man seeking man 2

Saturday came and went without any contact from john.i hsd his number but decided sgsinst ringing him,if a blowjob in a car was all it was meant to be i could live with that.sunday morning i was up at 7oclock,and took the dog for a long walk.i got back about 8 and put the kettle on.i hadnt taken my mobile with me so i checked it for missed calls or messages.i had one missed call from john,he left message asking me to call him back as soon as i could. i rang him on the spot and he answered straight away. hello,john here hi john its ian,just returning your call,is everything ok? oh hi ian ,yes everything is great,sorry i didnt get back to you yesterday,but it looked like my daughter wasnt going to visit her it is she left this morning about an hour ago,so if you still fancy some fun i am here all alone and horny as hell. this is just what i wanted to hear,so i said yes i would love to,what time do you want me there? as soon as you can get here he replyed with a kind of urgency in his deep voice.he gave me directions and told him i would be there around tenish. ok he said he would be ready and waiting for me. i had my coffee then went and had a long shower,dryed myself off and got dreesed ,i put on a pair fo shorts,now underwear,a baggy tee and trainers,then i was off.i got to his village about 25mins later and found the street was getting hotter by the minute outside and i was getting a bit sweaty.i found johns house ok and pulled into the shingle drive and parked behind his car.i turned the engine off and as i did the front door opened ,and john stepped out wearing just a pair of baggy white shorts.he was not what i remebered,he looked older than before,skinny white legs small man boobs,belly hanging over shorts and he looked all hot and bothered....i was in two minds about staying or turning sround snd leaving.i got out of the car feeling nervous and headed toward john who was now smiling. you found it ok he said, yes no problem i replyed, come in ,lets get out of the heat.i follwed him in and he shut the door behind i turned to see where we were heading he leant forward and kissed me ,pushing his tongue into my mouth,to which i responed ,as we stood kissing at the bottom of the stairs i could feel his cock sticking out of the front of his shorts and his hands were groping my bum over my shorts.lets go to bed he said quietly and started to walk up the stairs.after a couple of steps he turned looked at me ,pointed to the front of his trouser and said this is for you.i didnt need telling twice,i pulled his shorts down and his cock sprung free ,and in a flash i had john in my mouth sucking and slurpping like a wild a****l in heat.he groaned as my head bobbed,then after a couple of minutes he said come on ,i want you naked.he led me to a large bedroom which was very cool,due to a large circulating fan standing in the corner.he dropped his shorts,kicked them to one side then climbed on the bed.he looked me up and down and said let me see what i am getting to play with baby,as i took my shirt and shorts off he lay watching and cock was standing to attention,very nice he said,come here and let me suck that cock .i got on the bed and he prceeded to kiss me down my body then i felt his warm mouth gobbling away at me.i moved around a bit til i could get his cock in my mouth and we lay in a 69 position sucking away at each other.i was well into it when i heard.....time to lick my arse,and before i knew it he was on all fours with his arse in the air.i didnt need telling twice and started to tongue his open hole.he groaned loudly and when i reached under and grabbed his hard cock and started rubbing i thought he was going to explode.he stopped me after a few minutes saying if i didnt stop he would cum.lay face down on the bed he instructed me and he would rub me down,i did as he said and he started to caress my bare bottom and balls like some old pervert.i could feel his cock hitting my leg.he was kissing my back then he was licking my neck.he was now lying on me kissing my neck ,grinding his cock up and down between my cheeks,his hands were holding my wrists to the bed,and as i lay face down him grinding away ,breathing hard ,i dont wnow how he did it but his cock entered my dry hole with some f***e.he let out a loud groan as i let out a painful moan.i tried to push him off but i couldnt and he carried on pushing in and out of was painful but the more i showed it was hurting the more he got tuned on .he was biting my neck and my arsehole was on fire,but my cock was rock hard.after what seemed like ages i opened up to him and started to push back onto his thrust.he was breathing very deep and i could sense he was getting near to exploding.his rythm got more rapid,his breath heavier,then with a loud groan and a final hard thrust his whole body shuddered as his cock expanded in my arse and i could feel every pump as he unloaded himself into seemed to go on for ages,then his body went limp and he lay on me like a dead weight.his now soft cock was still inside me.he kissed my neck and said he needed did i ,,i replyed,what now.his body tensed up and he pushed himself into me,i could feel his pubic hair scratching my bare bum cheeks,then the strangest thing happened,i could feel his cock start to get hard inside me,the more he moved.over his breath he said that feels so didnt take long until he was fucking me again,not in so much of a rush as last time,he was taking his time and let out a loud sigh everytime he entered me.his cum was coming out of me and making a squelching noise which turned me on.he fucked me for about twenty minutes when he said,i will cum in your mouth this time,yes please i said,he seemed to like that and he got faster and harder,then he shouted i am coming,he pulled out ,i turned ,a jet of cum hit my face as i covered the head with my mouth and felt him jerk and pump his hot sticky cum into the back of my before a swallowed the lot,and licked him clean.we lay for a while then he said wank for me,wank over my face and shoot into my mouth.i did as he said,i nelt on the bed next to johns head and started to wank,it didnt take long before i was shooting over his face and into his open mouth which he lapped up.this was the first of many times john used me to satisfy himself and still does on occasion.happy times.
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4 years ago
Nice but something is missing
4 years ago
Nasty but erotic as hell.