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hello i am a 44 year old sub male and i got a story to tell about the man i just met! he is older than me he is 59 years old, and very dom! i met him on craigs list, after the first e-mail, we agreed to meet at a bar, we had a few dirnks and i agreed to submit to him totally! he said lets start right now and told me to rub his cock through his pants in the booth we were sitting at, then he asked me if i wanted to suck his cock and i told him yes i did very much! he ordered me to beg him to suck his cock, so i rubbed his cock real hard and asked him "please let me suck your cock sir" so we went out to his car and as he drove us to his house i sucked his cock, kinda just the head at first but once we got into his driveway he said "my bitches need to deepthroat my cock" and he shoved my head down driving his cock down my throat and held it there! i did good at first with the head of his cock down my throat but then i started to choke and he just laughed at me saying "get used to choking bitch your throat is mine and i have just began to fuck your throat! we went into his house and he locked the door and told me to strip all my clothes off, so i did and then he told me to get on my knees and put my hands behind my back, then he put handcuffs on my wrists! after that he said "open wide and look up at me, i like to see you when i fuck your throat" so i did and he put his cock in my mouth and put his hands behind my head and with one quick thrust he shoved his cock down my throat and held it there, saying "you like that dont you bitch that cock down your throat?" of course i couldnt say anything and my eyes started to water, then he started to slowly fuck my mouth all the way in and out til just the head was between my lips, getting faster and harder until he was fucking my throat really rough, stopping sometimes all the way in and holding it saying "you are going to swallow my cum when i get off boi"
then he pulled his cock out and said "do you want my cum faggot?" and i said "yes sir please let me taste it" after that he sat down in a chair and i got between his leggs and sucked his cock while he talked on the phone and took pics of me sucking him, he made me suck him for about 30 mins, making me stop right before he got off, pulling his cock out and making me beg for his cum!!
then all at once he shoved his cock down my throat and started cumming, shooting 2 big shots of hot cum down my throat, then he pulled his cock out some and shot the rest in my mouth filling it up, then he slowly fucked my throat again with his cock getting limp!!!
to be continued...
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1 year ago
good experience, i have a Dom Male that uses me like this alot. Hope you share more.
2 years ago
Good start for a sub cum slut...
2 years ago
Fucking awesome!!
2 years ago
more for sure, sounds like me being used
2 years ago
sounds scary
2 years ago
Great narrative..More please..I like reading stories form your point of view..