Down the Path: Femdom Orientation

The second part of how I ended up here. The first part may be read here. This introduction part contains a reference to Suzy in her baseball cap. She plays a lot of sports, including basketball, softball and darts. I have a friend on the site: and her picture reminded me of Suzy’s baseball caps. So I made sure to mention it because of sexylekse.

So there we were, Suzy and myself in the 10th floor of the Pfister Hotel in downtown Chicago. I had blown off a training session at 9 AM in order to go back to the room for our last day together. Suzy had taken the train into the Loop so we could spend a couple of days in some serious fucking and sucking. She brought a few clothes, since most of the time would be spent in the room and naked, and a LOT of toys that she had bought or that I had purchased for her. She was/is a great sex partner. Nothing was/is off-limits to her. I had fucked every hole she had multiple times and given her load and load of cum. She was a squirter and loved to Jill off in front me and with me, having me pop my load in her waiting mouth or at the entrance of her asshole so she could feel it ooze out as we lay in bed afterwards. I especially liked it when she used a dildo on her cunt, listening to that juicy slurping noise while I fucked her asshole.

After our last session together, when I finally admitted that I wanted to be mounted and fucked with a strap-on, we had arranged for a Feeldoe, a 10 ½ thick dildo and an adjustable harness to be sent to her house for when I reached Chicago.

Now she was wet, girl juices running freely down her legs and she was hot. I don’t know how she got to be much in control, it was as if she had transformed into a dominate, controlling femdom as she prepared he cunt for the bulb of the feeldoe.

“Get on your knees with your ass in the air,” she demanded. “And DO NOT touch that cock. That cock is MINE, that little asshole is MINE, that mouth is MINE. You are my bitch and I am going to fuck that virgin asshole harder than I have ever been fucked myself.”

I was already on the bed, my head down and resting on the sheet. My cock was as hard as blue steel and dripping pre-cum as I watched her rub the feeldoe up and down her pussy slit. My cock was dripping on the towels we had put on the bed to help catch her girl squirt.

“You like watching me jack off don’t you?” she asked with a smile on her face. Her right hand held the dildo at the bulb base, while her other hand held her cunt lips apart. Once she found the angle and the opening, she slide that blue dildo up her pussy until her other hand was resting on her pussy lips. I could see drops of girl cum dripping on the floor.
“LISTEN TO ME BITCH,” she demanded as she worked the cock around her fuckhole and pulled it out before slamming it back inside. She walked over the edge of then so her cunt wasn’t more than 8 inches away. “Do you like to watch me jack off or not?”

“Oh yes. I love to watch you jack off and squirt.”
I looked up at her smiling face. “Yes” she said. “You are just as nasty as me with one difference. I let men fuck my asshole and you don’t. But that will change. Today you will learn how to be a bitch but we must get some rules down first.”

“Okay” I said.

First, “do you want to have your ass fucked with this cock or not?”

“Well,” I said and then paused.

“WELL WHAT BITCH?” she demanded as she grabbed the hair on my head and stepped forward so I had my face buried in her cunt and dildo. “You asked me to fuck you asshole, don’t you remember?”

“Yes. Yes. I remember. Yes I do want you to fuck my asshole.”

“How hard do you want to be fucked once you are mounted like a bitch?”

“Hard Suzy. Very hard.”

“So you want to be turned into a bitch slut do you?”

I took a deep breath knowing there would be no going back. “Yes. Make me a slut for your cock.”

“Good. Good little slut Guy. Second rule, you must do everything I say and do it right. Do you understand.”


She slapped the back of my head while pushing it deeper into her cunt lips. It was hard to breath between her pussy lips and all the juices she had flowing.
The Feeldoe was buried up the to bulb in her cunt.

“Say, YES, I will do what you want because I want to be a slut for your cock!”
I repeated her words, “yes I will do what you order because I want to be your cock slut.”

“Good,” she said, letting my face move back from her shaved and wet cunt. “Finally, when I have a harness on, or a dildo in my hand, you must refer to me as Mistress. Is that clear?”


She slapped the back of my head. “Cock slut or not? Quite being a crybaby! Do you want me to fuck you. YES YOU SAID! Now, call me your MISTRESS!”

“Yes Mistress. Certainly Mistress”

“Good. Good. Now we can really start to play. Remember, leave that cock alone. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I remember.” My cock had a steady line of clear pre-cum running from the head to the towel. She looked at me but she did not look happy. She walked back to her bag and pulled out a black cloth belt about 4 inches wide and 3 feet long with black plastic handles on each end. Then she bent over showing me her ass as she pulled the Feeldoe out of her cunt. Streams of her juices ran out. She put the bulb end into her cunt and then reached back down to bring out some lube, a ball gag and a riding crop. I wasn’t sure what had happened but I know I asked for it and I was going to see it through.

She came back to the bed. “Get on your back.” She demanded.

I turned over, my cock sticking straight up in the air. My precum was running down my cock and forming a small puddle on the space between my cock and my balls.

“Remember when I asked you not to play with your cock just a minute ago.”

“Yes.“ I responded.

She flicked her wrist and the riding crop hit my knee with a sharp sting. My eyes opened wide. It wasn’t too bad but she got my attention.

“Yes WHAT?”


“Better. Better. What did you do wrong a minute ago?” she asked.

I couldn’t remember, my mind was clouded with trying to keep up with events and expectations.

“I don’t know Mistress.” I said.

She took the riding crop and with another flick of her wrist, smacked my balls where the puddle of pre-cum had formed. It stung a lot worse than the smack on the knee and my cock went limp immediately. One side of the crop had my cum on it.

“YOU DID NOT SAY MISTRESS!” she stearnly said. “There are outcomes for not listening and not doing as instructed. Do you understand?” she said as the riding crop came down on the head of my dick.

Instinctively started to double over as I reached for my groin area but she stopped me. “Don’t” she warned. “Just don’t.”

I relaxed a little.

“It will be better once you learn the rules. I learned it on some DVD’s I bought at the adult book store when I was looking for strap on porn. I said that men who want to get fucked in the ass have a deeper desire to be dominated. Is that true for you?”

“I don’t know Mistress. This is my first time with all of this Mistress.”

“Very good. See you remembered to call me Mistress. But look what you did to my crop,” she said holding the end with my sticky pre-cum on it in my face. “You got your nasty on my new toy. That will never do. LICK IT OFF,” she demanded as she put the cum side to my lips. “Lick off your own cum slut.”

I looked at her wide eyed. “But..but..I…”

Smack the crop came down on my lips, my own sticky cum covering them.

“Do NOT disagree with me BITCH. I have swallowed a galleon of cum since I was old enough to suck cock. You will lick your own cum off of this crop now.” Then she pushed the crop onto my lips. I opened my mouth and moved my tongue over the black leather. It tasted a little salty but not too bad.

“See. It isn’t bad is it slut?”

“No Mistress.” I responded as I licked all of the crop. I licked both sides to make her happy as I didn’t want my balls smacked again.

“You will learn to like the taste. Just like all sluts like the taste of a man’s cum and how it feels in their mouth.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant but she started to slide her fingernails up the underneath part of my cock. I was being to feel aroused again.

“To experience being a slut, you have to learn what it is like to fuck and not get a chance to cum. All women know what it is like to have a thoughtless sex partner who cums before they do and then rolls away for a nap. Do you understand?” She continued to play with my cock, stoking it and rubbing my balls.

I did understand. “Yes Mistress.”

“You almost always made me cum but we had long, long sex play. I am sure you were not that careful to let all the women you fucked cum like that, were you?
With her playing with my dick and balls, occasionally brushing her finger around my little hole, my cock was hard again. “Yes Mistress. I was thoughtless sometimes.”

She took the crop and slapped my cock right underneath the tip. My cock deflated immediately. “You will never do that again will you, you thoughtless slut man.”

“No Mistress. No I will never cum before anyone else again.”
She smiled. “That was the right answer. Sluts don’t always get to cum. Now what is next?”

“I don’t know Mistress.”

“Yes, you are such a smart slut. A quick learner. Present yourself for inspection. Roll back over on your knees and put your ass toward the edge of bed so I can see your future fuck hole.”

I rolled over and put my head down while my ass was up in the air.

“Spread those cheeks Slut.”

I grabbed each side of my ass cheeks and spread them apart so my hole was exposed. I could feel the cool air of the room moving along the crack of my ass and around my hole. Then I felt her poking my hole followed by some cold wetness on my rosebud. She was pressing into my hole and lubing me. My cock was hard again and dripping. I closed my eyes and relaxed as her finger moved in and out of my asshole. Yes, it felt really good. It felt wonderful to have my hole opened up and played with.

“Wrong. Wrong.” She moved away from my ass and back to her bag. “Sluts know to get ready for having their holes filled with cock. We clean up everything. You need to learn to clean out my future fuck hole. But you’ve never been a slut before so this is your lesson.”

She reached down and moved the Feeldoe up and down in her cunt, briefly closing her eyes as she fucked herself.

“You do not really understand how much I want your cock in me and how I have to hold back all this squirt building in me from this. You better appreciate your slut lessons. Do you bitch?”

“Yes Mistress.” I was still a little dazed from having my tight hole played with. “ I truly appreciate learning from you.”

Suzy reached down into her bag and pulled out a red, fat butt plug. I had used it on her a number of times. She rubbed it up and down her cunt and then reached back and slid it into her own asshole.

“God Guy. You will so learn to love this feeling.” Her eyes were partially closed. The feeldoe pushed deep into her cunt and then started fucking her asshole with the butt plug, pushing it in and then pulling it out slowly so her hole would gently open and close around it. I knew what she was doing because when I fucked her ass, she would love for me to pull out slow so she could tighten her asshole muscles around my cock.

Then she stopped. “We must clean you up.” She reached down into the bag. I had no idea what she had in mind but when she pulled out an old fashioned red rubber enema bag, long hose and nozzle, I immediately knew what the next step would be.

I knew then that nothing would be the same – with us or even just with me.

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Good story. I'm looking forward to the next installment.
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