Starting down the path - the initial strap on

This is a true report on how I got to where I am today. It is the first part of several stories that describe my experiences with exploring my sexuality and what I like or don’t like.

I was younger at the beginning than I am now. And married to a person who didn’t seem to think sex was necessary, especially the nasty, experimental kind. Not that I was “too” nasty back then. I have grown in my interests and activities. But I have always loved women’s asses and oral sex (giving and receiving) and she did not like anything to do with that. She did like to cum, but it took a lot of work just to get her interested.

Of course, when you can’t eat candy at home, you get tempted to snack away from the house. So yes, I was susceptible to affairs but those were limited and always a “friends with benefits” situation. They were always with the understanding that nothing would ever come from it. In over 35 years of marriage, the number of sexual relationships outside of the marriage was small and mostly limited to my “youthful” years (under 40).

Well, I met Suzy at work about 12 years ago when I worked in Chicago. She was a young, 20 something recent college graduate and she worked in one of the sections of the department where I worked. Her office area was down the hall from my office and it had a consistent supply of chocolate. Being a small indulger I would stop in, chat and sample the Hershey kisses or small bite size snacks they had in a bowl. There were 5 or 6 people in the office so we were very, very much proper professionals. But she was a cutie for sure. It was her smile and her laugh and her fun, playful attitude. I never even thought of her sexually (at least, not too often – and usually those were set aside because of the difference in our age, which was about 20 years. In fact, one time early in our sexual play, she mentioned that I was even a couple years older than her dad and if he ever found I was fucking his daughter, he would kill me. I said that if he ever knew how hot and nasty she was, he would want to fuck her too!) But we did flirt off and on and make suggestive comments to each other off and on for about 3 years.

One day it was announced I was leaving the office and moving to another state with my f****y in about a month. It just happened that she had recently purchased her first house and had moved from her parents. She had actually asked me who the relator was that sold my house as she was looking to purchase one. Once she moved in, she asked if I wanted to see it so I said sure.
I stopped over one Saturday as I was running weekend errands. t was a cute house, 1 bedroom downstairs, 2 upstairs and single bath; a very nice starter house or even one to raise a k** or 2 in. It was summer and she had on a short skirt and a blouse; her brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she had on a baseball cap. As I was finishing up the tour, I reached over and touched her cheek by her ear. She closed her eyes so I leaned in and kissed her neck. When she tilted her head to the side, I ran my tongue up the neck to the ear and then gently bit her ear lobe. She moaned a little and opened her eyes.
I was caught in a situation where I wanted to stay but had to leave to get home but I looked down at the floor and between her legs was a huge puddle. I thought maybe a glass of water had tipped over but I asked her, “Is that from you?”

She was a little embarrassed but said “Yes.”

I smiled at her and said, “That is so hot.” I reached up under the skirt and she didn’t have any panties on. Her pussy was literally dripping woman juice. “Would you like me to come back and we can have some fun?”

“I would love you to come back as soon as you can and stay an hour or two.”

So left her house with a hard cock and a no idea what was going to come of the situation.

But for the rest of the month, we fucked hard and nasty whenever we could. She was such a wet person that we had to place towels, folder up to or three times across the bed to keep it from getting all juiced up. And she loved to experiment and so I would pick up dildos and butt plugs and porn DVD’s on squirting. She called me one day and said that she watched the squirt movie and then she went and practiced a little and she squirted down the towel! She loves dirty verbal talk and we would have phone sex if I hadn’t stopped by in a few days. I could hear the sounds of her pussy juicing and getting all squirt ready. She loved sucking cock, playing with her hole in front of me and having a cock or dildo in her ass.

The last night that I lived in that state, we fucked long and hard. I had sucked and licked her pussy so I could get juiced up. Then I had her turn over and put her ass in the air. I spread her ass cheeks and started to lick around her hole, using my tongue to poke at the little brown bud of a fuck spot. Then took out one of the butt plugs and started working her asshole. With her ass in the air and her face in the bed, her pussy juices were running down her legs while her hand worked up inside her cunt. My cock was really hard and I was stopping every once in while to putting it in front of her face for her to suck and lick while she continued to work her sloppy cunt.

“Fuck my ass guy. Put your cock in my ass and come in butthole. God you get me so hot when you play with my ass and watch me jill off.” So I went to her ass and removed the buttplug while slowly putting my cock inside her tight asshole.”

“GOD” she said as I slowly fucked her ass. I don't like to rush fucking. I want it to last for everyone.. She was moaning and working her pussy. I would reach down as I fucked her and helped her finger fuck her cunt.

IN about 5 minutes of nasty talk, finger her hole and fucking her ass hole, she said "I’m cumming.” She stopped her hand for a minute while I felt her asshole spasm around my shaft. After a minute she started working her cuntlips again and I started talking dirty to her about my loving to eat her pussy cum. She started telling me that he loved cock in the ass and how she wanted to fuck my ass like I was fucking hers.

I was hot and sometimes when you get really into fucking, you let out a secret so I said, “Suzy I would love to see you with a strapon and I would put my hole up for you to fuck anytime.”

“Really? That is making me hotter. I’m close to cumming again thinking about mounting you.”

I was too but I wanted to make sure she was going to get off. “Mount me Sus – make my your asshole fuck toy. I want you to fuck me in the ass until I can’t walk.”

Just as I felt her asshole squeeze around my cock, I popped a wad in her brown hole. Her hand dropped to the bed, the towels soaked with girl cum. My cock was still buried in her ass but not as hard. My cum was making her insides slippery.

“Would you really let me fuck your ass? She asked.

“I think. Yes. If you go slow and we use a small one.”

Then we went back to fucking and sucking: I ate her pussy and tongue fucked her ass while she rode my cock and fingered my ass. Then she took the butt plug and worked it in my ass to get me ready for when she had a strap-on.

Then I moved.

I was now living about 1,000 miles from Susy but we exchanged very nasty emails and on occasion we would have phone sex. She would jill off will I jacked off. We would talk about me taking a cock in the ass from her. Then one day, the company I worked for informed me I was to go to Chicago for a series of training events that would last a week. When I told her I was travelling to Chitown, she went crazy. A couple of days later she sent me an email – “I picked up a feeldoe and a harness. Get your hole ready.”

Oh, oh. I guess I was going to learn about getting my ass fucked.

I was staying at the Pfister hotel on the lakefront. She came over the second night with a large duffle bag. It had all her clothes for a couple of day stay in the room as well as all the toys and lube she could carry.

When we kissed, she sort of melted and said it had been a long three months. She peeled off her jeans and panties I started working her clit with my tongue as she rubbed her pussy lips. I was on my knees on the hotel floor and she was laying on the bed with her legs in the air and her knees spread wide. In a few minutes, she started making louder and louder slurping noises from her cunt and I could tell from the sound she was going to squirt.

“I want to squirt on your face Guy! Get your face under my cunt now!” she demanded. So I put my face under her while she stood over my head and spread her pussy lips and fingered up her pussy hole.

“Rub your pussy Sus – work your squirt button and wash my face with your cunt water.”

She worked her clit and internal joy button for a minute, then she said, “I am going to mount you Guy. I am going to make you my slut bitch for my strapon. Would you like that? You want a cock up your ass the way I take cock up my ass?”

“Yeah Suzie. I want to feel you open my hole. Be the first to fuck my little bud-hole.” I told her.

The she let go a flood of cum on my face. It was like a pressure washer and when she finished she said. That should hold me until you get a cock pounding. Get your ass on the bed and up in the air. You are taking your first of many cock fucking’s tonight. Don’t touch your cock until I tell you that you can. No cumming without permission.”

She stood up and went to her bag. "What are you waiting for? You are going to be my cock sucking and ass fucked bitch tonght. Get your ass on that bed and your face down in a pillow. I don't want to hear your ask me to stop because I won't."

She had become very dominate. She had a no bullshit tone to her.
I did as I was instructed.
It was the beginning.

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1 year ago
Good start to the story. Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
This is great! Please give us more. Very well written.
2 years ago
Love it more plz