Black cock owned me

Most of what I write has been past hook ups and most are in my past that goes way back.
I still attract males to this day but I haven't put anything on paper that isn't noteworthy.
You'll still get the good ones from my past but this one was so present,like this past weekend.
I always make it a point to take time off and go out and enjoy lifes simple pleasures.....SEX!!!
With the right person it can be night to remember,but going and treating myself to a great dinner
and the adult movie theater on the west side has become something I look forward to once a month.
I work the day and afternoon shifts at a hospital.I get one Friday a month to look forward to
a day off from the beat.I usually go and suck some hard cock and watch porn till wee hours of
the morning.If I hook up with somebody we'll go to the hotel across the street.
I'm in great shape for my age and I think sometimes guys think I'm butch. I act it anyways.
But deep inside me I have a female hungry to get out. To get out and be a slut,a cock sucking whore
with no regrets to what they do to me. Go ahead,pound my hole,I can take it, or can I?
I got on the west bound train heading for the west side. I sat looking out the window,thinking in
my slutiest mind what I will find. The doors opened and in walked a black guy,he had a ripped body
and was dark complected. I shuttered to myself as he sat across from me.I wish at that time I could
be a big titted blonde with sexy blue eyes and supple cock sucking lips. My mind drifted for a minute
then I was getting off the train. The black guy that was sitting across from me got off too. He was
going in the same direction as I was.I was going to stop for my steak dinner either way but he looked
like a dinner of hard cock that I would mind having but I moved on to my resturant for my dinner anyway.
After I ate I walked the few blocks to the movie house,paid my fee and went into the straight section
with the feature Blacks on Blondes which was to my delight.
I sat at the very end in the back row as I always do. It was pitch black as I watched 3 well hung black
guys tear this little brunette to pieces. Those kind of movies always get me horny quickly as as soon
as the picture got brighter I looked around to see what I might get a chance to savor.
To my delight I saw three black guys s**ttered around the theater and I had to do a double take because
the guy that was on the train was sitting two seats down. A lump formed in my throat as I pondered if
I was going to get to taste some black cock or if he was sitting just watching a flick.
I glanzted at him and he had his eyes fixed on me. The room went dark then light as I looked over and
saw his cock out as he was waving it for me to come get it.That was one mean looking python he was holding
in his hands. I looked at him and licked my lips,showing my interest in his big cock. Yes, I wanted it
But I never jump before without waiting for awhile not wanting to look to eagar, but I was eagar.
I moved a seat down eyeing his prize black cock with hunger. It was getting harder as he slowly stroked it.
he then asked me if I want to suck it? "yes" was my reply. You can stroke but I dont want you to suck it
just yet. So I started to stroke his big black cock,it was thick big and hard like steel. It was throbbing
in my hand as I stroked it. Pre cum formed on the head as I took my index finger on my left hand to wipe
it off to taste the juices. I wanted to suck it badly and I moved my head to suck him, he push my head away
and told me not here. He stood and his pants slid down reveling in full his massive black cock.
It swung back and forth as he pulled his jeans over it,the head still pering out about his belt.
We went to the shade hotel across the street and got a room, for the night.
I thought I died and went to sexual heaven walking up to the room. He peered at me with those sexy eyes of
his,like reading my inside thoughts of being his white slut and letting him do as he pleased.
My knees grew weak as he took off his shirt,his black naked ripped body with a massive chest and arms.
He had a nice mound of hair on his chest and I couldn't wait to run my soft hands across his chest.
Soon he was naked and his massive black cock wasn't even fully erect but I could see in the light it was
huge.He stepped over to me and started to undress me,his lips attacking my pert nipples with bitting and
sucking was driving me wild,wanting to beg for his python in my mouth. I made a grab for it and his bulging
cock head covered with precum. "I'm going to use you like a dirty white slut,do you understand that?" his
voice very deep."yes I understand" I said in a very soft voice, "on your knees and suck my cock now!!!"
He demanded. I slid to my knees, my hands rubbing his hairy chest I looked him in the eyes with a submissive
look like I was the slut he desired. My chin slid down the lenght of his massive cock till my lips touched
his precum soaked cockhead.My tongue picked his heavy cock into my mouth,sliding it in,tasting his precum on
my lips. As his cock slowly entered my mouth it was big and massive,I coated his cock with my hot hungry mouth
and swallowed his cock balls deep, choking most of it down as I started to suck his big black cock.
With my left hand I started to massage his balls as I sucked more hungerly on his massive black member,worshiping
like it deserved,my tongue wondering on his under tow as I moaned with pleasure. He growled as I started sucking
him faster,waiting for his sperm to fill my mouth. I tasted the first burst of his sperm coating my ready tongue
as I sucked him more eagarly in my mouth,another burst of his hot sperm landed just inside my lips, his cock
twiched swelled up and busted another shot of sperm near my throat as I swallowed his load like a good bitch
would do. He pulled out and rubbed the remaining sperm on my lips as I licked them and his beautiful cockhead.
He then pulled me up and undid my tight jeans with quickness and pushed me on the bed and pulled them off with
f***e.Then he peeled off my pink thongs with black lace, yes I wear thongs.He then picked me off the bed and we
kissed with passion as my arms went around his head. He then grabbed my ass and pulled it apart and stuck his
finger in my hot hungry hole. As he massaged it to get it wet his other hand slapped my ass. It stung so good
made me hungerly kiss him more. He spun me around and parted my cheeks,was I going to be able to take his whole
massive black cock deep in me? with the power he had in his body? I bent over the bed and he proped my leg up
so he could enter me. "Your getting fucked tonight bitch, your getting fucked tonight" he growled.
Lubed up and ready to go he started to enter me from behind. I felt his black cock pierce my hole with his
cock head. It felt tight as he started to pump more and more of his cock deep into me.Soon his mean black cock
was buried inside me and he started to slowly fuck my ass.After he was in and out he started fucking me harder
and faster,till he was slamming me full of black cock and reaching up to pull my hair back as he drilled me
even harder and faster as I moaned. I soon busted a hot load on the bed and he continued his black cock assult
on my ass."you love that black cock dont you?" he yelled as his pace was like that of an engine piston.
"Yeeeessssssss I love that black cock" I responded with tightly shut eyes mixed with pleasure and passion.
He reached around and pinched my nipples that made me cum again before he growled and came inside me.
After, he fucked my mouth again till he was ready to give me another pounding. He fucked me hard most of the night
slamming his mean cock into me until I was sore. I knew he was a good fuck but this guy and his mean black
cock owned me that night. I never been power fucked like that before and it was a good power fuck.
His cock had a mind of its own and it showed my mouth and my slutty hole who was boss. His massive black python,
of the meanest kind. Its safe to say I'll always be on the look out for black cock, its just so mean and
I was invited to watch him and two of his friends pound this white girl this weekend. Soon she'll get owned by
mean black cock!!!!!
11% (5/40)
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2 years ago
everything about that story was great.
3 years ago
well the white girl turned out to be me so I guess a part two is in store. They had it planed before I even met Darren who is now my black lover. A pounding I'll never forget anytime soon,and yes I took a lot sperm
3 years ago
Outstanding story.
3 years ago
that was fun
3 years ago
wish it was me id kiss him passionatly as he had this white slut
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
love the story mate, very lucky indeed.
3 years ago
WOW! That was a great story. I just live when a hot Black guy takes charge.
3 years ago
incredible story you were breeded good and you took it like the slut you are thanhks for a greaty story also what happenednto the white giro they breed the next week end should make a fantastic story thanks