it was a Friday night and my husband Paul was out with his friends and he normally comes home quite late but this one night he came home early and was very horny,he said get Bella get up them stairs i,m going to give it to you hard and long,,he was pissed he must have been cos it had been years since it was hard and

as we got into bed he said he was so turned at the thought of me having another man fuck me,,where did this come from??? i asked..he said Terry his best mate had got this big black man from a web site to agree to fuck his wife Brenda,Brenda is my friend and to this day she has never told me so was he not telling the truth and just telling a tale down the pub pissed???..

i said look Paul you can't say stuff like that,believe me its true they did it last Saturday night in the Travel lodge,,,tell me what happened Paul began to tell me the tale i could feel myself getting wet and thinking wow i could do that,go on tell me by the end of the story Paul was rock hard and i was dripping wet so we went at it for ages it was the best sex we have had for years,the next morning we sat down to breakfast and i said to Paul ask Terry for Andy's number and see if we can have a meet and see what pops up..

Paul came home from work and he had this smile on his face,,what..i got his number,what should we do..ring him and see what he says,Paul rang him and at first he didn't know what to say so he just asked if he had fucked Terry's wife and that this was not a wind up,,NO mate its true i met him on a porn site and he asked if i would fuck his BBW wife,deffo mate i said i would love to fuck your Paul just came out with it and said could we meet and see if we like each other and go from there..Yes mate how about this weekend..

all week Paul and i were buzzing about it but also shitting ourselves,why would we do this we were happy in our marriage,it was Saturday afternoon and the phone rang it was Andy he said he was at the bus station and where should we meet,i will come over and pick you up and we can come back to mine and have a coffee and chat,cheers Paul what car will you be in,,i'll be in a blue BMW soft top..

Paul and Andy walked through the door he was 6'2 well built not fat but heavy set and hands the size of shovels it was the first thing i noticed then the size 12 shoes,as you do i thought big shoes big ????..we sat and talked about each other and about Terry and Brenda he said she was a good fuck and Terry just stood back and watched and wanked off it was a good night,then Andy asked Paul what he wanted out of tonight and was there any rules,no mate lets just have fun and see what happens..i went for a bath and left Paul and Andy talking about football as men do,i got out of the bath and went into the bedroom to sort my stuff out for later when i noticed Paul and Andy sat on the bed both naked and laughing,come on Paul said don't just stand there come here and see the goods..

Andy stood up to reveal a cock the size of a baby's arm and this was on the slack,it was fat,6 inches long and cut..i just wondered how big it would get???
Paul said hold it and put it in your mouth,i got on my knees and held it in my palm then slowly put the tip on my lips i could feel it throbbing it was growing and it was getting bigger and bigger,fuck me i thought this will kill me..
it was now at full length and it was 11 inches and fat it was beautiful the pink head was just fitting in my mouth what would it do to my pussy???

Paul stood up and took my hand and laid me on the bed he went straight down on to my freshly shaven pussy he was going to town on it as i sucked Andy's cock,Paul looked up and said Andy she is ready for you wet and willing,Andy walked round and parted my legs further than they had ever been i think..
he fingered me first with his fat fingers which felt the size of a normal cock,i was really soaking you could hear the squelching,Paul said put it in mate i want to see her fucked hard,Andy put his head in and slowly pushed his full length in i was in heaven it felt great it was something i had never felt before,Paul came round the back and watched his balls banging me hard then Paul asked him to fuck me doggy style and he wanted to go underneath and lick me out whilst his cock was going in and out,Paul laid under me as Andy fucked me from behind and i sucked Paul's cock,Andy was really going to town on me and Paul was licking my pussy and he was even getting a mouth full Andy's balls he was enjoying it as well..

all of a sudden Andy pulled his cock out and put it in Paul's mouth and made him him taste me,he said taste your wife's cum of my cock and suck it clean,Paul was sucking on his cock as if it was god bless you,,he cleaned my cum of him and then held it in his hand and placed it back inside me,i was in shock but was even wetter than before it really turned me on watching him do it,Andy was deep inside me again and pumping away when he asked Paul a question,is it OK if i go up your wife's arse,don't ask me mate she is the boss she gets what she want's as you can see,i said yes you can but you will have to go really slow as i have not had anal sex for at least 5 years..Paul said your one lucky fella cos i got it once when it was my 40th birthday and that's it..

Andy poked me with his fingers and spat on it a few times to get some lube there ,then he slowly put his head in Paul was stood over him watching it slide in he was wanking his cock like mad seeing his bbc disappear in my tight arse hole,i was loving the feeling of it sliding in and out faster and faster i was now deffo cumming it was slopping down leg all over the bed down legs all over Andy's belly cock and balls it was every where,Andy was now ready to cum also he told me to hold tight as he went to town on me,he fucked me so hard i couldn't feel my legs anymore his cum was now deep in my arse and as he pulled it out and told Paul to come over here and clean him down,Paul looked at me and i said go on do it clean him down and then come and see me next,Paul went on his knees and held his shaft in his hands and slowly put his semi hard cummy cock in his mouth and sucked him dry he was even cupping his balls going deep on him,i wanted Paul inside me to finish me off,Paul come here and fuck his cum put in in my arse and fuck his cum inside me,Paul was inside my arse for only the 2nd time of our marriage and he was loving it so much he had already cum without me knowing,now you have finished Paul i want you to clean me down..

Paul laid on the bed as i sat on his face with his cum and Andy's cum and my cum flowing out of every hole Paul was eating me out for fun he was loving it,Andy just sat there and watched and said this is the best day of his sexual life and would we be interested in him being our Bull and fucking me every weekend or when ever we want him as we finished up and thanked Andy for a great time we would think about it and be in touch..we have sat and discussed it but Paul thinks once is enough for now and he will decide what to do next,,we even said we should ask Terry and his wife about a 4some???? with Andy and his be continued....
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1 year ago
stunning story,i cant wait to read more
2 years ago
very nice!
2 years ago
very hot. made me hard and want to be in paul's place
2 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice fantasy!!! would love to be your hubby!
2 years ago
realy good