Mexican chic Black dick

While I was in school I hooked up with this mexican chic. She was avg. height, little bbw, D tits and a big ass. We were at her s****rs house real late one night watching tv just chillin on the couch. I decide that I want some pussy and I start playing with her tits. I pull them out her bra and begin to pinch and twist her nipples. I pull my dick out as it gets harder and harder. I make her grab it and stroke it and I sit there looking at how big her eyes got when it fully got hard. I could tell at that moment that this was the biggest dick she has ever had in her in her hands.

She gets on her knees and she slowly looks my dick up in down, examining it and it big black glory. She gets real close and starts to lick from my balls all the way to the tip of it and starts to suck on it. Her s****r is in her room sl**p less then 10 feet away from us. She could walk out any time and catch her s****r on her knees sucking on my dick but we weren't worried about it at all.

She stands up and takes off her pants and climbs on to the couch, stand with her pussy lined up over my dick. She squats down and eases her pussy down on my dick and starts to ride. Within minutes, I start to thrust up cuz I thought she was being to cautious. She Hoes from riding to just being on top getting fucked. She screams a little but tries to be quiet due to her s****r being so close to us. I fuck her harder and make her scream louder cuz I wanted her s****r to come out so she could see my dick splitting open her little s****r. She cums all over my dick but I don't stop fucking her I just keep thrusting up into her dripping pussy.

She tried to climb off but I slap her ass and tell her the she better not move. She stays on top and I just keep fucking her so hard that u can hear my dick and balls pound on her pussy throughout the whole house. She cums again and screams loader this time. Again she tries to climb off but I hold her there and continue to fuck her pussy up. My dick is covered in with her cum, so much in fact that there's a big wet spot on the couch that looked like someone spilled a half gallon of water on it.

She's on top Jus being used like a little fuck doll. Her body is limp and shaking and I beat her pussy up non stop. She cums again screaming more and more. She puts her head in my neck and breathing fast and hard. She tries to slide off my dick but I grab he by her thighs and pull her back up and hold her there. She takes more and more punishment as I fuck her harder. Her whole body starts shaking, it seems to be the only thing she can do. She cums again from the harsh pounding I unleashed on that pussy. She hold her mouth to keep from waking her s****r and it only makes me fuck her harder to try to get to to scream load. She starts to cry but I ignore her tears and thrust harder. Every time I thrust she let's out a high sounding "oh". The tears start falling off her face as she can't stop them from flowing. I smack het ass and squeeze it hard telling her to take that dick. I smack her ass harder and harder so the the sounds of the smack wake her s****r. I push her on to her knees and stand up. I get close to cumming so I stroke my dick over her face. While she on her knees with her back to her s****rs door, I look up and there she is.. Her s****r is looking out of her door watching me stroke my dick over her kneeling little s****r. I shoot and big heavy thick non stop load on her face while me and her s****r lock eyes. I stare at her till I finish unloading on her s****rs face and I point at her and nod my head. She looks down at my dick and back up to my face, drops her jaw real slow and slowly shuts her door.
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9 months ago
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
Mexican pussy gets so wet for big dicks,white or black. Mine had a big white and puerto rican friend Elva took a big white one but it hurt her and that homeboy should have shoved it all the way into her tight hairy pussy.
3 years ago
Nice story...