I was relieved to know I could get a little more sl**p on the boat. We were travelling to one of the islands near the mainland, and it would take a couple of hours. My dreams were saturated with images of Joyce trying to coax my cock inside her, my near-death experience oral sex with Yong-Jae, the mystery of Yuzmin and her five s****rs, using poor Emi-chan, and my day-long romance with Mei. Where were we going now? All the man in the suit had told me was that it was to Nguyet’s house.

The man in the suit was on deck when we docked. He rode with me into a suburban neighborhood, an ordinary house. This was his explanation to me: “Nguyet’s specialty is in surrogate f****y – for men who are too busy to have their own f****y, or who lost their f****y. All of the people in the house are actors assembled for a role, but their training is so high that they will never show it. For today, you are the master returned home, and this is your f****y.”

We pulled up in front of an ordinary Western style house. It could have been in any city in the U.S. Nguyet was a tall, slender woman in her early 30s, shoulder-length brown hair. She came down the walk and greeted me at the car, threw her arms around me and kissed me. “You are back from your trip. We are so grateful.”

A little girl ran to me. This was getting weird. I returned her hug. There were two others standing there – a boy about 10, a girl 19 or 20. “My s****r’s c***dren are staying with us from Vietnam, remember?” She introduced me to them. “We were about to finish cakes and banh xeo for your return home,” Nguyet said, and she took my hand and lead me inside the house – my house – and into the kitchen. And we were domestic. There was no way out of it. Anything I did or said, Nguyet and the actors reacted as if it was part of the script. I played with the youngest c***dren, I helped Nguyet in the kitchen. We had a delicious home-made dinner of noodles and dumplings. I watched Nguyet at dinner. She was really lovely, though she wore modest clothing – a sweater and slacks that suggested a fit body and tight ass underneath. I felt what I believed I was intended to feel – total married contentment – but no lust or excitement.

I said goodnight to the c***dren and sat in what was apparently my chair in the main room. Nguyet was attentive to me, as if she had been my wife for many years. At 10 p.m. she asked: “Is it not a good time to turn in? You are yawning.” She looked at me fondly. The illusion was perfect.

“Yeah, okay,” I said. I followed her down the hall to a bedroom. It was a very feminine room. She turned and looked surprised to see me. “Do you need anything husband?”

“I . . . I can’t find my pajamas,” I said.

“They are in your room where they always are,” she said, patting my arm. “You are so tired from your trip.” She went to the room next door, this one a masculine room with pictures of ships and fish on the walls. She pulled out a pair of comfortable pants and a shirt and lay them on the bed and leaned up to kiss me goodnight. “Goodnight,” I called to her, wondering what the fuck to do now.

I changed and lay down on the bed. There was a book by the side of the bed with a bookmark in it, as if I had been there the week before and left off at that point. I read it for a few minutes, thinking it might have a clue. If there was a clue there, it was meaningless to me. I nodded off.

I heard the door open. The lamp was still on. The clock said 12:28. Nguyet was standing there, wearing a knee-length cotton night gown. Her shoulder length hair had been pushed back by a hair band. She looked like she had washed her face for the night. I stared at her slender tanned legs and the outline of her nipples under the thin night gown.

She said: “Did you not want to visit me tonight, husband, after being away so long?”

I paused, not sure what to say. The pause was too long. There were tears in her eyes. Not that! I can’t stand to make a woman cry. I felt thoroughly ashamed, though I didn’t have a clue what for. She turned to go. “Nguyet!” I said, and went after her. Still crying, she went into her room but didn’t shut the door. She stood facing the wall, head in hands. I put my hand on her shoulder and turned her, and she fell into my arms, sobbing. “Sorry,” she said. “No,” I said, planting a kiss on her lips without even thinking about it. She tilted her chin up to kiss me back. I held her tight, and we shared a deep kiss. I automatically tried to steer her down my chest, to where my cock was stirring. She did not take the lead. “Should we not lie down on the bed?” she asked me.

“Okay,” I said. I lay down on the bed and she lay down next to me, waiting for something. I turned her head sideways and kissed her again. My hands wanted to slide up under her night gown, to feel those thighs and those breasts. I didn’t want to disqualify her though. I didn’t have a clue what her game was, especially when she said: “Won’t you lie on me like we enjoy it?” and opened her legs, the night gown sliding up to her hips. She wore no panties, and I could see wetness in the wavy black hair between her legs.

“What about the . . .” I started to ask. “This intercourse is expected between a husband and wife,” she said, interrupting. “This is part of our life together.”

“Are you sure?” I asked. She gave me a strange look and stroked the side of my face. That touch sent me past caring. I rolled on top of her, pulling the night gown off. She was totally naked now. I sucked and licked her nipples, grinding against her, just the pajama bottoms between me and her. I wanted her, not more foreplay. I wanted inside that inviting little Viet pussy. I pushed the pajamas down to my knees and slid inside her. She opened her legs wider, taking me inside, shutting her eyes, letting me fuck her at my pace, stroking my back and moving her hips with me. After several minutes she bit her lip and whimpered “oh, husband!” and I felt her orgasm come, pussy clenching and pulsing on my cock. I still didn’t know what the rules were around here. I lifted up her hips and started to fuck her faster until I was about to come, then pulled out and shot my come – only seven or eight dime-sized drops after the previous night – onto her still flat stomach and her still perky tits.

She stood up and wiped herself clean and dressed. She put her arms around my neck and I kissed her. “sl**p well, husband. Will you sl**p in your room as you usually do?” she asked. So that was what was expected of me. I said yes, kissed Nguyet again and left her. There was a shower in my room. I stood under the shower thinking about Nguyet and the strange situation. I was in there for quite a while, until the hot water made me drowsy. Then, still naked, I climbed between the sheets, turned off the light and fell asl**p.

This time the clock said 4:14 a.m. It was very dark in the room. I had thrown the sheets off of me. I felt long hair against my bare chest, and lips gently pressing against my cock, which had already hardened as I slept.

I had assumed Nguyet had finished with me, but I should have realized that she would have to go through with the blowjob in order to stay in the competition. Unless she had just given up for some reason and decided to fuck me. But why? It made no sense. She was tugging gently at my cock now, kissing it sweetly.

I sat up and looked at her. It wasn’t Nguyet. It was the girl playing the role of the wife’s s****r’s daughter. What was her name? Linh. She had sat quietly, the odd one out of the f****y vignette. I hadn’t really considered her other than to ask her about school – she had just finished her second year at college. She was the perfectly beautiful type of Vietnamese, tall with dark skin and lots of black hair falling every place, with full dark red lips and very black eyes. That was about all I had known or thought of her all day.

And now she was in my room sucking my cock.

“Linh, what are you doing?” I asked her.

“Fulfilling my dream,” she said. “I want to fulfill my fantasy to have a sex act with a older white man. I got too wet thinking of it in my bed, so I came here.”

I switched on the lamp, sat up and looked at her. She had on a lime green
tank top that clung tightly to her warm flesh – two pointed nipples in the middle of the flat plane of her chest, short and loose orange running shorts showing long, long legs and almost all of the thigh. “What would your parents think? What would my wife think for that matter?” I asked her. How easily I had slipped into the role. “Aren’t you my niece or something?”

She was still toying with my cock and rubbing her lips over it experimentally. “I am old enough to make my own decisions, not those my parents direct,” she said, running the tips of her fingers over my foreskin. “And we are not really related. Not bl**d I mean. Your wife’s s****r’s daughter only.”

“I was not sure before in my bed,” Linh said, “but now I am. This is a safe way for my first try. Would you want me some risk with a man who could turn out bad?” she asked.

“Uh, no,” I said, “not if you put it that way.”

“Okay,” she said, lifting my cock with her thumb and two fingers. “Then . . . here goes my first try.” And she put it in her mouth. She took a deep pull while looking up at me, shook her hair back behind her shoulders, and smiled. “Tastes good,” she said. She continued holding my cock between her fingers, taking slow sucks on it, starting mid-way to the base and slurping off to the end. I watched as she appeared to be discovering how to suck cock. She cautiously put her tongue on it, then seemed to become bolder, licking the shaft up and down like an ice cream cone. She began to stroke it, squeezing a small amount of pre-cum onto her finger. “Hmmmmm…” she said, tasting it. She smiled at me and began to suck and stroke it in earnest. I felt myself trembling with excitement watching a perfect young Vietnamese girl experience cock sucking for the very first time, trying it out on my rigid and ready cock.

Only one thing bothered me now: What happens if Nguyet comes in?

I kept listening with one ear to footsteps in the hallway. The rest of my attention was drawn to Linh as she curled up beside me on the bed, leaning over my cock, licking and sucking it as I stroked her hair and the back of her neck. “Linh,” I said. “I’m going to . . .”

She lifted her head away from my cock and raised her thin eyebrows at me. “I’m gonna get off.” She continued looking at me, holding my cock in her left hand. “I just want to know if it’s okay to come in your mouth.” I said, running out of ways to say it politely. She looked surprised, then embarrassed, and finally her mouth spread into a grin. “Oh! Really!?” She lowered her head again and resumed sucking and tugging at it.

“Fuck!” I said, louder than I should have at 5 a.m. “Oh fuck, Linh!” I grabbed the sheets with one hand, a handful of hair in my other hand and thrust my hips up against her, fucking her face hard as I shot my load into her virgin mouth. When my movements slowed she sat up and cupped her hand under her chin, looking at the milky and bubbly sperm that oozed in a stream over her lips and into her hand. She covered her mouth with her other hand and laughed, staring at the cum. Then she tasted it and giggled again, louder this time.

“Shhh!” I said. She straighted out her body and lay beside me, pouring the sperm onto my chest and making little shapes in the sticky fluid with her fingers, lifting it up to show me how it seemed to form a web when she splayed her fingers. She lay there like that for another 15 minutes, in no hurry to leave, looking at me happily. How I wished she really was my innocent but naughty niece and we would have every night that summer. But I knew in an hour I would wake up, have breakfast with Nguyet and the rest of the f****y, and leave forever.

I pulled her gently up to me and kissed her forehead. “You’d better get back in your bedroom, the house will be up soon.” “Okay,” she said in a sing-song voice, and gave me one kiss on the lips, and I watched her narrow little legs, dark hair and long legs vanish from my room.

“Why did she disqualify herself,” I asked the man in the suit the next morning, on the way back to the boat.

“Who” he asked, “Nguyet?”

I nodded, and he exploded with laughter. “Nguyet is not in the competition,” he said, slapping his knee. “Nguyet is just very good at what she does, which is playing the head of a surrogate f****y. And part of the role is to have sex with you. All Nguyet knew was that you were one of her clients and you would stay for one night, and that the cast of people should include her and three others.”

“It was Linh!” I said, finally realizing.

“Of course,” he said. “Nguyet has her special and very convincing role, and Linh has hers.”

He laughed again at the look on my face. “Don’t feel too bad,” he said, “Nobody else in the house knew about Linh either.”


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That was interesting, a change in the playing field, didn't see that coming?
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I've read 7,6 and 5 so far.. Joyce is probably my fave so far. All great erotic tales though :)
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