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He was driving in his car when he saw her walking down the street. She wore sexy short shorts and a very tight t-shirt. He could see her nipples as she wore no bra. She looked about 18 and he was 55. He was good looking and wealthy and loved young girls. Esp sexy young girls. He stopped his car next to her and asked "Hey sweetie, want to go for a ride?" She turned to him and he could not take his eyes off this young petite body with the huge tits. She smiled and answered "Where do you want to go and what do you want to do?" He told her " I just thought we could go and play baby and daddy and you can let daddy see that sexy body. Do you need a daddy baby girl?" She looked at him and said "That may be lots of fun. I don't have a daddy." She then jumped in his car. Before he drove away he pulled her to him and kissed her running his hand under her tight shirt. He felt her tits and remembered why he loved the young girls as they had the best firm tits. He played with her tits and nipples as he kissed her tonguing her mouth. He then pulled away and looked at her well kissed mouth then lifted her shirt up to expose her tits. He watched his hand cup her tits then rub her nipples between two fingers. He quietly told her "Baby, you have the biggest firm tits. Take this shirt off so I can suck them and see them as we drive." She pulled her shirt off and turned to him. He pulled her closer and began to suck her tits and nipples. He sucked hard on the nipples stretching them in his mouth.

His hand then went down to the crotch of her shorts. He rubbed her pussy on the outside of her clothes as he sucked even harder on her big globes. He unzipped her shorts and put his hand inside to find her pussy. She did not try to stop him and his mind whirled with what he needed to do this young body. His hand rubbed her pussy down her pussy lips and to her clit. He rubbed the clit between two finges and heard her moan. He then said "Take your shorts of baby." She lifted her ass and slid out of them. She now only had on a sexy tiny thong. He fingered her clit more and then went to her fuck hole. He circled her hole with a finger then poked it inside her. She was wet and warm and felt very tight. Just how he liked these young girls, wet and tight. He looked at her and asked "Does that feel good? Do you like my finger in that tight pussy while I suck those big nipples?" She nodded and said "Yes, you make me feel so good. I want to see your daddy cock." Then she laughed and unzipped his pants. She reached in and grabbed his cock and pulled it out. She looked shocked and said "Wow, you have a very big cock. I have never seen one so big." She then began to stroke it. He replied "Wait till you feel how good it fucks."

He then kissed her mouth and sucked her tongue as he kept a finger in her wet hole. He moaned "That's it baby. Stroke my cock. Do you like my big rod? Look how hard it gets with your hand on it. Lean over and lick it for daddy. Be a good baby slut and lick daddy's cock." She bent over and pulled his cock to her tongue. She licked the tip and circled it with her tongue. Then she licked down each side. She went back to the tip and began to suck it rolling her tongue over the tip. She licked his precum out of his slit with out flinching. He told her "Keep sucking my cock as I drive us to that hotel down the road. I already have a room there and I want to eat your pussy and your ass and fuck you for hours. You are so young and so sexy. I want to be your daddy and treat you so good and you will be my baby fuck slut and let daddy have your pussy and your ass and worship my big cock." He started the car and drove while she sucked his cock. It was all he could do to keep his mind on the road till they pulled into the hotel lot. He drove to the back and parked in front of the room he had rented. He was going to keep her in just her thong and he would leave his cock out as they went to the room. He wrapped his arm around her as they walked to their room and his hand cupped her tit and played with her nipples. He unlocked the door and as soon as he had her inside he grabbed her and kissed her. It was a hard and erotic kiss. He pulled her thong off and threw it to the floor. Then he quickly stripped his clothes of letting his cock stick out hard.

He kissed her again and said "I like you naked. I love looking at your body. Turn so I can see your ass." She slowly turned and his hands rubbed her ass cheeks then spread then. He ran a finger down her crack. He circled her bud with a finger and then put his other hand to her pussy and to her fuck hole. He pushed a finger in her cunt and then a finger in her ass. "Spread your legs. Lift one leg up high so I can finger fuck both your holes. Yes, that is a good baby slut. Show me how you like my fingers in that pussy and ass. You are so good baby. Now kiss me." As they kissed and sucked tongues he finger fucked both her holes pulling her off the ground. He had his fingers all the way in her tight holes but she did not complain one bit. She was gushing cum as he fucked her. He then picked her up and pulled her pussy to his mouth. He was a big strong man and had no trouble holding her small body. "Put your legs over my shoulders so I can eat your pussy and lick your ass." As her legs went over his shoulders he began to suck on her clit. He held her spread apart with her pussy tight to his mouth. He sucked her clit making her cum over and over before he moved his tongue to her cunt. She tasted so good so young and fresh. His tongue licked at her hole then plunged inside her. He sucked and tongue fucked her making her tight pussy soak him with cum.

He then flipped her over and as he held her with her legs over his shoulders told her "Suck my cock and lick it while I lick and tongue your young ass." Her face was level with his cock and she grabbed it and pulled it to her mouth and once again began to suck him and lick him. She licked his precum as he leaked in her mouth. He licked her ass and then began to push his tongue in her. She liked this and as he tongued her ass she sucked his cock harder and harder. He went back and forth tonguing her ass and her cunt. He cleaned the cum out of her cunt hole loving her taste. He then yelled "Show me what a baby slut you can be and suck that cock till I fill you with cum. Suck hard and make my big cock give you warm cum to swallow." With his tongue in her cunt he then blasted her mouth with a big load of cum and she did swallow every drop.

He then walked to the bed and laid her on it. He sat beside her and spread her legs so he had a good view if her young pussy. He pushed a finger in her mouth and she sucked it and he took it and rubbed it over her nipple then he placed the finger in her cunt and watched it go deep and then pulled it out wet with her cum and pushed it in her mouth for her to suck. He did this several times watching his finger go into her cunt then her mouth. He told her "Your pussy tastes good doesn't it baby? Now taste your ass." He then pushed a finger in her ass and then in her mouth. "Suck your ass off my finger. That is good." He did this three more times till she had a good taste of her own ass. He then held his cock in his hand and asked her "Do you see my big cock? I am going to fuck your cunt and your ass with this. You are going to love my big member as it will love your tight holes. My cock craves young ass and I love to fuck young pussy. Now spread your legs wide and show me that baby cunt of yours. I am going to rub your fuck hole with a lotion that will help you with the pain when my monster cock goes in you for the first time. Then it will be easier each time I fuck you. I will then rub the lotion in your ass to help with that pain also. My cock will stay hard for hours so we are going fuck and suck the rest of today and all night. I can't wait to stretch that cunt and ass. I love a tight young baby cunt."

He then put the lotion on two fingers and spread it into her cunt. He used a lot because of her tight hole and his big cock. He did not want to hurt her but he wanted to feel her tight cunt around his big cock. His cock was getting harder thinking of her tight pussy. He never fucked older women any more. He loved the young ones with the tight holes. He really liked them when they had big tits like this youngster. She looked like she weighed 100 pounds and her tits were at least a D. That is how he liked these girls. He always found the street sluts that were run aways and picked them up and kept them till he tired of them or found new ones. He was not abusive. He just loved to fuck their holes for hours and the street girls had no where to be and no one looking for them. He looked at his two fingers putting lotion in her cunt and then began to suck her clit. He felt her cum against his fingers then he got between her legs and started to push his big cock in the tight hole. He shoved his hands under her ass to raise her pussy up to him as his head pushed into her. She flinched at the big head breaking thru her opening. "Relax baby. You will feel me go in but that lotion will help the pain. Then when I fuck you, you will love my big love rod. You will want it more and more." He slowly pushed into her tight hole letting her get used to his cock before he pushed more in her. The lotion numbed her helping him push inside her. Then he only had two more inches to get into her and he then rammed them in hard. She screamed and he told her "You did good. My cock is now all the way in your cunt. Now I am going to fuck you and I will go faster and harder as we fuck. I will pull out and push in and you will get used to the fucking and cum over and over till I cum and fill you full."

He did just as he said. He pulled out and then pushed back in and every time he got faster and fucked her rougher. He could feel all four sides of her cunt walls huging his cock. He fucked her for over an hour and while he fucked her would suck a nipple or slide a finger in her ass. He could feel her cunt pulse against his cock as she came many times. Then he filled her with his cum and kissed her mouth. She pushed her tongue in his mouth and he sucked it as they kissed. He then pushed his tongue in her mouth and she sucked it. He whispered to her "I am going to pull my cock put and look at your fuck hole. I want to see it stretched by my cock. Then I will suck your nipples and clit and fuck you again. I will fuck your cunt a few times before I fuck that sexy ass." He pulled his cock out and look at her cunt which was now bigger that the first time he ate her. He pushed a finger in her and when it was wet with cum of both of them he put in her mouth and told her to suck it. He fed her cum several more times before he sucked her nipples then her clit. He felt her cum while he sucked the clit. She really was a great piece of ass. He thought he just may keep her longer. If he did he would get a better hotel to keep her in or he may move her into his house. She had a body like a goddess and fucked like a whore. He may even get a second girl and let them entertain him before he fucked them. He had two lesbian whores one week end and he loved watching them eat pussy. He liked fucking them but he liked young tight pussy best.

He then put his cock to her hole and knew she was ready for more fucking. His baby slut loved to fuck. She even seemed to like his big cock. He knew she would get to want it more and more. He fucked her again and then decided it was time to fuck her ass. He put her on her hands and knees with her face on the bed and ass high in the air. He spread her legs wide and rubbed a lot of the lotion in her ass. He kissed her ass cheeks and gently bit each one. Then rubbed them again. He put two fingers in her ass to open her up then added a third. His cock pulsed watching his fingers in her ass. He wanted to fuck that ass hard and often. He loved anal sex the most. He then pushed the head of his cock to her ass. He pushed in hard and got the head thru the opening. She screamed "no" but did not move. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back to his cock. Every inch he pushed in she screamed. He reached around her and pinched a nipple then pushed more cock in her. Soon he was balls deep and he had never been in a tighter ass. He then began to go in and out and as she stretched to him he went faster and harder. He soon would pull his cock almost out then ram it back in to the balls. She felt so good he just wanted to fuck her forever. He then spanked her ass cheeks as he fucked her. He liked seeing his hand print on her white ass. He was doing fast jerky fucks as he spanked her 6 more times. He buried his cock in her ass and reached for her pussy. He tweaked her clit until she came then he finger fucked her with 3 fingers.

By now her as was stretched and spanked and as he fucked her ass he finger fucked her wet cunt. She was cumming faster and faster and harder and harder. He told her "Yes baby, you love daddy to fuck your ass and finger fuck that cunt. Cum for me. Yes, keep cumming. Your snatch is so wet on my fingers. Tomorrow I am going to buy a big dildo to fuck your cunt as I fuck your ass and some handcuffs and lots of surprises. I am going to keep you as my sex toy. I will fuck you in ways you can not even imagine." He kept fucking her and spanking her ass before he filled her with cum. He then pulled his cock out and looked at her gaping hole. He pushed a finger in her and soaked it with his cum the put it in her mouth. "Taste my cum with your ass baby. We taste good together. Now let daddy suck those tits. Then you can suck daddy's cock. I need to teach you to deep throat every inch before I fuck that ass again. Now give me a nipple then open wide."

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