fishing freddie 4

With me giving dave the green light he wasted no time in smothering his enormous cok with lube ,then he slapped a big dollop on my open arsehole.he climbed on the bed behind me and as he did his erect shiney cock slapped against my thigh.this was to much for me as i cried out please put it in me .Dave didnt say a word ,he pulled me up onto all four and i could now hear his breath ,it was deep and heavy.there was no movement for about 30 seconds then i could feel the tip of his huge ,hard ,hot cock start to enter my slippery hole,for a big man he was gentle,but i didnt want gentle and pushed back against him giving the signal that i wanted it in me,this was all he needed and he pushed,it stung at first then it felt like it was burning ,i let out a kind of a whimper but this must have been a turn on for him as he did not stop.i could feel every inch of him as he was now moving back and forth.with each thrust he seemed to go arse was now his property ,it belonged to him and he was going to use it until he was done and i was dripping.then all of a sudden he stopped ,pulled his cock out of me,and with a stern voice said dont move.he got off the bed,went to the wardrobe and got something then climbed back on the bed behind me.with in a second he was back inside me and was rinding me hard.i could hear a camera going off as he took pictures of him entering my young arse,i suddenly realised i was making a lot of noise which turned him on.he was grunting like a pig with each thrust.his finger nails were digging into my waste as he pulled me onto him.he started to get faster and harder and as he did i yelped with pleasure then he became like a man posessed and he was ramming me like no was painful but a good painful ,then he let out a loud grunt and i felt his cock expand inside me ,his whole body seemed to shudder,i could feel his hot cum pump into me ,each spurt i could feel leave his jerking body and enter mine,then it was over and he slumped forward which flattened me to the bed with his cock still in me and his dead weight on me,his breath was did you like that young ian ,loved it i replied.he pushed himself off me and did something i was not expecting.he parted my cheeks and proceeded to eat his cum out of my arse.that was all it took ,as he slurped i wanked my hard cock and it took about three strokes until i exploded we both lay on the bed ,i asked where fred had gone,dave smiled and said not far,then he climbed off the bed and left the room,his big wet cock slapping against his thighs as he walked.
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4 years ago
Thank you finally got my rocks off thanks