old mr dravey 2

As mr dravey stood there naked my eyes were fixated on his now limp wet cock just hanging there,i couldnt believe i had just had it in my mouth it made me even hornier.get undressed he said ,i will be back in a minute,i am not finished with you my boy yet.with this he left the room and i could hear him go to the toilet and have a pee...it seemed to go on for ages.then he flushed and i heard him go down stairs.i wasnt sure what to do ,on one hand i was so turned on i didnt know what to do on the other i was a bit afraid of what old mr dravey had in mind for me next.Then as i heard him start to walk up the stairs i quickly got undressed and sat on the edge of the bed. A few seconds later he was in the doorway holding a can of lager.my heart was in my throat as he looked at my erect cock with its small amount of hair around it.Thats lovely he said as he reached down and carressed it with hia large rough hands,but it felt so good i nearly came then and there.then without warning he said time to suck my cock again and he pushed it towards my mouth.i opened up and it went straight in,it tasted of pee but it was great ,the feeling of it growing again in my mouth and as he started to to push in and out he said rub my arse boy,which i did without hesitation.after about 10 mins sucking him he stepped back and
as his cock fell from my mouth it looked huge.lie on you front boy he said with no expression on his face ,again i did as he said ,and i heard him go around to the bedside cabinate ,go in the draw and get something out.then he got on the bed behind me and lifted me onto all fours ,for a small man he was extremely strong and that was more of a turn on.i could feel his erect cock digging into my bum cheek then i felt something cold on my open bum hole.it felt good as he started to rub it in then without warning he slipped i finger into me and there was shock then pain ,but as i tried to move away he pulled me back ,i knew what was coming and i was getting it whether i wanted it or not.after a while it started to feel good and i think he knew i was starting to enjoy it.then as before wwithout warning he pushed a second finger into me,and fucked me with his big fat fingers,This went on for about 5mins or so then he reached under and grabbed my rock hard cock and with a sort of smuggness said you are enjoying this as much as me arent you boy,i said yes i am.he the strted to fumble about,so i turned to see what he was doing,he was smothering his cock in lube so i knew what was coming and i dont think ive ever wanted anything more.this might hurt he mumbled but you will enjoy it if you just go with it.i could feel him sliding his head up and down my crack and it made my hole twitch with desire,then without warning his head started to push its way into me.his big mushroom stretching my tight hole,then with a kind of pop he was in me ,it hurt like hell but he was holding onto me so tight there was no getting him off me until he had finished .he started to pump in and out and was grunting loudly as he did it,after a few pushes i started to open up to him and as i did he went in to me deeper into me .as i started to groan with pleasuer this seemed to make his cock grow even bigger.then i could feel his breath get deeper as he dug his nails into my thighs as he pulled me onto his rampant cock.he was pumping hard now and faster and faster then then was a loud cry as he exploded into me ,his cock was pumping and i could feel it ,it was hot and made me feel warm all over.as he stayed still for a minute or two his cock still in me he reached underneath and started to wank my hard cock,it took about 30 seconds and i exploded all over the bed and he seemed pleased with this.i felt his cock slip out of me and some cum dribbled down my legs.he lay down next to me put his hand on my bub and said did you enjoy that boy,i nodded ,he smiled and said he would expect me tomorrow at the same time,i was in a daze and agreed....but the next day is another story,i got dressed went home and wanked myself silly thinking of the old cock which i had sucked......mmmm good times.
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4 years ago
Great cotinuation i wonder what happened next time would make a another great story thanks
4 years ago
cant wait to read more.