual sex of the unmarried people of the island, and in particular their habit of just going behind a bush or up a track with a partner and having sex sitting facing each other. To the puritanical thinking of the missionaries, sex should only be behind closed doors and they told the locals so. So some of the locals decided to observe the white couple having sex by making peepholes in the thatched hut of the missionaries and observing how they did it. The 'man-on-top' position was foreign to the natives and caused much mirth. They demonstrated it to their friends around the campfire until most of the village were fucking "missionary style". And so it got its name, although we know from ancient Greek vase paintings that it was common in Greece thousands of years ago."

"So how did the natives do it? Face to face?"

"Yes they'd face each other and shimmy forward together until his cock was at the entrance of her vagina, then they'd swing their hips and 'get it on', so to speak."

"I'd like to try that," you say. "What will we call it?"

"How about a 'Polynesian'?" I suggest.

"Okay," you say, "Let's try."

"We might need a bit of lubrication first," I suggest.

You come over to suck my cock but I turn you around so that I can reach your pussy at the same time - a classic '69'. As I feel your lips slide over my cockhead and your tongue swirl around my shaft, I open your lips and catch the musky scent of your aroused pussy. Both it and your arse are very red after our earlier exploits, and you give a little shudder as I trace my tongue the length of your slit before sucking gently on your clit. You softly squeeze and massage my balls while I push my tongue first into your pussy and then into your still-relaxed arse. Soon you are sopping wet again and I'm fully erect, so we swing around facing each other. I put your legs over mine and we shuffle towards each other, knees wide apart, until I'm lined up in front of you. I push my hips forward and my cock enters you, then you push and it's fully encased in your love tunnel. You lean back on your elbows and the change of angle brings the tip of my cock to your G-spot. I make small rocking motions to stimulate it while reaching my index finger down to your clit to stroke it as well.

"Oooh that's lovely," you say. "And I can watch you going in and out as well! I like this," you add enthusiastically. However after a couple of minutes you say "But it isn't very deep, is it?"

"No, but I've discovered a way to make it deeper. Lie back a bit and put your feet on my shoulders."

As you do so we can both feel my cock slide deeper inside you. Then by pushing against me with your legs we establish a real rhythm. I can see your white creaminess on my cock as I slide in and out, and for the first time I can feel the beginnings of a climax.

"How about we compare the Polynesian with the Missionary?" I suggest. We disentangle ourselves and you lie back, arms and legs spread wide, with your glorious tits lolling to the side, and you say "Fuck me Bill - fuck me!"

Your pussy is bright red and creamy. I take my cock in my hand and slide it up and down your cleft, tapping it gently against your clit. You give a little moan of pleasure and I slide in deep. Despite all the activity of the last hour or so you're still nice and tight and very hot.

As usual I start off quite slow, pausing at the end of each instroke and outstroke - I love the feeling of being buried deep within you, and then of feeling your lips part and slip over my cockhead as I re-enter you, snapping closed onto my shaft as I slide back in. You give a twist of your hips as encouragement, so I slowly up the tempo. Slamming against your clit is starting to have its effect and your raise your hips to meet my thrusts. You lift your legs high and I move my arms in front of them so you're held there with your pussy almost vertical, allowing me to piston straight up and down.

After a couple of minutes you push against my shoulders with your calves motioning me to let you bring your legs down. You know what's best for you at this stage - for you to place your feet squarely on the bed and push down, tilting your pelvis up and positioning your G-spot right where my cock keeps thrusting. Your beautiful tits are swinging up and down as I maintain a fast pace and my pubic bone is grinding against your clit. Soon I start to feel that familiar ripple of the muscles of your pussy and I know your final climax is near.

"Let yourself go, Anne - this can be the best yet," I say. Your breathing is fast and shallow; in seconds your little moans of pleasure become cries of ecstasy as you climax. Your pussy grabs me tightly, the contractions reach a crescendo and begin to subside, but further movement from me starts a second orgasm, and before you've finished you've had four in rapid succession. You lie back on the bed panting and say "Cum on my tits, Bill - cum on my tits".

I pull out and take my raging red cock in my hand. My balls are boiling as I stroke my cock and aim it at your tits. The first spurt is so strong the jizz sails right over your tits and lands on your cheek; automatically your tongue flicks out to lick it. I continue to cum, twice in copious quantities on your tits and then several smaller spurts on your belly and your pubes. I drop down beside you, panting from the exertion and the shattering climax I've just had.

You move yourself next to me with your head on my shoulder and your warm tits pressed against my side. You lift your knee onto my thigh and I can feel the wetness oozing from your pussy. Slowly our breathing returns to normal.

"I think I could safely say I've been well and truly fucked!" you say with a giggle. "Now I know what they mean by 'friend with benefits'!"

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2 years ago
Thank you for that encouragement Jill
2 years ago
Very nicely described...brilliant first anal experience for Anne. Very lucky to have you for a friend, I guess.;)
2 years ago
nothing like a good anal fucking!!
2 years ago
Thanks for the encouragement
2 years ago
Nice... very erotic! I've taken notes...