First Foursome

First instalment: Foreplay

Sue suggested she and Steve arrive after dinner to avoid tedious stuff like washing up etc, so Lin and I have eaten, I’m all ready and Lin’s in the shower making her pussy as smooth as possible. I have four glasses on the bar and a nice bottle of white wine in the ice bucket.

I hear the bathroom door and Lin emerges in a white blouse and tartan skirt, looking every bit the schoolgirl. With her slender figure and tiny breasts she could be. She doesn’t need a bra and her tits are nicely visible. I’m just about to embrace her when I hear a car pull up outside. I open the door just in time to see Sue swing her legs out the car door revealing an expanse of creamy thigh. Steve comes around from the other side with a bottle of wine in his hand and they head for the door.

I greet them warmly, kiss for Sue and handshake for Steve, then introduce Lin who demurely shakes hands with them both. I motion them in to the lounge room and they sit on one sofa and Lin sits on the other while I open the wine. There’s an awkward silence for a minute, but when I hand around the wine and say “Here’s to a great evening!” the ice seems to be broken. We make small talk for a while, then I stand to get the bottle to top up the glasses.

While I’m at the bar Steve comes and stands beside Lin, enjoying the downblouse she has on display. She looks him directly in the eye and says innocently “Do you like my little titties? Bill says they make me look like I’m only f******n”. Steve is caught off guard but says “They’re lovely, Miss Lin”.

I refill Sue’s glass and sit beside her. Then I say to Lin “He clearly likes them Lin. Show them to him properly.”

She stands and slowly, teasingly, she unbuttons the shirt and slips it off her shoulders and then her arms. She gestures to Steve to sit on the arm of the sofa, then approaches him and stands with her nipple an inch from his mouth. Instinctively his tongue snakes out and caresses the little bud. I look across to Sue who is sitting with her arms folded and, quite u*********sly I think, is stroking her left nipple with her right forefinger. Her gaze is riveted on Steve licking Lin’s tiny breast.

Steve’s right hand reaches for Lin’s thigh and slides slowly up her leg. There’s a sudden intake of breath and Lin giggles. “You thought I’d be wearing panties, didn’t you?” she says, swaying just a little to rub her slit on Steve’s finger. I can hear Sue’s breathing quicken so I reach over and slide my hand into her wonderful cleavage, feeling with my thumb how hard her nipples are too. Eager to reveal her splendid big boobs, I reach for the bottom of her shirt and lift it over her head so that her tits bounce free. By this stage Steve has Lin slumped on the sofa beside him as he pushes up the tartan to reveal her soft pink slit. I turn my attention to Sue’s large areolas and trace around them with the tip of my tongue. Her nipples get even harder when I suck them into my mouth.

“Let’s make ourselves more comfortable,” I say, standing and leading Sue by the hand to the bedroom. Steve and Lin follow my lead. Again following my lead they remove their clothes as quickly as possible and, almost as if they’d rehearsed it, both girls drop to their knees to take our dicks in their hands. Warm hands and wet mouths soon bring two cocks to attention.

Now I know from past experience that Sue is a great cock sucker and that Lin is too. Yet somehow they’re different – equal but different. On this occasion Sue takes me deeper with each movement of her head until I feel the head of Mister Richard enter her throat. She gags a little and I pull back but she comes at me again, forcing my shaft right down her throat. It is sheer heaven – so tight, so wet and sooo hot! I look across at Steve and he is standing, eyes rolled back in ecstasy with Lin’s lips right up against his groin, clearly deepthroating him as well.

Because of my little medical experience a few years ago I take a long while to cum – Lin calls me ‘marathon man’ – but I guess that Steve won’t want to cum too early in the night so I call out “Time to change position!” Both girls slide back, faces red with exertion and chins covered in saliva. “Time to eat pussy!” I say.

Second instalment: Cumming once!

Sue moves to the far side of the room and lies across the bed with her pussy at the edge while Lin lies back on the near side, pussy ready for Steve’s tongue. The girls’ heads are almost side by side and, while Steve and I are kneeling between their thighs, they begin to kiss tenderly and stroke each other’s body, breasts and nipples in particular.

Steve loops an arm under each of Lin’s thighs and brings her closer so he can slide his tongue the full length of her slit from her puckered arse to her budding clit. With regular strokes he pleasures her for several minutes then concentrates his attention on her clit. First of all he takes it between his teeth and ever so gently gives it a squeeze which causes a sharp intake of breath from Lin. He then flutters his tongue rapidly across her clit and, at the same time, takes his right arm from under her and slides first one and then two fingers into her wet and succulent cunt. She whimpers with pleasure and takes his head between her hands, pushing his mouth into her pussy. Steve removes his fingers and replaces them with his tongue, and probes deeply, lapping as he f***es his tongue in and out of Lin’s snatch.

I see this because I am still standing in front of Sue, running my forefinger along her slit. But then I get down between her creamy thighs and use my tongue in similar fashion to Steve – long slow strokes the length of her inner lips, rolling her on her back so I can tongue the little starfish of her arse, then fluttering my tongue right up to her clit – and then slowly back – and then slowly forward again. We keep this up until we hear Lin start to moan more loudly. I move straight to Sue’s clit, now very prominent at the junction of her pussy lips, and apply butterfly kisses to it while delving into her pussy with my fingers. Sue also begins to moan; Steve and I redouble our efforts (my jaw is aching, but I don’t care!) and soon Lin cries “Oh god, I’m cumming! Oh fuck! Oh! Oh! Aaah!”

Maybe it’s the sound of Lin cumming, because Sue raises her hips to push harder against my hand and my mouth. I can feel her love tunnel contract around my fingers as she pants heavily and then she screams “oh that is so fucking good,Bill. Ah! Aaah! Ohh yess!” and then exhales heavily. Steve and I kneel up and grin at each other across the bed, our mouths and chins covered in the juice of our lovely girls lying spreadeagled before us.

After regaining our collective breath, Sue rolls over and moves further onto the bed, presenting herself for a good doggy-style fucking. Lin, on the other hand, just shimmies back so Steve can get on the bed and squat on his haunches in front of her. Simultaneously we each moisten our dick and give it a bit of a tug before sliding into the love sheaths in front of us. Sue is dripping wet yet she has excellent muscle control because she is so tight that I really have to push hard to slide in to her. She is so hot! After a few tentative thrusts while my cock is getting covered with her slippery juices, I start slowly pistoning into her like a locomotive just leaving the station.

Lin reaches down to her pussy and pulls her lips back to form the most perfect looking butterfly, and Steve can see her pink wetness inviting him in. He places the head of his dick at her entrance, then raises himself from a squatting to a kneeling position, sliding deep into her womb. I know from experience how tight she is, and I can imagine how, every time he pulls back, the skin of her vagina follows his cock as he withdraws, then folds as he slides back in. Soon we are both thrusting hard and the room is full of the scent of sex and sweat and the sound – the wonderful sound – of stiff cocks slapping into slick cunts.

Steve reaches for Lin’s nipples and rolls each one between his thumb and forefinger, then pulls them up to make cones of her little tits. I, on the other hand, reach around to Sue’s little thatch and rub her clit before surprising her by pulling at her pubes. She bucks with the sharp pain of it, but says “I like it a bit rough sometimes, Bill! Do as you want with me!”

Now I’m not by nature a rough lover, but when this gorgeous woman that I’m fucking begs me to be rough with her, I comply. I take her by the hair and pull her head back while thrusting savagely into her, my balls slapping against her arse. Just beside her I see Steve reach up for Lin’s nipples and squeeze them between his fingernails, causing little electric shocks to race from her nips to her clit.

This is the first foursome for any of us, and the situation by itself ensures that we are in a heightened state of arousal. I am so proud of my little Lin and they way she can take Steve’s thick cock into her gooey pussy and I can see Steve looking with admiration at Sue’s tits swinging back and forth with my every thrust. Then he hunches forward and leans over Lin, thrusting into her almost vertically as his climax approaches. His tempo increases, then with a cry he sits up high as he makes his final thrust into her, shooting jet after jet of his cream into her.

And of course Marathon Man still hasn’t cum!

It appears that neither Lin nor Sue have cum at this stage, but with no dicks in their pussies they turn to each other.

Third Instalment: Girl Fun

Now the softness of women’s bodies is something I adore, and I enjoy stroking and feeling them. But the gentleness and tenderness Sue and Lin employ is a lesson in sensuousness. They roll towards each other and run their fingertips with feather-light touch over their faces, their neck, their shoulders, their sides and their breasts. They move slowly, savouring the sensations of touching and being touched.

Sue moves her lips towards Lin’s and they kiss gently, then she moves her tongue inside Lin’s mouth and soon their tongues are flicking back and forth at each other. Occasionally they suck each other’s tongues, all the while keeping up the constant sensuous touching. Lin’s hand reaches down to Sue’s pussy and very lightly moves towards her clit. Sue almost instinctively loosens her thighs and allows Lin access to her pussy. Slowly, lovingly, languorously, Lin strokes Sue’s slit until her labia are gleaming with the wetness, and Steve and I both observe the arch of Lin’s finger as she slides it gently into Sue’s tunnel and then moves her hand back and forth while her thumb idly teases Sue’s clit.

Lin then changes her position and straddles Sue, facing towards her feet. She bends Sue’s legs until she is open wide then shuffles in front of her legs and pushes Sue’s legs further back. In that position she then leans forward, arching her back tightly, and positions her pussy directly above Sue’s. Steve and I are fascinated and watch intently. Slowly Lin f***es some of Steve’s cum from deep within her and wipes it with great delicacy against Sue’s lips. There is a sharp intake of breath as Sue feels Lin’s cummy cunt lips mash with her own. Lin skilfully rotates her hips and clearly their two clits are brushing against each other.

Lin then raises herself a little and strokes Sue’s rosy labia and clit, then inserts not one but two fingers into her. With her other hand she does the same to herself, and Steve and I have the amazing view of two beautiful pussies just inches away from each other both being plumbed by Lin’s fingers which are now dripping every time she pulls them out.

Realising that this position would become uncomfortable for Sue after too long, Lin rises and turns, settling her pussy against Sue’s in a scissors position with her lover’s leg extended upwards against Lin’s shoulder. Both girls then begin a slow rotation of hips to pleasure their clits. Lin puts a hand on Sue’s breasts and strokes first one, then the other; Sue strokes Lin’s thigh and lets her finger slide down to where their two pussies are playfully wrestling.

Sue makes the next move. She sits up and Lin move back, and then Sue lies on her belly. First she turns her attention to Lin's little nipples, licking and flicking them and almost taking each breast in turn into her mouth. She then pushes herself further down the bed and starts to eat Lin out. As with their earlier kissing it is slow and sensuous, taking her time to lick and suck Lin’s lips before even moving to her clit. Only after some minutes does her tongue enter Lin’s cunny. Now the sight of all this is powerfully erotic, so Steve makes his way to Lin’s mouth where she eagerly accepts his now fully erect cock. Not to be left out, I move behind Sue and slide my shaft easily into her creamy pussy. We all take care to keep in time with Sue setting the tempo.

All this makes me realise how much of a hurry we guys are in our lovemaking. These two gorgeous creatures aren’t focused on the goal of an orgasm – they are just living in the moment, absorbing and relishing every sensation. Nevertheless Sue is as skilful with her tongue on Lin as she had been with me because soon Lin begins to raise her hips, pushing her pussy harder against Sue’s mouth and tongue. Steve has the good sense to pull out as she begins to buck her hips and body otherwise he could have suffered a painful injury as Lin reaches yet another climax. Sue is stroking Lin’s flat belly as she reaches the heights and then comes down.

I withdraw as Sue says “My turn now, young lady,” and rolls across the king-size bed presenting herself for Lin’s visit. Steve and I stand back as Lin positiones herself, her tiny nipples marvellously erect. She moves her hand down and twirls a finger on Sue’s clitty before sliding one finger, then two and finally three fingers into Sue’s tunnel. She pumps slowly in and out, all the while massaging Sue’s clit with her thumb. Then, surprisingly, she withdraws her hand and crouches forward, rubbing Sue’s pussy and clit with her nipple!

Marathon Man nearly cums on the spot!

“Shit that’s hot!!” says Steve. “That is fucking amazing”!

Fourth instalment: Cumming twice!

Lin kneels before Sue’s splayed thighs and approaches her pussy with her tongue. As delicately as a kitten laps milk, Lin uses just the tip of her tongue to stroke hypnotically Sue’s engorged clitty. She keeps this up for several minutes before pushing a finger against Sue’s pussy which parts immediately to welcome its visitor. It takes little effort to introduce a second finger and little more to insert a third, so wet and wide is Sue’s hole and so tiny is Lin’s hand.

Sue begins to moan softly. Her hand grasps at her breasts and nipples as waves of pleasure course through her body from the epicentre of her clit. Lin is crouched in such a way as to present Steve with the most tempting view of her exquisite arse and he positions himself behind her, using the wetness of her pussy to provide some lubrication of her arse. As he pushes a finger against her little star she pushes back to help his finger to enter her and, after a couple of minutes of slow in and out of his finger, he then places his purple cockhead against her sphincter.

She’s a tiny girl but her arse has obviously been well used. She is tight, but Steve just sustains an even pressure until her hole opens and the whole of his head pops in. You can almost hear the snap as her muscles clamp onto his shaft. With slow deliberate strokes he moves back and forth, fractionally deeper with every stroke, until his cock is buried to the hilt. Lin too moans with pleasure but doesn’t for a moment stop her stimulation of Sue’s crotch.

It occurs to me that there is an unfilled orifice, so I move around to stand beside Sue’s head and immediately she reaches a hand out for my dick, pulling it towards her mouth. She is a talented cocksucker – first she runs her tongue against the side of my cock, then underneath before she takes it into her mouth. She sucks hard so that her cheeks make a snug fit around my tool – it’s just like sliding into a hot wet pussy. She reaches behind my thigh to pull me deeper into her and with every stroke I’m entering her throat. She has control of the gag reflex so that I am fucking her throat on every stroke.

It’s problematical which of the three stimuli sets her orgasm going. With a mouth full of cock she begins to moan loudly. Above that is the sound of Steve’s balls slapping against Lin’s tiny little arse, and the symphony is complete with the gurgle and slosh of Sue's mouth and throat around my cock. She lets go of my tool as she begins to gasp for air; Lin redoubles her efforts on her clit and in her cunt, and Steve, sensing both women are at explosion point, thrusts himself into Lin’s arse with abandon. This pushes Lin harder against Sue, setting off her orgasm in rolling waves of pleasure. Steve reaches his peak and begins to squirt deep into Lin’s arse, and finally Lin, after a stroke of her own clit, joins the others in almost simultaneous cumming.

Steve stands up, his gleaming tool still hard, and Lin turns from Lin to him to clean his cock with her tongue. I move around to Sue’s pussy and am amazed at the amount of pearly girl-cum she has produced. I can’t help but dive in and lap at this nectar of the gods.

We all gradually resume normal breathing. Lin produces some tissues from under the bedside table so we can wipe our faces, and then I suggest we might like a break and another glass of wine. I pour four more glasses and we sit at the table, the girls dribbling cum onto the wooden chairs as we chat about the experiences of the evening. Part way through the conversation Sue sits bolt upright and says “Bill! You still haven’t cum! Oh I am so sorry – we’ve all been having such a wonderful time we’ve completely forgotten about you!”

“I’ve been having a wonderful time too, Sue,” I say. “That’s the beauty of my condition – I can go all night. After we have a little break we might try a grand finale for the night. What do you fancy, Sue?” I ask. I reckon I can have Lin any time, and Steve seems ready to go along with whatever Sue suggests.

Idly, Sue traces her forefinger over her bright red pussy and, after a moment’s hesitation, says “I’d like a DP. Not just a spit roast, but two cocks in my pussy. I think it’s wide and wet enough by now. What do you reckon?”

“Well I’ll need a bit of help – don’t know about Bill. But I think we should get going again now while I’m still half hard. I’ve had a wonderful time with this little Lin, but now I want you to suck me, Sue.”

“With pleasure, my man,” she says with pride.

“And I can suck my darling Bill,” Lin says, beaming.

Fifth instalment: Cummed!

Lin takes my hand and leads me back to the bed room with Sue and Steve close behind. She drops to her knees and heads straight for my cock, forming that magic O with her lips and applying it tightly to my cock head. She slips her lips over the rim and makes little sucking movements with her mouth pumping stiffness back into me. Meanwhile Peter has thrown himself onto the bed, his semi-erect dick waiting for Sue’s attention. She kneels between his legs and goes to work on him as if she hadn’t had any cock in her mouth for a month.

The sight of Sue’s arse catches Lin’s attention and she realises that if Sue is going to have both cocks then there’s no action for her, so she turns from me to Sue and begins to gently stroke her cheeks and her flank. Again I marvel at the softness and gentleness of touch and the sensuousness of her movements. Lin then moves herself closer and begins to run her tongue along Sue’s arse cleft paying special attention to her puckered hole. She reaches back for my pole and continues to keep me in a state of high arousal.

Sue has been turned on even more by Lin’s hands and tongue and now she wants the whole works – a DP. She puts her knees outside Steve’s and guides his strong cock into her expectant pussy. Lin disappears then returns with some lube – it’s going to be tight! – and a glass dildo. While Sue is sliding back and forth on Peter’s pole, Lin gives me a last suck before applying some Astrolube and then pushing me forward onto the bed.

“Ready, Sue?” I ask, and she answers by raising her arse so that her pussy is accessible to my shaft as well. Steve’s cock is bent all the way forward, and I place my tool against his at the entrance to her cunt and slowly press forward. I feel my head pushing against his cock and her labia; after a pause her lips begin to stretch a little more and I inch my way in, rubbing the underside of my shaft against Steve’s. Together we rock to bring my cock fully inside her and then I feel the ridge of his cockhead against mine in that hot tight tunnel. Once we are both balls deep Steve starts to drw his shaft back out then begin the return stroke while I draw back. The sensation of his cock beneath mine, tightly grasped by Sue’s sheath, is just amazing.

It has taken a couple of minutes for Sue’s cunt to accommodate two dicks but eventually she is able to move quite freely on both of them while they continue their own in-out sliding. Then I feel a weight on the side of the bed – it is Lin with the glass dildo! I imagined she had got it for herself but – ever the thoughtful lover – she has brought it in for Sue. Admittedly she has brought it to body temperature by using it to pleasure herself, but now she applies a little lube to Sue’s pucker and then she gently pushes the dildo forward. Sue gasps in surprise, because she now actually has a triple penetration! She begins to move more quickly and Lin times the dildo to go deep as Sue slides back. She is moaning with pleasure and breathing hard. Lin withdraws the dildo as yet another climax for Sue approaches. Her movements set Steve off – underneath my cock I feel his tool throb and spurt and I feel his hot cum bathing my dick as well as Sue’s tunnel. That brings her to a shouting, shuddering groan as she bounces insanely on the two cocks within her.

At last I feel the cum boiling in my balls. I pull out, push Sue onto her back and aim my dick at her ample tits. My hand is a blur as I help myself to cum, and then a great rope of creamy cum arcs over her tits and onto her mouth. As she instinctively licks at the goo on her lips another spurt lands on her tits, followed by another and then two lesser ones on her round belly and her raw pussy. Lin eats the cum on Sue’s tits and gradually our breathing returns to normal.

“Holy hell,” she says. “I wanted a double and I got a triple! Thank you boys – and thank you Lin. That was some fine fucking – though I mightn’t walk for a week!”

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1 year ago
Felt I was there... pleased that goo wasn't wasted!!
Loved it thanks T x
2 years ago
Thanks for the feedback dplover, nora and and little devil. Writers need encouragement like that.
2 years ago
made me wet....
2 years ago
Loved reading your story,it's so sexy
2 years ago
awesome story - love the whole thing!
2 years ago
No greater compliment - thanks.
2 years ago
Very Nice! Got me all wet reading it ;)
2 years ago
Very Nice! Got me all wet reading it ;)