Hooded For Summer, A True Story

Several years ago I had entered in a charity cycle. To get ready for one of these events you need to put plenty of miles on the clock so that you can happily cover the 90-95 kms a day need to complete the cycle in the appointed time. Mine was taking place at the end of September so I needed to do most of my training either in the morning before it got hot or in the afternoon after the heat of the day had passed. After a few weeks of training the endless road work can be if nothing a bit boring.

I had been doing the roads around the countryside where I lived usually just getting the miles logged up and get back home to strip off and cool off. There are several areas of Forestry Commission woodlands around my town and a couple were then and are now the haunts of men looking for some happy cock play.It was late in the afternoon, the roads were pretty busy , even for country lanes and I was just hacked off with people in their cars over taking me in a rush to get home. I pulled into the car park of one of these country parks and noticed that there only a couple of cars there so I didnt hold out much hope for seeing any cock.

I sat on the picnic bench for a bit and dog walkers came and went and soon the car park was empty. Bored with the lack of cock I just thought i would have a bit of a walk into the wood, find a clearing and strip off and catch the last of the summer evening sunshine. When you cycle you get pretty odd tan lines and I wanted to get my ass a better shade of brown. I walked along a forestry cutting and soon found a path that lead to a small clearing in the woods, out of the view of any dog walkers. I chained the bike to a tree and stripped off in the clearing and lay down on a small towel I carry in my saddle bags..

It was bliss, laying there in the sun, feeling my muscle in my legs relax and just letting my mind wander. I, like a lot of guys who cycle had shaved, rather waxed out my sac and crack and I had shaved off my pubes for good measure as they tend t poke out of your cycle shorts and it looks fucking weird! It was great my cock and ball sac were relaxing and enjoying the freedom after being held hostage by my lycra cycle shorts, they were sweaty and felt warm and soft. I lay there for a bit and just fancied a bit of a walk around naked to enjoy the sun and air. I was pretty sure that no one was around as I was pretty deep into the woodland and most folk dont like to leave their cars too long.

I went about 200 meters along and found an other clearing, at first it seemed that there was no one there, but to my surprise a head popped up from the grass looking away from me.. I crouched down so as could watch this man and see what he was doing. To be honest I love to watch a guy. I didnt know if he was alone, naked or what, just thoughtI would watch for a bit and see. He popped up and down a couple of times then stood up to adjust his towel.

He was in his early 50s I think, tall, very tall and slim you could even say he was skinny, but a nice shape all the same . I ducked hoping he hadn't seen me as i was enjoying the voyeur aspect of it all. He lay back down and I was sure he had not seen me. I was getting hard watching him hoping to catch a further glance. He popped up two or three times more and I was hooked i need to have a good look at him. I waited a bit then stood up and slowly walked towards him, he looked up again then lay back propped o his elbows. I walked nearer to hi and coughed, he looked around this time then lay back down, he knew i was there. I crouched down and waited to see what he would do, in short not much. I got up and slowly walk over to where he was lying.

There he was laying in the grass, stoking his long skinny cock, eyes closed but he knew I was there. I noticed that he had a log slack foreskin, even thought he had a hard boner it was still hanging well over the end of his cock head. Without saying a word I came nearer and stood next to him watching him slowly jerk his long cock and play with his juicy hood.
'Hello, I was wondering how long you were going to take to come over. I saw you thru the grass when you arrived' he said
'I was really getting off on watching you pop up , i was hoping you would be naked, and you are'

We chatted for a few mins both of us playing with our cocks and with each other. He too was shaved out not a single hair.

I asked him if i could play with his cock hood and he was only to happy to allow me to. It was fantastic, really long and pliable,he had been playing with it for some time so his precum had made it nice and slimy and frothy. We were soon doing a bit of cock fighting when he suggested that I stick my cock head under his hood to join his and i jumped at the chance. The feeling was awesome, the inside of his hood was warm and wet like a sloppy mini cunt i guess, pure bliss.
I am cut and have aways wondered what it would be like to have a long hood and now i knew.
We were both getting pretty near to cumming when he suggested that it would be great if I held his cock hood tight around our two cock heads when we came. Deal done I thought. I pulled his skin over our heads and held it firmly around them and he began to wank in ernest. I was pretty close to cumming when his nut sac pulled up and he shot his cum. HOT cum on my knob encased in his soft, moist cock hood was the best , I knew i was pretty close and held his cock skin tighter as i shot my load into it . Our two cum loads mixing under his hood!

He said that he had an extra treat for me, he asked me to very gently to pull my cock out from under his hood, he held his loose skin near the tip and as i pulled out he held the tip and our two loads remained surrounding his knob. He then leaned over and dumped our two loads out of his uncut cock on to my shaved cock and balls. Our cum ran down over the unshaven area very easily, he then pushed his hairless cock and balls hard into mine and moved around mixing our cum and sweat onto our shaved cocks.

I didn't bother to clean up, just chatted for a few more mins, said i hoped we might meet again some time and went back to my clothes to get dressed. Our cum was drying on my body and I slipped my lycra back on, hit the bike, did my miles with a smile knowing that under my shorts was a warm sticky mess of cum.
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6 months ago
nice story
6 months ago
i liked this story alot, the long forskin and everone shaved smooth,the voyour bit was also horny.