my mouth VS 5 well hung cocks

My room mate and myself were getting ready for a big celebration. Its been one month since
I moved in. I've been his bedroom slut and we were planning something big for days now.
What it was I wasnt made aware of. I've always wore skimpy panties around him. I would deck
out in heels that brought a great shape to my already sexy shaply legs. I was born with the
legs of a female. Its sad for me that I wasn't born with other female parts. My nipples are
always protruding as if they always want sucked. I have a very deep hunger for big hard cocks.
Tim,my room mate, had been enjoying his early morning cock suckings. Topped off by an evening
in fucking my tight ass. I was his bitch. I didn't mind being his bitch. I did as he said and
I let him rule the bedroom. But tonight he had plans. Big plans for me.
He told me to dress my sexy best,he was against pantyhose he liked me bare legged.I drove my
hand up my legs, they were baby soft and smooth. I dressed for him and I waited in the bedroom like
he had asked me to.
I heard the front door to our apartment swing open and he called for me. I checked my make-up and
made sure my red headed wig was fully attacted, and walked out slowly and as sexy as I could.
One foot in front of the other,watching as my open toed heels and freshly painted red toes followed
a rhythm. As I walked out I was almost in complete shock as I saw 5 other guys besides Tim standing
there. I was really feeling like I wanted to cry. Then the one guy that became my lust for the
night said to me in a very harsh tone "hey baby,its cock sucking time!!"
I felt a stinging swat to my ass and Tim said, "you belong to them tonight my bitch,I'll see you
in the am.
As soon as Tim walked out all the guys dropped their pants.I was filled with excitment and with
an uncertainty. The guy they call Troy, a very well build guy in his 40s started stoking his cock.
I wanted his cock first but a guy named paul was at my mouth with a solid hard on.Precum seeping
from the tip of his cock I licked it off and he plunged his cock in my hungry mouth. He was thick
and I started to suck his cock,my hands on his hips as I worked my mouth over his mean member.
When i desended he met it with his thurst,burying his cock deep in my mouth, "thats a bitch,suck
my fucking cock!!" Paul demanded.This made me work more as I moved my mouth up and down and back
and forth wanting to taste his hot sperm.At a sudden jerk his burts his sweet sticky sperm in my
mouth, I swallowed each burst as it shot into my mouth.
Next up was Greg,A very hairy guy,I crawled over and sucked him with a bigger fever than the last.
His cock was much bigger and a sweaty taste to his cock. I sucked him like the pro I am and soon
I was swallowing his hot load of sperm down like a champ.
Troy sat down on a chair and watched as I sucked the cocks of his friends.Paul,Greg,jeff and sam.
Each had a nice cock. The kind I enjoy sucking.But Troy was the biggest of all, and much thicker
than the others, and he sat and watched me intently as he used his thimb to bend and his cock
as it would smack against his firm belly.After I swallowed the loads of his friends it was his turn.
My mouth full of the taste of sperm.I got up and walked over to Troy and he looked at me and said
"when they clear out,you can get busy, but I'm fucking you tonight as long as I want".
I got on my knees in front of him.He had a big mean cock.The kind you see on a hung porn star.
I rubbed my hands up his thighs and he opened his legs so I can get closer to sucking his cock.
"no hands" he replied.My mouth was soon wrapping around his big cock I had to stretch my lips to
except him into my inviting hungry mouth. I dont gag on cock but this big monster I was sure going
to choke. It swelled in my hungry mouth as I sucked him.I looked up at him and told him " I love
sucking your cock" And my greedy mouth with a mind of its own I went sucking wild.
moaning and sucking with a hungry frenzy. I wanted this in my bed tonight.
He arched his back and his sperm came shooting out,coating my mouth my lips and tongue. I couldnt
swallow him fast enough then to chase a stream of his sperm my lips w****d around the base as I eagerly
sucked him dry.
I licked his cock shaft and my mouth worshiped his cock,still hard still ready for action.
"dam your good, Tim was right, but your ass is tight and its no match for this" he said shaking his
cock as he took my arm but f***e leading into the bedroom.
Once in the bedroom he took command,taking my panties off and throwing me into the bed as he slicked
a condom with lube on it. He threw my legs over his arms and his cock was soon being stuffed in my
tight ass.I was full of the biggest cock I ever had in me,and this guy was build for pounding me.
Soon he hard a pounding rhytm that was like I was sitting on a washing machine,but Troy was a fucking
machine.I moaned out loud as he fucked me with such f***e. His meat hammer pounding my ass into the
Bed. He quickly pulled out removed the condom and shoved his cock into my mouth for another round of
swallowing sperm. His cock still hard and still wanting to fuck me all night like his plan detailed.
I ended up in 3 more positions before I couldnt take anymore cock. I swallowed way too much sperm to
last a lifetime,but I knew I wanted more of Troy in the future.
My belly hurt not because of the sperm I swallowed that night, but the size of cock that impailed my
tight hole.I thought of Troy often,and he always got this till he took a job in frisco.
Tim couldn't fuck me for a week after that.I know that Tim lost a bet that I wouldn't fuck Troy but the
bigger cock won and it got me when it wanted.

Send a request as to what you want to read about. 90% of my stories are true.As this one is.

lovetosuckcock :*

87% (9/1)
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3 years ago
Well that was too much this time i was able to jack off three times thanks
3 years ago
sucking a nice hard cock is like being an artist,you have to enjoy it to the fullest,I made it a passion of mine.Every cock is different and you have to know when the cock itself wants swallowed,taking in all the way into your throat and swallowing it like a piece of meat.Never let the sperm flow except on your tongue for taste.
3 years ago
That was a very hot story. Got me leaking allover. Would love to have been you.