fishing freddies 5

As i sat there on the bed ,i could feel daves cum drbbling out of my hole,there were some tissues on bedside cabinet so i grabbed a few and wiped arsehole was numb,but this brought a smile to my face knowing that i had taken that monster cock in me.i waited a few more minutes then decided to go for my clothes.i opened the bedroom door and made for the i approached the next door i could hear was open so i looked in and there on the bed wanking was fred.he was watching something on the tv.he looked up and said ive been waiting for you ,come in and shut the door.i went in and to my horror it was me being fucked by dave he was watching on the tv.i looked at fred ,he smiled and said dont worry nobody will ever see the tape outside this house.get on the bed he demanded and watch with me.he was still rubbing his impressive cock.Dave looked like he enjoyed you ,did you enjoy him?yes very much i replied.i feel a bit jealous as i found you first.he said in a quiet voice.can you take another pounding do you think?we will call it my birthday present as daves already had his.i was still horny and my cock was getting hard again so without saying a word i took freds cock in my mouth and started to bob my head up and down on him,making him moan and squirm on the bed.As i was sucking i felt him reach over and grope my bum and balls .it wasnt long before my cock was rock hard and fred had two fingers pumping in and out of my open hole.get on my chest fred demanded and put your cock in my mouth.i turned and mounted him,his mouth opened and i slid myself into him,he gobbled away at me making me thrust towards him and he gagged.i could feel myself about to cum and so could he,so he stopped.move down my body and sit on my cock you dirty little bugger.i didnt need to be asked twice ,so i lowered myself onto his erect cock and to my suprise it just slipped in.i took the full length and gave out a moan of pleasure the same time fred did.i was straddled above him and i started to move up and down on his cock .i felt a feeling of power sliding up and down on fred,making him groan with pleasure.your arse is ours now to do as we please with whenever we you understand,i was so turned on i said yes whatever you want,whenever you want,i belong to you.this seemed to do it for him.he grabbed my waist and started to thrust hard from underneath me .my cock was slapping off his belly ,it was fantastic.his moaning was getting louder as we fucked more franticly.then he let out a cry as he shuddered to his explosive climax and as with dave i felt freds cock expand and pump his juices into it was pumping i lost control and errupted all over freds belly and chest.i sat there for a while fred still inside me.then as i got off my legs were like jelly.fred stood up took my hand and led me to the bathroom where we showered together.
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4 years ago
Now thats what i'm talking about now i came again thats twice in one morning thanks