A good night

I drive over this this girls house who was staying with het aunt in killeen tx. She was new and didn't know anybody yet so I decided to keep her company and chill with her. She was a 5'4 white chic with double D's and a nice thick ass. We didn't really have anything planned but chill at her aunts house and just get to know each other since there really wasn't anything to do that day. I get there and we Exchange greetings, gave a hug and went into the house. Her aunt was there as well just walking around doing her own thing and I got introduced to her. Her ain't was about 5'8, long legs and hair, nice tits and a nice little booty. The girl stayed asking questions like "sprang she look good" and "how old do u think she is". I guessed she was about 29 cuz she looked young but she was 35. I said yea she looks real good for someone 35. She laughed, smiled, turned red a lil. Her aunt went into her room and left me and her niece in the living room. We talked on the couch for a bit watching tv and I was thinking to myself "damn she has some big tits". She's staring into the tv and I'm staring at her tits and I just leaned over and grabbed one. She looked at me and smiled as I lifted up her shirt and pulled her titty out of her bra. I sucked on her nipple and put my hand up her short shorts to play with her pussy. I fingering her and continue to suck on her big tits and she says "ur making my nipples really hard". I laugh a little and i put her hand on my thigh. She pulls out my dick and stroke it slow and hard. She tell me to stick it in her but I didn't have a condom. She goes to her room and comes back out with a condom and continues to stroke my dick. She pulls het shorts to the side and I put on the condom. She turns around and sits on my dick backwards. Her pussy is tight and wet. She rides it hard and fast, I Jus lean back into the couch and let her bounce up and down on me. She bends over and puts her hands on the ground and bounces her ass even faster. I'm holding on to her hips and smacking her ass. It's big, nice and firm so my hand flings off when I hit it. She leans back and I hold het by both her tits, squeezing them and holding her around het waist. I tell her to stand up, she hops off my dick, I pick het up and fuck her in the air. Her thick white legs are just dangling helplessly as I pound her pussy. She jumps off and pushes me on the couch and jumps back on my dick. She grinder its and all I can feel and juices squirting on my balls and thighs. She covers her mouth as she cums. Her aunt is not too far away since we were fucking in her living room. She cums hard and long, making her pussy clinch my dick. The clinching feels so good and she makes me cum. I grab her ass and Jus let it go. We get dressed and go to her room. She lays down and I tell her I'll let myself out. I shut her door and I head to the front door. Her aunt stops me and asks if I can get this shoe box for her that she couldn't reach. She tell me its in the top corner of the closet. So I thought it would be no issue. In the box was just a bunch of condoms. I look at her and she say "can u go again?" I just pull my dick out and get ready to go at it again.
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1 year ago
I went 2 more times after that
1 year ago
Well, were you able to go again?
3 years ago
nice story !!!