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this happened 3 years ago when i was 17.I had been using a couple of chatlines none of which were sex lines i must say,anyway to my story.I had been chatting to a guy called ted who was 23 and lived about ten mile from me.after chatting for a couple of weeks ted let it be known that he was gay and single.i myself was very intrigued by this as i had been curious about guy sex for sometime.i had had girfriends and was by no means a was half term ,and we were chatting on friday afternoon when ted said would i like to meet up on saturday,i was a\ bit unsure at first but agreed.we had already swapped photos so we new what each other looked like.we decided to meet next morning at 10 in macdonalds in teds home morning i was up at 8am and in the shower,i was nervous but very excited andturned on although i didnt want to admit it to myself.i cxaught the train at 9-10 and was on my way.i cant tell you the thoughts doing through my head,but it was making my cock so hard.i got to macdonalds at around 9-55.i couldnt see ted so i got myself a drink and sat down.every minute seemed like ten as i waited,then my mobile went and it was ted,he was running late and could i meet him at his place,and there was an address, with some directions.i left my drink ,eager to get to teds place.about ten minutes later i was standing out side this rundown flat. my throught was dry when i knocked on th door,then afterc a few seconds it opened to reveal an elderly gent about 60.suprised i appologised and said i must have wrong flat,with this the guy said no wait,i am ted and you must be ian.there was a pause and i said whats going on,ted said please come in and he would explain.i was a bit reluctant but he seemed like a good guy and very frail,so i was light inside and smelled a bit musty.sit down he said so i did and he sat next to me very close.he told me his name was ted and he was gay,he liked younger guys and had done this a couple of times before and had got sex from it.quick as a flash i said not this time.his mannor changed and he said dont be like that ,leant over and pushed me back and lunged at me pushing his mouth on me and forcing his tongue into my mouth.i was shocked and tried to push him off but he was a lot stonger than he looked.dont fight it he said ,i dont want to i said.with this he looked me in the eye and said you do or you wouldnt be here.he kissed me again and whispered in my ear,my cock is rock hard and i am going to f***e into your arse.i should of faught harder but i was now turned on,my cock was hard and old ted new it.i was now kissing him back and i could feel him fumbling with my trouser then his.he pushed himself up to reveal his erect cock which was much larger than he wanked in front of me he ordered me to suck it.
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4 years ago
Good story you can add more what happened if you ever meet him again how was it did he deliver the goods thanks
4 years ago