My wife takes a Black Lover

It all started one evening after my wife came home from work. She worked managing a local retail store. She came home with the usual stories from work about customers, with one exception. She told me how this one black guy flirted with her and said he wanted to make her dinner sometime. Even after indicating she was married, he still insisted, said she was very attractive, and he was sure her husband wouldn't mind. My wife is what you would describe as a BBW, not excessively overweight, but definitely curves in the right places, for which I find very attractive. He gave her his phone number, and said, that should she change her mind, to give him a call.

While she was telling me the story, I could tell she was turned on, as I knew from the porn videos that she liked to watch, many of them were of men with large cocks, including black men. And honestly I was turned on too, with the thought of her getting it on with another man. I asked her why she thought he flirted with her, to which she said, she thought black guys like women with big asses and boobs. I said, well, you definitely fit in to that category. I then asked her if she might consider his offer, if I was ok with it? She hummed and hawed for a bit, then finally admitted that it excited her about the thought of having a black guy with a large cock fuck her. I said, I was ok with it, and that it excited me too for her to be another guy. However, I suggested it probably wasn't a good idea to go to some stranger's house for dinner, but instead she should go out to a restaurant, and then if things seemed ok, then check into a motel. She thought that was a wise idea, but said that she would think about it over the next couple of days. That sounded good to me.

When we went to bed that evening, she practically ****d me, tearing off my clothes and engulfing my cock like it was the last popsicle on the planet. Before long I exploded in her mouth which she hungrily swallowed. She lay back in the bed with her legs spread, which I eagerly went to work on with my tongue, I couldn't believe how wet she was. Her hands tangled in my hair, forcing my face into her wetness, as I tongued her clit and pussy. The f***efulness excited me even more, before long, I was hard again. She finally cried out, I need you inside me! I didn't need to be asked twice as I slid between her legs and rammed my cock home. She seem to cum almost instantly as I pounded away. Having just orgasm-ed, I was able to keep fucking her to another orgasm before finally emptying my load deep inside. We fell asl**p soon after.

It was probably a week later, and I thought she had decided not to pursue the opportunity, when she came home from work and said she had called Jim (the guy who gave her his number). I asked her how it went. She replied that he had come to her work and that they went for a quick coffee where he continued to express his interest. She told him, I was ok with her going out for dinner to a restaurant, but not to his home. If things went well at dinner, she would see where that might lead. That was totally cool with him. He called her later that day and said they had reservations at a restaurant near where she worked this coming Friday. She said she would meet him there. I said, wow, things are all planned and set, and that I was excited for her, and that I was good with the arrangement. My only stipulation was that she had to tell me all about their evening when she came home, to which she readily agreed.

That Friday evening approached very quickly, and before I knew it, she was at home from work preparing for her date. She took a warm bath with scented bath bubbles, and gave herself a fresh shave of her legs and pussy. I loved it that she kept herself trimmed to a neat little runway free of any other hair. And I'm sure Jim would appreciate it as well. She dressed in a newly purchased black bra and panty set, a silky low cut top that showed off her ample cleavage along with a mid thigh skirt. I said she was breath taking, and wanted to take her right there, however, she said, I had to wait, she didn't want to be a mess for Jim. I kissed her goodbye and told her to have a good time, to call me if she needed anything, and off she went.

I could barely contain my excitement at the thought of her getting fucked by another man, and soon had to relieve myself before I went crazy. The hours ticked by as I watched tv, eventually I drifted off to sl**p on the couch with dreams in my head of her with another man. It was around 4:30am, when she did arrive home, waking me when her keys rattled in the door. As she came in the living room, I could see she must have had a good time, her normally perfect hair was definitely not the picture perfect style that she left with. I asked her how the evening went, to which she replied that it was incredible. She said that dinner had began quietly, but started to progress, when Jim began to rub her thigh under the table with his hands, gradually pulling the hem of her skirt up, until he was able to caress her bare skin. She said her pussy was on fire, knowing that here was a black man openly fondling her under the table of their booth. Before long he was running his fingers along the crotch of her panties, already able to feel that they were soaked with her juices. He pulled her hand toward his crotch, so she could feel his throbbing cock. She wasn't disappointed, and said it felt very fat and could even feel the thick ridge of the head of his shaft through his pants. He then asked her if she could remove her panties, so he could feel her wetness better. She said of course, when she got up to go to the ladies room, he held her there, and asked her to take them off at the table. She hesitated a moment, then lifted herself off her seat slightly, and pulled the back of her skirt up as she hooked her panties with her thumbs and slipped them off. She collected her panties and folded them neatly and set them beside her plate. It was then that she noticed a couple across the dining room, and from the look of shock on their faces, she was pretty sure they had seen her removing her panties. This only excited her more, as Jim f***ed her legs apart with his probing fingers and began stroking her clit. He kept bringing her to the brink of orgasm, then backing off, finally finishing her off near the end of their meal. When the busboy came to clear away their empty plates, he almost took her panties mistaking them for a napkin, only after picking them up and realizing what they were, did he turn completely red and dropped them quickly before rushing off to the kitchen. They had a quick laugh, collected her panties, paid their check and left the restaurant.

There was a hotel across the street, presumably, Jim had picked the particular restaurant due to its proximity. Jim asked if she would like to get a room, so they could continue their fun, to which she readily agreed. She grabbed her overnight bag of toiletries, as did Jim and they went inside to get a room. My wife took as seat in the Lobby as Jim went to check in. The front desk girl gave my wife a big smile and wink, as she handed the room key to Jim. When they got on the elevator, Jim took my wife in his arms and kissed her deeply, grabbing her ass, and pulling her into his groin as the elevator went up. Once at their floor, they proceeded to their room. Once inside, my wife wasted little time, as she practically ripped Jim's pants off in her eagerness to see his cock. She wasn't disappointed when his cock was revealed to her, about 8" long, with a very thick mushroom head. He had shaved his balls and trimmed his pubes short, a very beautiful cock she said. She could barely wrap her hand around it as it got fully hard. She immediately put her lips around the bulbous head, taking her time to get accustomed to his size. Bobbing her mouth up and down down his length, trying to take him as deep in her throat as possible. I knew from experience, she did not have much of a gag reflex, and before long she was able to take his big head down her throat, taking his entire length, until her lips were wrapped around the base of his cock on each stroke, catching quick breaths each time he pumped into her mouth. He complemented her on her skills, as he gently pumped his cock in and out. She continued to take him deep, and just before he climaxed he hesitated before plunging back in, urging her to take a deep breath as he was about to cum. Then pushing her head down on his swollen cock. He held her head as his cock swelled and pumped his seed directly into her gullet. She said his cock pulsed for what felt like minutes, but was probably more like 30 seconds, before he released her head and pulled back, letting her catch her breath as his cock spurted a couple more times onto her tongue.

After cleaning off his cock, she rose and stood in front of him as he unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, while she slipped her top over her head, unclasping her bra and tossing it aside. He complimented her on her nicely trimmed pussy and said he would like to return the favor she just gave him. She climbed into bed as Jim moved between her legs, kissing her inner thighs, moving towards her heated pussy. He worked his tongue into her slit, free flowing with her juices, then flicking across her clit, causing her to shudder in pleasure. She said he worked on her pussy for what seemed like forever, bringing her close to orgasm, then backing off, and finally, licking feverishly on her clit, releasing her screaming orgasm. She said he continued to kiss her up her belly, her breasts and neck as he climbed between her legs. She couldn't believe he was hard again, as his cock probed her pussy. She spread her legs wide as his cock found its mark and entered her well lubricated cunt. She said he took his time, allowing her to get accustomed to his size, as he pumped his cock in and out, until he was buried to as far as she could take him. His tempo increased until he was slamming his cock home, shaking the bed in the room before blowing his cum deep in her pussy.

They cuddled for awhile relaxing in the after glow, before Jim got her to turn onto her stomach and began to massage her back, while he straddled her legs. He started at her shoulders, moving down to the small of her back, his large hands making her melt. He moved lower, spreading her legs as he massaged her ass. He kissed her on the small of her back, tracing between her ass cheeks with his tongue. She moaned when his tongue found her rose bud, which he probed. She relaxed her anus, as his finger slipped inside, lubricated with his saliva. Before long he had two fingers inside her, and he asked her if she was ready to try something bigger. She moaned in pleasure and agreement. He went to his overnight bag, and retrieved a condom and bottle of lubricant. He applied a generous amount of lube to her hole and worked it inside, as well as to his condom covered cock. When his cock touched her anus, she tensed, then relaxed as he worked it slowly around the entrance. She gasped when her anus relaxed enough for the head of his cock to finally slide past her anal ring. He moved slow, gentle, allowed her to become accustomed to his size. Before long, he was able to get about half of his cock in and out. He continued his gentle rhythm, increasing he depth as she relaxed and pushed back into his cock, finally working it all the way in as he slapped against her ass. She said it excited her so much that she came as the same time as him. They laid exhausted for several minutes catching their breath as his cock went flaccid and slipped out of her ass.

She said they hopped in the shower and he fucked her hard against the shower wall, pinning her and holding her legs while he banged away for at least 30 minutes. She said she lost count of how many times she came before he finally blew his load deep inside her. She was totally spent after that and got dried off before dressing to come home.

I was rock hard after hearing her tell me about her evening and suggested we head to the bedroom, she said she was still incredibly turned as well, after telling me about the evening, as we slipped into bed, she said she needed my tongue on her pussy, she needed me to suck her clit! I moved between her legs, quickly noticing her swollen labia. As I got closer to her love canal, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her pussy. She smelled of sex and semen, as I tongued her clit, I could taste a mixture of her juices and Jim's cum as it flowed from her cunt into my mouth. She held my head firm as I licked and swallowed the seed of another man for the first time in my life. I wasn't repulsed by the thought of tasting another man's cum, but became increasingly aroused. She climaxed quickly with my tongue working its magic on her clit, crying out how much she loved my mouth on her pussy. I kissed up her body, intending to enter her sloppy wet cunt. When she felt the head of my cock about to enter her, she gasped aloud, that she was much to sore to have me enter her. She wrapped her hand around my cock, quickly pumping my cock, till I creamed all over her belly. I wiped my load off her with my discarded t-shirt, then snuggled in together, totally spent as we drifted off to sl**p.

This was the beginning of a new chapter of excitement for us...
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hot times hope you have more to share:)