old man davey

I will never forget the time.it was a week before my 15th birthday.me and a mate were out scrumping on a warm summers evening.The house we chose belonged to and old man who new both our parents but that didnt put us off.we got there ,i climbed the fence while todd watched out.as i picked a few plums from the tree i felt a hand on my shoulder and a stern voice.WHAT YOU DOING YOU LITTLE SOD,he said.i shit myself and as i turned i saw todd running off dow the road.There was nothing i could say i was caught bang to rights. His name was mr davey ,a small man with white hair,he had big hands though for a small fella.and a deep voice.come with me he said,pulling me by the arm with some f***e.As he led me into his house i was quite scared of what he was going to do.if my parents found out i would be grounded forever or even worse he could call the police,i was stealing after all.He told me to sit at the kitchen table and not to move.i was shaking and i did as he said.he left the room and was gone for a few minutes.when he returned he looked at me.well what are we going to do about this then he said.i dont knoe,but please dont call my parents they will kill me.What you going to do for me then boy he said with a kind of harshness in his voice.anything ,wash your car ,clean your yard and tidy your garden what do you want?HE LOOKED THOUGHTFUL FOR A MINUTE AND WENT TO THE FRIDGE,DO YOU WANT A DRINK HE ASKED,yes please i replied.he turned and passed me a can of lager i must have looked shocked as he said dont worry i wont tell anyone.as i took a sip he said let me show you round the house,i think ive got just the job for you follow me.i followed him up yhe stairs and as we breached the top he led me into a large bedroom with a very old bed in it and big old wardrobe.i felt very nervous as he told me to sit on the bed and he would be back in a minute.he left the room and as i sat there i wondered if i should do a runner or stay and face the music.just then the door opened and mr davey stood there wearing just a dressing and a pair of dark socks.now then young man he said ,you said something aboht doing anything.he walked toward me and as he did his gown moved and i could see he was naked underneath it. ive watched you boys for years stealing my apples and plums and i am fed up with it.i am sorry i said in a quiet voice.do you think thats enough thogh he snapped back....er no i suppose not.With this his tone changed,do you have a girlfriend? i ask because ive never seen you with a girl.No i dont ,i have no interest in girls at the moment.do you masterbate?i was taken aback by the question and didnt answer.well if you dont want to chat lets call your parents he smiled.YES I DO MASTERBATE.What do you think about while you do it?i thoght about sucking cocks and cum but i wasnt going to tell him that but i think he knew.girls i replied.i dont think so he laughed as he sat on the bed next to me.his gown had fell open and i could not stop looking at his plump cock staring up at me.For a man in his sixties he was in good shape.do you see something you like,er no i am sorry i stuttered.With that he stood up and dropped his gown to the floor.as he stood there naked smiling i was getting very turned on and my cock was twitching.do you want to touch it ,go on just give it a stroke.without a thought i reached out and touched it and as i did mr dravey shuddered and groaned.i was so turned on ,i was actually holding a mans cock in my hand ,and as i held it i could feel it getting harder and hotter which made me even harder.as i rubbed it mr davey groaned with pleasure and i could see precum on the end.put it in your mouth if you want,i didnt need to be asked twice and as i lowered my mouth onto it he seemed to get louder and harder.his hands found there way onto my head and as my mouth went up and down on my first cock mr davey had began to move in and out and was gripping my head as he did so.He seemed to be getting faster and faster and harder and harder until i was gagging .then with a tight grip and a good thrust he let out a loud moan and i felt an explosion of hot saltiness in my mouth.it seemed to gush forever and as it did he told me to swallow the lot which i did .i kept sucking until he pulled away and said what now then boy?

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1 year ago
very hot
2 years ago
love it
3 years ago
Awesome ..
4 years ago
liked the story,i love to suck old cocks also
4 years ago
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
well that was hot i jack off through the whole story thanks
4 years ago