Your getting your cock sucked today

Your standing looking out your front window. You have a week of pent up cum waiting inside your ball
sack. Today as you stand there looking,your about to get a cock worshiper thats going to drain your
frustration from your hungry mean cock. Your semi-erect cock waits for my hungry mouth to suck him off.
Your cock has waited for a mouth like mine for a long time. wet,thick lipped,and hungry for his sperm.
A mouth thats submissive to worship your cock like it deserves, hungry,wet wanting your hot thick load
to burst over my tongue.You wait with eagar.Your cock dictates your mood. You feel your cock grow more.
"Where are you bitch?' you think to yourself. Your clad in only a smoking jacket. Your cock is free to
to roam his space out side your naked bottom.
I played on your emotions for almost a week.I told you my mouth was hot and can take your 8 inch cock balls
deep.But you doubted me. Today I'm going to be your bitch.I'm going to worship your hard mean cock to its
fullest.My always erect nipples are very sensitive today.For you to pinch and pull the buttons your going
to push for deepthroat action. You know deep down that you want to make my mouth as hungry as it can get.
You feel your pulse quicken as I aproach your door. My heart is beating as I knock,I'm nervous not knowing
what to expect.
The front door swings open and you stand there. I look down to see your big mean cock,my passion to suck him
and to wrap my wet thick lips around him intensifies. You grab me by my hair and lead me to a chair so you can
sit."Your going to suck my cock as long as I want bitch",you tell me dominatly.
You strip my shirt off and go directly for my weak spots.My sensitive nipples.Maybe I made the mistake of
letting you know my secrets.You turn me around and smack my ass hard before you take my pants off. Then pulling
them down I fall on the floor as you strip them off with such f***e.My socks are pulled off and you pull me
towards the chair by my feet.You are very hard as I can see you and its hunger has takin control of your
emotions. Its your mean cock VS my hungry submissive mouth.
I want to suck your mean cock for you.I want your hot thick load of sweet sticky sperm.
"we're going to have fun" I tell you. "suck my cock" you tell me and I go down and kiss your cock head.
You have such a nice cock. I lick your thick shaft,starting from your balls. I don't you my hands on a cock
cuz its so disrespectful to your master cock. You grab the base of your cock and point the your cock head at my
wet lips and I wrap my lips around your cock head swirling my tongue around him as you plunge your meat down
my hungry throat.I swallow hard as a tear rolls out of my eye.Your just setting the stage I know. Your cock is
big and hungry and I might have met my match. I desend and wrap my lips around your shaft, not to far yet baby
I'm just getting your hungry cock wet.I assend with my thick cock sucking lips wrapped around your mean hungry
cock.I love sucking your cock baby.My tongue is now getting its whipping effect in. Your cock pulses in my mouth.
Oohhhhhhhhhh you moan as you throw your head back in pleasure. Mmmmmmmmmmm is my responce cuz you taste so good.
I can smell the aroma of your balls as I desend my mouth down deep in my wet mouth.
I can tell you like that because you almost push my head away to gain your composure.
My head bobing up and down taking you deeper and deeper into my cock sucking mouth. Swallowing your cock as I go.
My tongue licking your shaft and your cock head,this is great lip smacking action as im in full stream and sucking
your hard mean cock.My hungry mouth is sucking your cock the way you like it. I'm starting to taste your sperm.
Am i deepthroating you the way you like? can you feel my thick lips wrapped around your cock? Warm hot and soo wet?
I'm going to swallow your sperm in a second.......Your getting your mean hungry cock sucked like it should be.
I love sucking your cock!!!! Cum for me baby. Bust that sperm in my mouth for my reward.
Tell me baby? tell me to suck your mean hard cock......tell me, I want to hear it.
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3 years ago
So this is what its like to have a cock woreshippednthanks
3 years ago
I need hard mean cock daily :)
3 years ago
So Bitch had any cock lately?