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We had just moved house,my mum nad dad and me and my younger b*****r,we had moved to a little village in the north of england 7miles from the nearest town.the first few weeks my b*****r and i were on school holidays so we went exploring our new surrondings.i was fifteen at the time and he was 13 and we were very keen fisherman which was lucky for us as we found we were very close to the river.after we had been there a week or so we decided to go fishing and as usual we got up at 5oclock the next morning and set off to the river,we were sitting set up and fishing by 5-30 and it was a gorgeous summers morning.after about half an hour i decided to wander down the river bank and look for a better spot,my b*****r wasnt interested and stayed put.after walking for 10 minutes or so i spyed somebody swimming in the river.i stopped and watched for a minute from behind some trees and an elderly man ,i suppose in his 60s got out of the my suprise he was stark bollock naked .he was a small man in good shape and he was completely shaven.head as i stood there watching him dry off my eyes were drawn to his large penis hanging there ,i found myself getting very tuned on and i had a hard cock within minutes.i watched him get dressed and then he wandered off int the bushes.i went back to my spot and carried on fishing but i couldnt get the naked man out of my mind.that night when we went home ,i had a shower and went to bed and wanked thinking of the naked swimmer.The next morning we were up again down the river fishing and again i went for a wander ,to see if he was there and sure enough he was .i watched him swim and when he came out of the water sure enough he was naked and yes i got turned on again and as i watched i rubbed my erect cock....i wanted to suck his gorgeous before he dried himself off and wandered off into the undergrowth.i wanted to follow him but went back to my fishing as i should have.The next day my b*****r wasnt interested in coming so i was up at 5 and down the river.i got to the spot were the man swam a bit earlier and he was not i sat waiting in the undergrowth i was getting more and more tuned on.then he was there,i watched him undress and get into the river and he swam for about 15mins.when he finally emerged from the water i had decide to make my presence known.he started to get dressed and as i walked rowards him he looked up and said goodmorning.i gulped and replyed goodmorning ,is the water cold?freezing he said but nice just the same,my names fred by the way,hello i replyed my names ian.we chatted for about 20mins and he told me he lived just up the river with his b*****r and i was welcome to drop in anytime,he was a keen fisherman and had some old gear he wanted shot of if i was interested.i said i was and i would pop round the next day to have a look.i arranged to meet fred next morning after his swim and go with him then.i could not wait for nrxt day to get here although i dont know what i was expecting to happen.
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