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I was 23 at the time,i had not had played with a cock since i dont know when.i would say about 4 years,i had been dating the same girl and was happy with the sex i was cut a long story short we broke up and for a few months i was heartbroken but then started to get interested in sex again.i was watching far to much porn adn i just wanted to suck some cock and eat some hot was sunday afternoon and i was flicking through the local paper when i came across the personal adds.i looked at the section man looking for men and add in particular caught my eye top man early 60s looking for younger male for no strings i wrote a letter giving my deatails ,what i was looking for and my phone number,put it into a sealed envalope and posted it to the paper. a week or so went past and i got home from work on the tuesday night and there was a letter waiting for me from the paper ,inside there was a sealed envalope addessed to me.i opened it and found it to be from the man in the singles add.his name was john ,he was 61,a salesman and he lived in a village 5 miles from the bottom was his phone number.i cvouldnt wait and rang him there and then.after about 3 rings a very deep voice answered saying hello ,i said hello and proceeded to introduce myself.he seemed very pleased to hear from me and we started chatting about ourselves.i found he lived with his daughter so he could not host very often.he was often away on the road for weeks at a time and he loved younger guys.i found he was in a hotel room in scotland and before long the subject got around to sex,dislikes and likes.he asked me if i was up for being fucked,i said yes,how do you feel about rimming me he asked,yes i would do that i replyed.this seemed to please him and he announced he had his cock in his hand and was wanking as we spoke.this turned me on so i said if i was there i would turn him onto all fours and lick his arse as i wanked him.are you going to let me fuck you bareback and cum inside your tight arse he panted ,oh yes please ,i will beg you to do that.with this he let out a loud moan as he came.there was a long puse as he composed himself,he thanked me and asked when we could get together.he was back friday til monday and if i was free friday evening that would be best for him.i agreed and we arranged to meet at a local gay haunt at was late august so it would still be light,he told me what car he had and where to park.then we bid eachother goodbye and i had a wank thinking about john and friday.i couldnt wait for friday to get hear quick enough.finally it was here,i rushed home from work,had a shower ,washed my cock and everywhere else thoroughly.i got dressed,i put on a pair of tracksuit bottoms ,teeshirt and trainers,no underwear.then at 6-30 i set off.iwas so excited and nervous,scared and turned on ,not knowing my feight.i got to the place at 6-50 turned into this long road next to some woods and head for the car park at far end where we had arranged to i pulled in it was empty except for one silver renult parked on far side .this was the car john had describede to me so i pulled in front of it and turned off my engine.i glanced in my rear view mirror and saw a man getting out of the car and walk over to mine.then the door opened,a head poked in and said ian?yes i replyed,with this he got in the car and shut the door.he was a smart man with a haggard face ,glasse,clean shaven,slim build with a bit of a belly.he looked at me and in his deep voice said i dont know about you but ive been looking forward to this,me to i replyed.before i could say anything else he leant over and kissed me ,his tongue was flicking in and out of my mouth and when i responded he let out a sigh of pleasure.while we were kissing i could feel him undoing his truoser and before i knew it hi erect cock was out and staring up at me.we stopped kissing and his hand was placed on the back of my head and he gently pushed me down onto his standing i got closer i opened my mouth and before i knew it my head was bobbing up and down on him as he moaned with pleasure,as i sucked he was groping my bum then his hand was inside my bottoms rubbing my cheeks,his hands were warm and it felt good,all of a sudden he pulled my head up to his and kissed me again with some f***e then pushed my head down again and told me to carry on,which i did without objection.his hand was clasping my bum hard then he started to rub my hole quite roughly but i was enjoying it.his other hand was on the back of my head and his hips started to rise out off the seat as he pushed me onto his cock.i could taste pre cum,he was groaning loudly and his finger had now worked its way into my hole ,then with a shudder and groan there was a thrust as he exploded his load into the back of my throat.i gagged at first but managed to suck the lot down without spilling a drop.his now limp cock fell from my lips,as i sat up,his hand still down my pants and his finger still inside me.i looked around and to my horror there was now several cars in the car you want me to do you now he said,i looked at him and said no not here,even though my cock was like stone.he smiled ,no-one cares he said,all the same i said,not this time.ok he said pulling his finger out of me the his hand out my daughter is away on sunday all day and night,if you are free do you want to come over and we can have some real fun.yes please ,i would love that i replyed.ok he said i will ring you tomorrow with the details,then got out the car got into his and was gone.all i could think about was sunday as i drove home,then when i got in i wanked myself silly for ages and come three or four my mind i was counting down the hours until sunday.look out for what man seeking man 2
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love it
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Hot story!