fishing freddie 2

I got to the river to meet fred at about 6 oclock.he was not there so i waited and he turned up about 5mins later.hello there ian how are you this morning,very well thanks i replied.are you coming for a swim he asked,ive got no trunks i replied,thats ok young man we are all friends here.i was unsure but intrigued ,so with out giving it to much thought i got naked .fred seemed pleased with this and he did the same .he looked me up and down and said how old are you ian nearly 16 i have a nice body for a younster ,thanks i said,do you mind if i ask how old you are?i am 67 today he said with a grin on his face .oh happy birthday ,if i had known i would have got you something,thats ok ian ,he said maybe you can do something for me later,looking at my naked lets go swimming .the water was freezing but it felt good and as cold as it was i got quite turned on when my legs brushed agsinst freds.when we got out we dried off and i kept having a sly look at his bum ,thighs and his more than ample cock,once dressed we headed off to his house for some breakfast. It was quite a large house with a large garden and a double garage.there were 2 cars parked outside which puzzled me a bit but not for long.We went inside and in the kitchen there was another man sat at the kitchen table.Ian this is my b*****r david .He was the double of fred only a lot fatter with a big belly.I found out later they were twins.hello young ian he said ive heard all about you ,hello i replied puzzled at that comment.we sat and chatted over tea and toast for a while then david said he was off into town and bid me goodbye and hoped to see a lot more of me.Fred washed up then we chatted a bit more and fred suggested we look at his fishing tackle.i followed him into the garage then out the back door into a large was immaculate inside,there was a carpet ,a sofa and all the tools were put away and the fishing tackle was hanging in the corner.Do you really want to look at my fishing gear or do you want to play with this,then he reached into his pants and pulled out his large plump cock.I was gobsmacked but it was what i wanted and he knew it.I gulped and said that please as i pointed to his rapidly growing member.Fred gave a big smile and said lets have fun then.let me see yours as ive shown you mine.i stood there and fumbled with my flys and pulled my now erect cock out off my jeans.he looked very pleased and came over close and took hold of my cock and led me to the sofa.his hand was warm and if i hadnt been wanking so much i think i would have exploded there and then.We sat down and he leant over and kissed me as he rubbed my now rock hard cock,i responded to him which made him moan with he came up for air i asked what if his b*****r came home he smiled and said dont worry we wouldnt be disturbed.I was intrigued how he knew i was interested in him and yet again he was a bit of a give away you watching me get dressed and wanking in the bushes.i must have blushed because he said not to worry he liked it .fred kissed me again and then stood up and stripped off in a you he said so i did as he asked and sat back on the sofa.lie back he said i did as he asked and withoutb warning his mouth was round my cock and he was sucking on it like he hadnt been fed for a week .but i wasnt felt fantastic and my moaning made him more enthusiastic..after about five mins he came up for air and said now your turn.he straddled my chest plunged his cock into my mouth and proceeded to fuck my face with some ferocity.i was gagging as he pumped in and out but this seemed to get him going even more.i thought i was going to choke then with an extra hard thrust i got a hot feeling in my mouth and he seened to cum for ever.i couldnt do anything but swallow it but that was what i wanted.he stayed there for a while the got cock was rock hard and looking at fred standing there with his wet limp cock handing was more of a turn on.What now i said ,he looked thogutful and said you still owe me a birthday present,with this he walked out of the shed naked saying he would be back in two instalment will follow soon.
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4 years ago
Started kind of slow but once you got into gear it went real good thanks
4 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
Very nice! Good me good and hard, can't wait for next installment!