Suhasini - The Sex Worker Discovers Her Art

I’m about to share some experiences of Suhasini, a sexy 20 year old [her true age] sex worker from Aurangabad district. Although, not very literate, she shares about one stranger who teaches her about her own biological body, and how she is on an immaculate journey of pleasing her customers. The story in her own words, only edited by me:
I’m Suhasini, and I stay in Aurangabad District. This is very close to historical structures like Ajanta and Ellora. I’m 20 year old very have a soft erotic features. My eyes are big and my smile even bigger. I’m a sex worker who is f***ed into this profession by my own husband. I got married about two years ago.

Our town is very close to a place that is frequented by many tourists, and my husband found it very lucrative to push me into this trade, as I am sexy and gifted. He told me that it is my duty to serve and please the tourists; who would then sl**p with me and do nasty things; and pay me handsomely. i was innocent and simple girl and took up this profession like a work to earn a livelihood.

There were mostly western foreigners were tourists that stayed for months together to explore the cave temples. At night, they wanted some physical activity and would pass on the word to locals for their needs of prostitutes. There was a portion of our village that had become a red-light area. Some women operated in a common chawl. While others visited the tourists in their respective lodges, others like welcomed them home.
On one hand, we see Indians staring lustily at our bodies, particularly boobs and giving vulgar gestures. And on the other hand, we see the honorable western friends who perform very hungrily within four walls. All are pigs.

I had sex with many foreign tourists. Some wanted to have an Indian experience. Some males wanted group sex, while there were females who wanted to be lesbians. I could make out that they enjoyed with my body very thoroughly. So they tipped me well and my husband was even happy.

This incident took place about 3 months back when I met Adi. Adi is an Indian art student and he visited Ajanta caves with a purpose to discover art. He was unlike any Indian male. He was the one who made me aware of my sexuality. Others were just physically abusing me. Adi showed me my qualities and I now have tremendous respect for myself.

He had rented a bungalow in our town and so our villagers considered him rich. I was told to become his housemaid and ultimately please him. A 20 year old lad with a simple passion for art, Adi was nicely built, attractive and humorous. His only want was a girl who could cook, wash and clean the place for him.

Initially, he didn’t even look at my sexy body. I dressed in saree to show off my slim waist and erotic navel. I would purposely show my boobs and navel. But he didn’t see me in that angle. I thought that I was wasting my time, as he may be impotent. If an attractive girl is around you alone for 18 hours a day, one must naturally be tempted! This man acted as though I did not exist. But I was wrong.

On the third day, when he was in the toilet, I curiously peeped into his papers. And I was flabbergasted by what I saw. He had made nude drawings of my curvaceous figure. My boobs, my slim waist, my thin arms, my lovely thighs and sexy legs were all sketched in erotic ink. He had uncovered me from head to toe, paying attention to details like thin wrinkles on my waist, my cute eyelids, my lips and my earrings.

It was the first time that I was shown how attractive I was. And how a man could imagine my tits below my clothes! It looked more real than standing in front of a mirror. He had mapped my body from head to toe, paying attention to thinnest details. How impressive! This guy never looked at me in the eye, yet x-rayed my physical self like no other. In fact, even my husband may have not seen the mole on the back of my hips in nearly two years.

That night, I couldn’t sl**p. He was on my mind. I lustily felt how he would be on top of me, and how he would suck on my tits. I made designs of his cock. I imagined about the size and thickness that would make me mad with joy. I imagined climbing on top of him and riding his cock, hammering away to my pleasure. I took a cold water bath in the middle of the night, as I was not able to overcome this lust. I had never thought about any male like this in my life.

The next day, I took great care in cleaning my body. I wore the best saree I had. I applied shimmer and wore lots of bangles. I looked at myself in the mirror and gave a cute smile. I went into a very beautiful state of happiness. It was like a feeling of first love. I just wanted to be close to this man, who had portrayed my body so beautifully.

That day, he made true love to me. That day, I will never forget. That day, I was made to feel so special. That day, I wanted to become his wife. Forever!
I rang the doorbell. Perhaps, he was expecting me. He was dressed in white kurta. He smiled and welcomed me. I asked him, “Babuji, chai bana dun.”
“Haan. Chai piyenge, Suhasini.” It was the first time he called me by name. I giggled and walked to the kitchen. My ass moved in a special pace. I tied my petticoat lower than usual, revealing the mole on the back of my hips. As I was preparing, I tied the saree a little up, and let some of my tummy naked. I knew now, that Adi was looking at my ass.

He came from behind and pressed my boobs. As I told you, I was horny. I lifted my hands above my head and held on to his head. His hands kept squeezing my breasts. His thumb and index fingers discovered the tips of my nipples and pressed them. “oooooh. Saaab. Aap kitne ache hain. Aaah. Saab aur dabaao. Aaah. Saab mujhe aur dabaao.” I moaned in an erotic tone.

Every time, I used to fake the sounds, but today it was real. Every time, others used to take pleasure with my body, but today, I wanted to enjoy someone’s body.

Tea was ready to be served. He left me as I poured it. We both drank the tea in the same mug. We both glued our eyes to each other, like new lovers. I had not felt such attraction even to my husband. He removed my saree, bit by bit and moment by moment. His hands went about my body, touching me in parts which were not touched by anyone.

Normally, foreigners would pull away my clothes; remove their clothes and push their cocks inside my soft pussy. The only thing they found pleasure was in biting me on my tits. When I would scream in displeasure, they would feel a sense of victory. Within seconds they would ejaculate and it would be over.

And Indian males would suck my boobs and smell my armpits. Then enter my cunt and leave their cum without even ten to fifteen strokes. I could make out that they only wanted an experience out of their marriage. Or perhaps, couldn’t get cooperation from their partners. And hence, wanted a female body to remove their frustrations. Whatever! As long as they paid well, I didn’t have a problem.

Adi told me, “let’s take a bath.”

He gently removed he hooks of my blouse, then my white bra. He pulled the strings of my petticoat and let it fall on the floor. His hands went down to pick up the cloth, and as he came up, he smelled my legs. I was in blue panties.

I too wanted to remove his clothes. When he attempted to remove the kurta, I stopped him and did it myself. He wore nothing inside, and his chest was a delight to see. His pajama was pulled off and he stood in his boxer underwear. We kept the clothes on the side and walked two steps under the shower. Like lovers, we couldn’t keep our eyes off each other.

We applied soap on each other’s bodies and stood under the hot shower for fifteen, twenty minutes. I kept rubbing his cock from under his shorts, while he kept feeling my pussy. I kept kissing him on his neck and shoulders, while he kept feeling my hips and ass. It was awesome. I had waited for this moment when he would feel me this way.

We also wiped each other’s bodies like two c***dren. He pressed me in places that made me go wet. And I kept feeling his erection.

Once done, we were on the path of sexual pleasure. He removed a packet of condoms. It was the first time I saw a condom. He explained to me the security in using one. As I was having multiple partners, I had to be even careful. I may have extracted AIDS from anyone.

He showed me how to wear one on a high cock. It felt really nice to hold a cock, specially my lover.

He told me to make use of senses of touch, seeing, smelling, licking, sucking, nibbling and ultimately enjoying sex to the fullest.

After a lot of sucking and feeling each other, I lied on my back. Waiting for him to enter me, with my legs spread apart. He asked me to kneel on my legs and lean on my hands (doggy style). I had known only one posture of sex. It was the missionary posture. He told me that he would enter my cunt from behind. He assured me that it would give me even more joy than entering from front. He asked me to keep breathing well and feel the warmth of his cock while it entered the opening.

With a single stroke, his big organ entered my cunt. “aaaah. Ooooh. Aaaah. Oooh.” I was in ecstasy. His warm and hard cock hammered and stroked me like wow. My juices kept dripping on his white bed sheet. He kept his hands on my ass and made me bend little more. His cock was hard. His cock was long. His cock was so clean and fresh. He stroked me so well.

He continued for about ten minutes of hammering. Then removed his cock. We wore another condom and he asked me to ride on his cock. This, I had done with one man earlier. So I knew. I pushed my pussy on his never ending cock. I experienced some pain, but the warmth was so nice that I continued. Meanwhile, he kept fondling my taut nipples with his thumb and index finger. I went on pushing, and pushing, and he kept stroking from below. It was too nice to be true.

His hands again explored my hips, my thin waist, my arms and shoulders. I came down and kissed him. We smooched like there was no tomorrow. His strokes from below were dripping my juices. My body was like a small c***d’s. He made me realize how soft I was. How spongy I felt. He made true love to me. He satisfied me like no man had ever done. Along with it I realized how I could keep myself safe from AIDS.

He stayed for three months, exploring the caves of Ellora. Later he showed me his art and what he had discovered. His drawings showed how rich our cultures are. But that’s not all.

In those three months, we were living like man and wife. Every night, he taught me the ways to give physical pleasure to a partner. I wish every couple knew about this. Otherwise, there would not be a sect like us sex-workers. Sex is a pleasure. It is not a task. Sex is worship.
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