His Cock brought tears to my eyes.

My favorite cruise spot is a thicky wooded area off of US 250 just outside of stark county ohio.
Nothing but dirt road and a few trail heads its state own and lots of people go there to hunt and
fish or shoot their guns down by the river off of the beaten paths.
I would go there to hunt for something more tempting than any wild game or fish. My hunt was for a
nice hard cock to suck on. I would get there before day break and watch the sun rise. I purched myself
on a rock on a nearby cliff and wait for some horny guy to spot me there.
Not knowing whose going to show up,a cock sucker or somebody who wants their cock sucked. There are more
cock suckers than cocks that want sucked. Maybe today might be different.
I hear the gravel rumble from a distant. What if it was just a service truck passing through, I would have
to wait longer and maybe a second one and wait even longer.But I'm going to stay until I get what I came
for.To my surprise it was a pick-up truck and who ever was in there must have noticed me because he flashed his
brake lights and drove off slowly.I was being cruised for the first time that day. I waited for him to
go further and turn around which of course he did. He parked right behind my car and proceded up the hill
to where I was standing. "nice day" he said walking towards me. "the hill is kinda steep" was my reply.
I came off the rock and headed into the woods to see if he would follow. He was step for step and not to
far behind me. "I can make that climb worth your while" I said to him. "yeah, hows that?' he answered.
"you want a nice blow job?" I asked. "no" was his reponse."why do you do that?' He asked. "the only reason
I'm here" was my answer. He unzipped his pants and i got down on my knees. He had a small but nice cock
so I begain to suck him.It was a practice run for me and within minutes he shot his load in my mouth.
"Thank you" he said, then he walked away and got in his truck and left. I followed down the hill a short
time later and got in my car and went to the river end to see if any action was down that way.
Once I got there I noticed a car sitting in the turn off, so I dropped down to see if anyone was around.
I got out of my car and slipped my sweats off.I've always had girly legs,no hair very smooth and sexy like a
bitches. I walked over and was surprise to see this guy with his big fat cock out. Without a spoken word
I went down on his cock, sucking it hungerly like it was my first meal of the day,the taste of sperm still
in my mouth from the dick I sucker not more than 10 minutes earlier.
He moaned as I took him balls deep milking him before I heard a shout from the parking area,"catching anything
today?" this rugged looking guy ask.It was too obvious my mouth was rapped around another guys cock so I guess
I caught something. He also pulled his pants down,"I dont take it in the ass guys" he explained reveling
his nice stiff cock. I in an instant went for his cock,sucking him with my greedy cock hungry mouth.
His cock I could feel was more dominate than the one I was sucking so I made the mistake of trying him balls
deep, to make it mine, because he thrusted it down my throat and started fucking my mouth. I tried to keep
my pace of swallowing him with each thrust but his cock was getting the best of me by choking me as I tried
to swallow his mean massive meat."suck that mother fucker" he demanded as I sucked his mean cock. His hands
on the back of my head his balls trying to hit my chin as his pelvic bone hit my nose tears streaming down my
face,my mouth was being defeated with his each powerfull thrust.
Soon he bust a hot stream in my mouth followed by another and yet another hot shot of his sperm.As he stood there
I milked his cock clean of his cum. I wanted the other guy as well but he had cum and it was all over the ground.
Exceiced by what he saw I guess. I got up off my knees and after going back to my car I noticed a note on my
windshield,Call me my name is Tim. Tim and I became roomates soon after and my skills were better honed as of
then on. Inviting his friends over to get sucked off by me. I never went without cock. Tim and I soon became
Lovers, and my tight ass played a great part of me becoming a great lover in bed. I'm such a little slutty
85% (15/3)
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4 months ago
There is nothing sexier than sucking cock after cock out in the woods as more and more men discover where I am and realize that I am a cock sucking cum slut..!
3 years ago
That was the best story yet thanks
3 years ago
I'm glad, wish it was you
3 years ago
you dirty little cocksucking slut, i loved that
3 years ago
I've swallowed 5 loads in one night before.
My profile name says it all,I love sucking cock!!!!
And I love to swallow.....lots of protein
3 years ago
you had alot of cum in one day buddy
3 years ago
Nice to hear about a guy who enjoys working on his knees and swallow too.