She Wanted to Forget

She wanted to forget. Forget about the exam she just failed. Forget about her loser boyfriend who was blowing her hard-earned money on strippers and booze, because he didn’t have a job. Forget about the people that worked under her at her retail job not listening, having to tell them repeatedly how to do even the most facile tasks.
She didn’t want to have any power for a day, an hour, a minute.
She wanted a release.
She went out and found one.
She didn’t remember his name, because she didn’t ask, but it was Marcus, the captain of the weightlifting team. She walked up to him. He was standing outside, leaning against his car, texting someone. He looked up, at her.
“What’s your name babe?” He looked her directly in the eyes, actually wanting to know.
“It doesn’t matter. Walk with me.” She turned around took two steps, and could feel him looking her up and down. Apparently, she looked good enough to him in the T-shirt and pair of skintight jeans that she had on that he followed without a word. They entered her dorm room, shut and locked the door.
“Do you have any condoms on you?” She asked. He checked his wallet, and pulled out two, golden wrapped rubbers. “Good, you’re gonna need both of them.” She walked up to Marcus, grabbed the back of his head and pulled it towards her, locking lips with the dark chocolate man standing in front of her.
“Take me.”

He pinned me to the wall effortlessly, his hands holding my arms in spread apart, his tongue and mine dancing circles with each other. After a minute, his mouth found a new target. He let my arms go in favor of my hair the shoulder length strawberry blonde hair clutched in both hands. A small moan slipped out as he nibbled on the left side, something he was waiting on. He knew I was ready but he wanted make sure. He picked me up and threw me onto the bed, then climbed in himself, taking his hoodie off and exposing the “perfect” body he possessed. He reached down and pulled my shirt off, leaving me in my bra and jeans. He laid down on top of me, his muscles on top of muscles, perfectly proportioned upper body, at least twelve abs, all moving in unison. Starting at the base of my neck and working himself all the way down to my stomach, he kissed a line, just hard enough to feel the heat from his lips touching my bare skin. He stood up at the edge of the bed, unzipped my jeans and pulled them off in one motion. He pulled my legs apart, as far as he could get them, and worked his way up, this time licking the inside of my leg, extremely slowly all the way up to my lower lips, and the stopped. I arched my hips towards his face, hoping I could get the contact that I wanted, but he pulled away, back to the edge of the bed, this time working the other leg. By the time he made it to the inside of my hips, I could feel myself dripping all over my sheets.
“Please.” That was all that my brain could muster. He knew I wanted it. He wanted to make me beg for it. Tracing circles around my labia with his tongue, he succeeded. I begged him for at least a minute before he complied. Taking his thumb and index finger, he opened me up, took his tongue and worked magic. He worked me with his tongue, my hips pushing his tongue deeper inside of my flower, unintelligible groans and moans emanating from me, him never letting me get over the hump.
One minute later.
Five minutes later.
Fifteen minutes later.
I couldn’t take it anymore and I think he knew it. He looked up at me, taking a second to smile a devilish grin at me and I knew the end was close. H took his tongue and curled it around my clit, the one area that he didn’t touch before. His tongue flickered faster than a snake on my swollen hot spot. Not even five seconds later, I was screaming, my juices running out of me like a faucet, his mouth wide open, catching every single drop. I lay back, chest heaving, head completely spinning out of control, afraid if I tried to set up, that I would fall out of the bed. He stood up still smiling that toothy grin, but now he was getting himself ready. At some point during his feasting session, he had managed to get his pants off, cock hard and a condom on it. He was huge, bigger than anyone that I had ever been with by at least four inches, and he was girthy. I must have looked nervous about taking him inside of me, because he hesitated, just for a second.
“I’ll go easy,” he said lowering himself on top of me. I grabbed his member and guided him inside of me. Half way inside of me, and I felt like I was going to come again. I wrapped my arms around his back holding on for dear life. He laughed into my ear, and I could feel his cock mirror his laughs. He pushed himself up and looked me in the eyes. He pulled his cock all the way out except for the tip, took a breath and pushed himself all the way in. My nails dug into his back simultaneous with me convulsing in orgasm, and biting his neck hard enough to draw bl**d. He gave me a second to recover, and then he went to town. He pinned my arms to my side and started pounding me, making sure he pulled it all the way out and putting it all the way back in, hitting every part of my insides. His breathing became ragged after a few minutes, letting me know that he was almost done. He wrapped his arms around my back, and pushed forward as hard as he could. I came one last time as he unloaded inside of me. He laid there for a second riding the wave of orgasm, quivering from the aftershocks from his own body. I rolled over to face him, my eyes getting heavy. The body heat, the extreme workout, and the smell of sex were exactly what I needed at that moment to forget.

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