fishing freddie 3.

As i sat there alone in the shed naked i couldnt help rubbing my erect throbbing cock,wondering what i was in for next.everything was quiet when a voice came out of nowhere .come into the house ian,i am upstairs second bedroom on the left.i jumped out of my skin,and saw there was a small speaker next to the door.i sat for a second then the the voice said hurry up and leave your clothes there.i got up and did as he said ,i was so excited as i walked up the stairs and as i got to the door i put my hand on the handle turned it slowely and entered .to my horror freds b*****r dave was sat on the bed naked,oh shit i am so sorry i said wrong bedroom .no it isnt he replied,come in ian and shut the door.i did as he asked and stood in front of him.he was not like fred at all he was fatter with big belly and very hairy all over.then when i got to his cock i missed a beat ,it was huge .i thought freds was big but this was like its very big b*****r .it was fat and about ten inches as it hung there between daves legs all limp.come over here he said and let me see you .i walked towards him and when i got in front of him he put his hands round my waist and smiled and said i hope you dont mind but fred and i share everything.i was nervous as i said ok ,i just wanted to suck his cock.he smiled as he kissed my belly then as he went lower my cock twinged .then i felt the heat of his mouth as he started to suck me .he was grunting as he did so and his hands wandered round to my bum and he started to rub my hole, my back kind of arched to give him easier acsess and this made him push a bit harder and it wasnt long before he had a finger in me.i was moaning as dave pulled me onto the bed and we got into the 69 a flash i hand his monster in my hand and started to lick was massive and seemed to swell the more i worked on it.dave was grunting and when i got it in my mouth he started to grind in and out of my wide open i was sucking he said do you like to be fucked,i looked up and said yes but your cock scares me,it would hurt.he grinned and said i promise you will love it.i was so horny i said yes please.with this he jumped off the bed and went to the dressing table and went in one of the draws and pulled out some lube and a rather large vibrator. i must have looked worried as he said dont worry you will love it baby.he came back and got on the bed kissed me and told me to lie on my belly.i did as he said ,i could hear him breathing heavily as he parted my cheeks and played with my hole.he put his tongue in me then i felt something cold as he squirted lube on my open willing hole.ha massaged it in with his fingers then slipped one finger in and i let out a groan.he fucked me with his finger for a while before he slipped another one in .this went on for some time then he put some more lube on me and covered the vibrator in it.he turned it on and proceeded to rub it over my eager hole.i arched by back to accomodate it,then with out warning dave slipped it into me ,and to my suprise there was no pain as he pushed it in and out of me slowly at first then he built up some speed and f***e.the harder he pushed it in the more my back arched and my hole opened.i was in heaven.dave was kissing and biting my back as he fucked me with his amazing battery operated tool.Are you ready for the real thing yet darling he said.i turned and looked at him rubbing his big throbbing cock and said yes please oh yes please,i was almost begging and if he had asked me to i would have willingly.part 4 coming.....
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4 years ago
that was somwe story now you have to write the next chapter you got ready to jack off now thanks
4 years ago
hot story