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He then went to her pussy and put a finger just inside the suit to feel her clit. He kept rubbing her as her hand stroked his huge cock. He said to her "MMMM, your pussy is wet for Mica. Your nipples are rock hard and and I know you want to feel my cock go in your fuck hole bad, don't you? American women love a big cock. Right now you get my finger but later I shall give you my cock." He then pushed his finger into her cunt and began to finger her. As his mouth sucked her tit and his finger fucked her cunt she came several times. He then pulled his finger out of her cunt and licked it. "You taste very good my sexy imp. Come with me to the cabana and I will undress you and show you a proper fuck." He took her hand and they went into their cabana and as soon as they were inside he slid her suit down and began kissing her tits. He put his hand inside her bottoms and rubbed her pussy and her clit. By now his cock was bursting out of his speedo and he put her hand on it. He told her "Touch my cock pretty lady and I am going to play with your wet pussy before I fuck you." She felt how hard his monster cock was as she rubbed her hand up and down on it. He pulled her suit off her and removed his speedo then turned her backside to him and pulled her close as he pushed his cock tight to her body and cupped her tits.

He held her for a while rubbing his cock against her ass cheeks as he played with her tits and ran his hand to her pussy. He pinched her clit and fingered her cunt as he pushed his cock between her legs. He then turned her and lifted her onto his cock. He told her "Put your legs around my waist so I can get my cock deep in your wet cunt. You are tight and feel so good. Now ride my cock beautiful lady. I am so horny today and I need to fuck you and fill you with lots of cum." She wrapped her legs around him as she felt the big cock go deep into her hole. He held her by the ass and pushed her to him as he fucked her harder and harder. He kissed her mouth and told her "You feel so good. Your cunt is the tightest and best I have ever had. Now let me fuck you and let you cum on my big cock." He pushed his cock deep in her and fucked her hard. He was long and thick and filled her tight hole and she loved the size of him. After quite a while of fucking he finally filled her hole with his cum. He held her for a while with his cock still inside her. He then told her "Lay on the cot here and let me suck the cum from your dripping cunt. When my mouth is full I will kiss you and let you taste the mixture of our cum.

He laid her on the cot and put his head to her pussy and quickly went to her cunt. He spread her pussy lips and licked down to her fuck hole. He licked her wet cunt and then dipped his tongue in and started sucking his cum from her. He sucked and licked making her cum more. Mica with his big cock was a great lover and he loved pussy. He ate her pussy for a long time loving her taste and smell before he went to her mouth and kissed her letting her taste the cum from him. Next he said to her "Now lick my cock pretty lady. I want to feel your tongue go up and down my long shaft. Lick the cum and pussy juice I am wearing from your hot body. Suck my balls and I will then fuck you again as my cock is getting hard and wanting more of your sweet pussy." She went to his cock and began licking him on all four sides before she raised it and licked his balls then sucking one into her mouth. She heard him moan and his cock got rock hard again. He laid on his back and told her "Get on my cock and ride me as I watch your big tits bounce as we fuck. I want to see that cunt go down all the way on my cock and then fuck me hard. I love your sweet pussy." She straddled his cock and sunk down on him loving the way he felt. Soon as she had him in her she began bpuncing and rotating her hips fucking him hard as her tits jiggled and bounced for him.

They fucked and kissed and played with each other loving to fuck the tight pussy and big cock. He kissed and sucked her tits and played with her ass. He wanted to fuck her ass but he needed to take more time to get his thick cock in her. He thought tonight he would let his cock enjoy her ass and maybe Maria would join them. He would love to see the two women eat pussy as he took turns fucking them again and again. His dark skinned Maria and the beautiful blonde would look so magnificent in his bed. They both had nice big tits and sweet tasting pussies. He thought about all the fucking for the next two weeks while their guest was here. He would send her home with a smile on her face and a warm wet pussy unless he could talk her into staying. If she stayed he would have two sexy women to fuck day and night. Yes, he would try to convince her to stay. He knew she loved his big cock and he loved her tight cunt too. She would make beautiful babies with Mica.
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No shit, she got treated special all right! Hot stuff.