Chinese Guy Fantasy

The other day I was on yahoo messenger hoping for a good cam wank, I had been on about ten minutes when I got a friends request and a message, like your cock been watching you. I accepted the friends request and opened his web cam. I nearly shot my load when I saw him, he was totally naked like me, a very cute chinese guy. He was about 24. black hair, glasses a bit geeky looking but cute, he had a massive hard cock it was about 7 inches and growing. He had big hanging balls as well. I told him wow I like the look of you and he said same here. I asked him where he was from shock of shocks not thousands of miles away but my town he was a student at the local uni. I asked him if he wanted to meet up and wank one on one. He said yes he would very much. He had never wanked with a guy one on one although he had done lots of cam wanking. I asked him whereabouts he was. He lived not far from me about ten minutes walk. I asked him to come round.
About ten minutes later there was a knock on the door and I answered he was there in jeans and a tee shirt. I had answered the door bollock naked because I knew it was him. He said wow, and asked if he could touch my cock. Yes of course, he rubbed it and put his hands under my balls. I unzipped him and put my hands in, his balls and cock were huge, he stripped off his clothes and stood there naked in front of me, his cock was rigid and must have been 9 inches, it looked even bigger because he was only about 5ft 6ins and quite skinny.
We sat down on the sofa and he told me he had never been naked with a guy before or even touched another guys cock, although he was making up for that as he was working my cock and bollocks. I was rubbing his. He asked me if he could kiss my cock yes please!! He knelt in front of me and began to lick my shaft and balls I then asked him to get on the sofa so I could lick his massive cock too. He was very keen. We began 69 ing
I was loving sucking his huge cock it tasted so good and mine being sucked as well I told him that I was soon going to shoot and he said me too. I felt the sperm welling in my balls as he sucked on my cock and then felt the build up and huge orgasm as my spunk shot into his mouth
He then started groaning and I knew he was coming to, my mouth was filled with hot jism, never had a guy cum in my mouth before but it was great. We both cleaned up and sat on the sofa, I put my hand on his cock and began stroking his nipples he was getting hard again already and me too
He said he had always fantasized about being fucked doggy style and I told him that could become a reality. I said I don’t have any condoms but never fucked a guy before, which was true, and he said he hadnt either so we said, lets do it all the way
He got on all fours he had a very cute bum and his balls and huge cock were hanging down, I put my hand on his balls and rubbed the shaft, wow, I got my cock and put the end by his holes ready to slide it in
Then I woke up !!!! ha ha

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2 years ago
i would have surely stained my sheets man ... great story
2 years ago
2 years ago
was it a wet dream ? lol