3 Cock Attack

I like my cock sucking adventures so much I try new ways and place to find to cruise.
If you dont know your surroundings it can be a dangerous game of finding cock that wont
end up fighting with you or calling the law when you approch them.
One place I search for hot hungry cock is on Craigslist.Even though it might seem platonic
the dangers are there. You need to be carefull.
I placed an ad looking for a hard cock to suck on. My favorite thing to do in the world.
I also stated invite your friends so they can get sucked off as well. I've placed the ad
many times as worded but I would only get one cock and after he would shoot his hot sperm in
my mouth he was done and that leaves me wanting more cock and makes me more hornier.
but atleast I sucked a cock to perfection,draining it of its life bl**d. His swimmers were
down my hatch.
I thought my first hit might be different this time,but after his e-mails he had nothing but
himself. Call me greedy,I think I am,but I would wait it out and see if anything better would
come about.
I waited for my e-mail bells to go off, getting myself horny and hungry thinking tonight would
be different. I heard the bell,my heart jumped,I got on my computer and checked my e-mails again.
This guy sent a pic of his cock,very soild piece of meat he had and told me he would cum again
and again and in buckets, I was tired of the waiting game and took his invite.
I got ready and put a nice pair of heels and lace ankle socks with my short mini in my overnite
bag and left. He didnt mind cross dressers if thats what tickled my fancy he ask please.
With a long football jersey and a lace bra I packed and left,I was so turned on I shook with excitement.
key words to get my juices flowing and heavy cummer big cock and staying power.Dam my nipples were
so hard they ached to be pinched and sucked.
I got out of my car and could hear a noises coming from the house, a hoot here and a hollar there.
I knocked on the door and thats when Ryan answered the door.I thought my cock for the night isnt a
bad looking guy,he had and nicely groomed beard a nice hairy chest that was bulk with muscle.
he was in shorts and I saw the nice bulge in them. He introducted himself and his two buddies sitting
watching a straight porn flick.In the movie they were watching 3 guys were getting really rough with this
girl. pounding each of her holes like no tomorrow. Her moans of pleasure got me hot as I stood there
watching this girl getting a gangbang. I asked what they were watching and the one they called ski
looked at me and grabbed his crotch "this is your future,you little bitch,your going to get some fucking
cock just like shes getting". I was quickly lead to the bathroom and wondered what these guys had in
store for me. I was shaking with horiness and naughtiness. I quickly changed into my bedroom garb and
looked in the mirror and noticed I forgot make-up. I had lipstick and some eye liner but no blush
or rouge. But I used what I had and entered the room with three horny naked men, hard as each one stood.
Each had big swinging cocks pent up with sperm for sucking and getting fucked by. 2 of they guys picked
me up but my thighs and carried me into the bedroom,which had a nice big bed to fit all of us in.
I was proped up on my knees at the end of the bed when ryan got in front of me. I wanted that cock in
my hungry mouth but my panties were getting pulled off first as I felt a wet finger probe my tight hole.
"whats your name bitch?" Ryan asked. My female name is Tina so I told him that. I got a sharp slap in
the face as he asked me again. "your name is big cock whore" he told me in a sharp dominate tone.
"I'm a big cock whore" I answered him as he plunged my mouth with his hard mean cock.I took him deepthroat
as I sucked him,licking his cock with my tongue with each mean thrust he laid on me,swallowing him balls
deep as he pulled my hair and f***ed his cock on me.
Ski and Brent were both busy spanking and lubbing up my hole getting me so hot I thought I was going to bust.
Brent got on the bed and his cock waited for my mouth so he could do some damage.Ski opened my ass and
drove his cock deep inside me. Ryan fucking my hungy mouth and ski pounding my ass, both in a fucking
rhthym as they fucked my hungry holes. Ryan didnt f***e to much into my mouth that I wasnt enjoying it
but the slobber was already running down my chin. As I waited I felt the first shot of hot sperm cover my
tongue as I swallowed each hot sticky burst of his sperm. As ryan finished he moved away and placed a condom
on my hard cock. Soon Brents cock was inside my mouth,the taste of precum that leaked from his piss slit.
He laid back and let me suck him. I had no trouble swallowing him as deep as I could go. I was already
feeling like a cock slut that I am as Ski continued to fuck me hard and fast. His pumping was driving me
insane as I moaned like a whore that I am.Soon ski pulled out,pulled his condom and busted his thick load
of sperm in my mouth swallowing every drop.As ski crawled into the bed so I could suck him some more as
he was gaining an upper edge to getting hard again Brent slammed his cock balls deep inside my hot hungry
cock hole. My pussy hole is what they called it. I wish i had a pussy so they all could be inside me.
working me over again and again.
Brent spanked me as he fucked me, with every moan the cocks worked me harder. Ryan was hard and soon he was
sharing my mouth with ski as brent pounded my ass until he pulled and shoved his cock in my mouth as it
pumped his hot sperm into my mouth. I came next,earth shattering orgasums that curled my toes.
The night ended with me on my back and ski still fucking me as my legs were wrapped around his waist and
our kisses were hot and hungry. I swallowed two more shots of his hot sperm and my nipples were swollen and
bruised pinched to death. I watched from the corner of my eye ryan and brent looking as if they were ready
for another round of hot fucking and sucking. I was ready but worn out.pounded hard,and the taste of sperm
embedded in my mouth. I'm just a slut,dont fall in love with me. I'll be your favorite cock whore as long
as you stay hard and I can suck you when I want. You can do anything you want to me. I'll be your cock whore
and thats what cock whores do,please big mean cocks..............loaded with sperm.
95% (11/1)
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3 years ago
Loved it! Great story
3 years ago
Yes ni love cock whores thanks
3 years ago
I'll suck your cock to completion taking you balls deep with every suck till you bust your hot sperm in my hungry mouth
3 years ago
My cock is always hard and full of cum for you
3 years ago
pretty good story. would like to try that sometime.