Mary's parents were split and she lived with her mom but stayed with her dad on the week ends. She loved her dad and was happiest when she was with him and he also loved having her with him. She was excited because he was picking her up tonight and she would be with him till Monday morning. She carefully packed her suitcase and was ready when he pulled up. She ran put and jumped in the car. He grabbed her and hugged her giving her a kiss on the lips. He told her "Hi baby. You look so pretty." She replied "I love to look good for you daddy." He kissed her lips again and drove off.

Mary's teen years had been good to her and she was pretty with a very nice figure. Daddy also liked her very nice figure. She and daddy enjoyed a lot of things together. As he got to his home he asked her "Mary are you wearing a bra?" She smiled and said "No daddy. I am not just like you want me." He said to her "Well lift your top and show me how much your titties have grown. Daddy loves your nice titties." She laughed and raised her top. Her dad looked at her and told her "Come closer to me. Let me touch your titties." Mary stood in front of him and her dad began touching her tits. He rubbed them and pinched on the nipples. He told her "Your tits are looking so good. I love rubbing them. I am going to kiss them but first. Now Mary, are you wearing panties?" Mary again smiled and replied "No daddy. You don't like me to wear panties." Her dad told her then lift your skirt and show daddy." Mary raised her skirt and her pussy was naked. Her dad then said "Spread your legs and show daddy that nice bald pussy. She spread her legs and her dad looked at her then put his hand between her legs and began to play with her pussy. He licked and sucked her tits as he fingered her clit and rubbed her pussy.

Her dad then said "Take your clothes off. I love you naked. I want to suck your tits and eat your pussy. I have been thinking all day about that delicious pussy of yours." It took her no time to get naked as she loved the attention he gave her sucking her nipples and rubbing her pussy and he licked her cunt and made her cum. "Lay down baby. Daddy is so hungry for your body. Give me those tits and spread your legs wide apart for me." He sucked her nipples and kissed the mounds before he kissed down to her pussy. He took his thumbs and spread her pussy lips then ran his tongue over her clit and her slit. He felt her shiver and knew just what his girl loved. He began to suck her clit as a finger went in her cunt. As he sucked her clit he ran his tongue over it and felt her pussy pulse as he slipped a finger deep inside her. He finger fucked her as he sucked her clit but soon wanted to taste her wet cunt so moved his tongue to her wet hole. He pushed his tongue into her and began now to tongue fuck her. This made his girl cum several times. He sucked and licked the cum out of her hole.

He then told her "Roll over so I can see your ass." She rolled for him and he began to massage her butt cheeks. "I love your ass." He massaged and then spread her cheeks open showing her round bud. He ran a finger over her bud then leaned down and began kissing it. He kissed and licked her then surprised her and pushed a finger in her hole. He told her "Baby your ass is so tight. Tonight I am going to stick my cock in it later. I want to feel it around my big cock then fill you full of cum." For now he just watched his finger go in and out. He then stripped his clothes off. He told her "roll over and suck daddy's cock. I need your sweet tongue all over it." She rolled over to his cock and took it in her hand and began to lick it. She slowly licked every inch of her dad's big shaft. He then demanded "Suck me. Take it in your mouth and suck me hard." She took his cock and began to suck him hard tasting his cum leak on her tongue. She took the cock deeper and deeper hearing her father moan. She knew just what he liked to make him feel so good. She loved pleasing her dad as she loved him more than anything in the world. Just as she was sucking his cock hard he yelled and shot cum down her throat. She swallowed every drop like she always did.

Her dad pulled her to him and told her "You are so young and so sexy. You know just what daddy likes don't you? You suck cock like and adult. And you have a nice sexy body for daddy to enjoy all weekend." He then took her to the bedroom. He whispered to her "I have a nice surprise for you to make you feel really good tonight." He laid her on the bed and spread her legs wide apart. He picked up a tube of KY jelly that was just for the female. He told her "I am going to rub this jel on your pussy and in your cunt and it makes you want to be fucked hard and a long time. It is really going to turn you on. Then daddy will fuck you for hours." He spread her pussy lips and rubbed the jel over her clit and then put more on his fingers and pushed it deep into her cunt spreading it thick inside her. She immediately felt the warm sensation and wanted his cock in her. He knew the look and pushed his cock to the opening to her cunt. He went in slowly but as soon as he was inside his daughter went wild and began moving her hips and lifting them to meet his cock and fucking him and letting him in her deeper and deeper. She moaned "Daddy fuck me harder. I want cock. I want it now and I want it deeper and faster. Fuck me please. Fuck me more." Her dad then began banging her cunt and fucking her deep and hard as she lifted her cunt to his big hard cock. He fucked her a really long time before he finally filled her with cum.

They finally laid back and she kissrd her father and tongued his mouth before she told him "I want more of that jel. I really loved how it warmed my pussy." He dad laughed and said "Yes, it made you a fucking machine. You went wild wanting my cock harder and deeper and faster. Daddy enjoyed it too. I knew you would love it. Now relax as daddy plays with your titties and then I am going to fuck your ass."
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