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After chatting with someone online one night, the recommended me check out this site. All I can say is I love it, brings back so many memories of great times.
I may have a number of episodes of things involving my 1st wife over the years we were married. But, I guess I need to start off at the beginning. These things took place many years ago, when sex health concerns were different. Plus we lived in a small town, AIDs was not an issue at the time, and other STDs were not common there either. Needless to say, she much preferred bareback and receiving semen internally.

So, my story starts back about 35yrs ago. We hired this young 19yr old girl recently out of highschool at the place I worked as an assistant manager. I had just turned 21 a few months earlier, was still a virgin and had hardly dated. This girl was very nice, very smart, sweet, very pretty, lovely long wavy brown hair with natural red highlights in it during the summer times. But at she greatly enjoyed flirting and having the attention of men. It was just very natural to her.

She was very good for the store, we had male customer come in just to have a look at her and flirt a bit and end up buying a stereo lol. She was good for business. We became good friends. The more I got to know her, the more I feel in love with her, but also the more I discovered about her. I knew she dated a lot of different guys, some of the guys she went to school with, some of our customers, some she'd just meet out somewhere, a few of the other guys that worked at the store. Strangely I the more I knew about her, the more excited I'd get when around her. I masturbated a lot thinking about her having sex with guys.

Then one night, she came to my house asking if I could help her with something. I said sure, and I did. But before the night was out, I was no longer a virgin.

A few days later I found a slip of paper where she had written names, it was laying at the top of her purse where she always laid it in the employee room of the store. My name was at the bottom of the list,, the list had 15 names on it. It included the 3 other guys that worked at the store, the boss/owner of the store, a couple of the customers I knew by name, and others. She came down into the room while I was looking at it. She stopped and said, "What are you doing with that?, put it DOWN". I did put it down of course, but I said.. I just saw it there and it had my name on it, wondered what the list was for.
She picked up the list and stuffed it down inside her purse, giggled, tossed her hair over her shoulder as she turned to walk away as she said, "Oh that's just the list of guys that I've fucked, I don't want to be one of those girls that can't remember who all she's fucked"

I was sort of speachless, but had a rock hard boner holding the front of my pants out like a tent.

She turned back around, asked "Is that ok with you?" a pause, and then said, "Well I guess that answers my question, good boy! I guess you like knowing I enjoy keeping men happy. I think I'm going to like you a lot"
then she walked up the stairs.

Nothing more was said about this.

She kept dating a wide variety of guys. I never saw the list again, but I'm sure he kept getting longer.

She I also started dating, doing things together, having fun... but sex was not part of it. she said with me it was different, she wanted more than just sex. So, we never fucked again after that first time.

Until our wedding night 6 months later.
From all appearances and intent she was only fucking me, not doing anything with anyone else.

Then about 4 yrs into our marriage, one night she confessed that she had been fucking lots of guys again over the previous year. What triggered her telling me about all this was that she had been fucked by my boss the afternoon of the day before, and she was feeling very guilty about it. And thought I should know since my boss of course knew and may saw something or treat me different.

I was very upset at the revelation to say the least. After all we were married now, she wasn't suppose to be doing that anymore. We tried to calmly talk about what it all meant and what was going to happen to 'us' now. When while talking she looked over at me and could see outlined thru my pants, it was extremely rigid and pulsing. I thought I was going to cum right there, but luckily I did not. However, a smirk smile lit up her lips and she giggled that sexy, I'm in control giggle, and said, "Well I can see you approve, don't you?" all I could do was nod in agreement. She said, "I think we figure this out and decide what we're going to do going forward. As you know, I've always liked variety in men.... actually just their cocks... that was not a secret when we married. And from your reaction each time you've found out I've been fucking lots of men, you get horny and hard. So you like it too. So our decision is that I should continue fucking as I please, it's just I won't hide it anymore, I'll share it with you when I get back home from being with some guy.

My cock felt like it was going to explode!
She told me to unzip my pants and jerk off my cock and make it shoot if I agreed she should continue getting fucked a lot.
My cock was already in my hand stroking before she finished saying it.

My own cum spurting out in relief in no time, all over my hand, pants and chair.

She giggled again, and said very good, we're in agreement. now clean up that mess.

So began the next 12 years of our marriage.

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2 years ago
read 101 and 102. cant wait for more stories.