Joyce looked like a calm, normal Asian girl. After the last three days, I was looking forward to normalcy. My body ached, and my nose hurt like hell. The man in the suit had brought a doctor over from the mainland the night before, but I had to take some painkillers and other stuff to reduce the swelling.

Joyce had a pleasing bit of baby fat on her – not fat, just that nice fullness of hips and a c-cup chest, long dark hair with banks that covered one eye. She wore simple jean shorts and a t-shirt.

“Joyce is homesick,” the man in the suit said. “Cebu City is too far away, but there is an area on the mainland that will remind her of home.” Again to the jet. I found Joyce easy to talk to. She said she would go swimming every day in the Philippines and dance and party all night. I groaned inwardly. I wasn’t sure I was ready for partying all night. Joyce made it sound wonderful though. I listened to her tell me about the bars and night life of Cebu City. She started to tell me some of the things she had seen and done: the things she had done with men – and women—at the end of a long night of drinking. Her matter-of-fact speech, coming from an accented Asian girl, started to drive me wild. The plane touched down in Bangkok. A limo took us to a secluded, private beach, with several small huts crowded up close to the shore. Joyce vanished into one and came out in a g-string bikini, thong in back, showing me almost everything, confirming the suppleness of her body, the fullness of her hips and c-cup tits.

It wasn’t at all like I thought. The day was very relaxing. I spent a lot of the day with the surf covering my waist to hide the hard-on I had watching Joyce run around in that bikini. At around 3 p.m. she urged me into a hammock and told me I needed some rest. I lay there with my eyes closed, expecting her to give me a blowjob, but it didn’t happen.

When I woke up it was after six. Joyce was walking around the huts with a t-shirt on over her thong. She told me to wake up and get my clothes on, we were going into the Bangkok to party.

I felt a little better than I had that morning. It didn’t seem like such a chore to me now. I pulled on my jeans and shirt and got to the limo ahead of Joyce. To my surprise she hadn’t changed. She was still wearing her t-shirt over her bikini. I could tell she had spent some time on her makeup though. She had lipstick, eyeshadow, makeup, and her body was covered in glitter. She pulled on a pair of very high heels and scooted very close to me in the limo.
We pulled up at a club and Joyce shot out of the limo like a cannon. I could barely catch up to her. By the time I got to her side she was with a group of about 12 Thai girls that she either new or had already made friends with. They scooped out a drink from a huge barrel behind the bar and gave one glassful to me, one to Joyce. They were all drinking it too. The music was skull-crushingly loud and it was close in there with Thai girls and sex tourists and every other type of street person. I tried to nurse the drink – it was obviously ass-kickingly intoxicating. But as soon as I tried that several of the Thai girls would surround me and coax me to throw it back, and then they brought me another one.

Joyce had thrown off the t-shirt and was dancing in the thong and top on a table with four other girls. I took a turn dancing and flirting with girl after girl, but none of them made a move – I had apparently been claimed as Joyce’s. Hours went by that I don’t remember. I was leaning against the bar – if I let go of the rail I was going to fall. I couldn’t remember how much of that stuff I had. Too much. Joyce was on the bar, she was dancing topless, and I followed the movement of her amazing tits and erect pink nipples, trying to get my eyes to focus on the nipples.

A Thai girl pulled me back against a table, wrapping her legs around me from behind as she sat on the table, and two more coaxed another cup of the jungle juice down – if I refused they would pout and beg and run their hands all over my body until I couldn’t stand it and took another gulp. They got two more down me that way, then lead me up some stairs to a room lit only by the lights from the street. There was a mattress on the floor. I fell onto it, rolled over on my stomach and passed out with the music pulsing in my head.
There was a lamp on in the room when I woke up. I could still hear music but only a tenth as loud as before. I could hear the sounds of beer bottles being cleared away and chairs being put up on tables downstairs. Closing time. I reached up to wipe sl**p away from my eyes, but my hand wouldn’t obey. I figured I was still impossibly d***k. I tried again. Something held it back. I was tied by both hands and feet to the floor – thick rubber cords fastened into eyehooks in the wooden floor.

Then Joyce was there, lighting candles around the mattress with a cigarette lighter. She was topless, wearing only the thong and the heels. She told me what a great time she had had that night, that it was just like Cebu City.
“Why the hell am I tied up?” I asked. She only smiled and told me not to worry. I could see a hodge-podge of at least 20 candles of different sizes – citronella candles, tea lights, hurricane lamps.

“Ready?” Joyce asked.

“For what?” I said.

As an answer she crawled onto the mattress between my spread-eagled legs and began unzipping my jeans, moving her shoulders side to side hypnotically, like a snake charms a rabbit. I was hard for her in an instant. She pulled my cock out and began to suck it hard and fast, pumping the shaft with her right hand. I realized for the first time how big her mouth was for a small Filipina girl. I thought: “Thank God this is going to end soon. I’m so fucking tired.” I felt like I was an instant away from coming. I felt the tell-tale thump-twitch of my cock inside her mouth. She felt it too, and drew back. I looked down at my cock jerking, not quite to the point of coming. Joyce paced around the mattress, her heels clicking on the wood floor. She stopped above my head and knelt over me, her tits hanging down over my face, almost touching, but out of reach. She moved side to side again, making my head swim all over again with lust for her. She teased me that way for maybe 10 minutes before flopping next to me on the mattress and taking my cock back up in her hand. She rubbed her lips lightly over my cock, teasing. Then she began to run her teeth over the skin of my cock. Her teeth were slightly crooked, unlike Yeon-Jae’s perfect teeth. She clamped onto my foreskin and pulled at it, like a vulture pulling meat off a bone, making me gasp before she went fully down on me again. She brought me to almost climax and pulled away again.

She paced around the bed again, biding her time. This time she stopped at the foot of the mattress, turned her back to me, bent over and slid the thong down over her hips, to her ankles. I caught a glimpse of her asshole and wet slit before she straightened up and kicked the thong away, now naked except the heels. She sat on the mattress between my spread ankles and opened her legs, showing her shaved Filipina pussy – the darker skin of the pussy lips parting and wet – and began to finger the puffy little labia. I watched, helplessly. She rubbed and fingered her pussy to at least three orgasms as I watched, scooting forward inch by inch closer to my cock, her spread legs now over my thighs and hanging off either edge of the mattress, but never making contact with me. I watched her bang and finger her hole, wearing out my neck craning to see it. Abruptly she pulled her knees up to her chest, did a backward somersault off the mattress and came over to kneel beside me, now sucking me hard to the finish line, definitely not holding back. Another thrust in her mouth and it would be over – that was when she pulled away, leaving my cock to spasm again, just short.

Again she paced around the mattress, idly playing with one hard nipple. She put one heeled foot on the mattress, then the other, standing over me. She extended the toe of the heel and nudged my cock, then nudged it again, like someone probing a small a****l to see if it was really dead. Then she ran the length of the sole along my shaft, again and again, sometimes soft, sometimes hard, keeping me right on the edge. Then she leaned slightly forward, putting more weight on her foot as she pressed my cock down against my stomach. She pushed harder and still harder, then pulled at it with the toe of the heel until it was upright and began to kick it gently, like a punching dummy, knocking it back and forth. After getting tired of that game she took the side of her heel and ran it along my shaft. I groaned as she tried to bend it forward, straight down pointing between my legs. She kept bending until it was flat with the mattress, then she pinned it there with one foot and ground on it as if she was putting out a cigarette. I yelped when she put her full weight on it, standing on my cock, mashing it down into the mattress. This turned her on and she fell backwards, bouncing on the mattress as her ass hit it, throwing her legs in the air and fingering her hole. I watched as her right heel came back to make contact with my cock, this time the pointed heel, batting it back and forth, grinding it, torturing it. She came again and then threw herself forward with her face landing on my cock, taking it fully inside her mouth, sucking me hard again. This time for sure, I thought.
She slowed. She just sat there. For the next half an hour she barely moved except every minute or so, when she took one pull on my cock. The interval between was longer and longer, so I was beginning to pull back from the edge, though by now my balls were aching, and I would have done anything to get off. She leaned forward and began to suck my balls, slipping a finger into my ass, licking up and down the underside of the shaft, starting to make me crazy again, but again she pulled away before the end and retreated to the end of the mattress.

“Joyce, let me up, just to piss, okay? Please?” I said.

“Oooh, what do we do?” she said, scratching her chin and pretending to think. “Hmmmm maybe I know something.” She stood up and walked over to one of the candles – a big bucket of citronella full of melted wax. She stood over me and turned it over on my cock. The pain from the heat made me yell. There was intense pain for maybe 15 seconds, then I felt it begin to harden over my cock. “Better?” she asked, smiling.

Then I lost it. I began to curse her, call her all kinds of things. “When I get loose I’ll pay you back,” I said. I’ll disqualify you because I’m going to do things to your ass and pussy that you won’t ever forget.
“Awww, promises promises,” Joyce said. “But I don’t think you will be in any condition.” She took something metal that I couldn’t quite see in the candle light. I started to regret cursing her as I was now at her complete mercy. She clamped the metal thing to the base of my cock and knelt between my legs, idly picking the wax off my cock before beginning to suck on it again. The tension was unbearable. She sucked and sucked, but I couldn’t come with the clamp in place. It was easier for her to string me along.

It felt like another hour passed. The sun was rising. The room was getting lighter, when without warning after torturing me like a shrew all night long, Joyce pulled off the clamp and pulled her lips back at the same time, then jerking my shaft hard. I didn’t think I would have much come left after the past week. I was wrong. I erupted. I thought my balls would explode. Joyce hovered over my cock, taking the come on her lips and tongue as if she were drinking from a water fountain.

Joyce released the cords and I rolled to one side and realized I was barely able to stand. My whole body ached. “Still going to give my ass and pussy something to remember?” Joyce asked, standing right in front of me, bending her chin down to touch her knees, reaching back to spread her ass and pussy, inviting me. I looked down at my spent and deflated cock. No way. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was not going to cooperate. I was asl**p as soon as I fell into the back seat of the limo.

In the plane Joyce didn’t seem to show any effects from total lack of sl**p and consumption of dangerous amounts of alcohol. Thirty minutes into the trip she wiggled out of her jeans and shirt, stripped naked. “Still want to disqualify me?” she asked, pulling up on her pussy lips, raising up the hood and showing her engorged clitty. “Well that sounds okay, I don’t need money, I just want to fuck. Come on, then!” she said, climbing onto my lap, pulling out my raw red serrated and burned cock, rubbing it along the edge of her pussy lips. For the first time in my life, I recoiled from pussy – especially young Asian pussy – like a rabid dog from water. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pushing me into the seat, moving her hips up and down on me, over my sad and soft cock. No change. She reached down and managed to get the limp tip into the threshold of her vagina, but when she tried to ride it, it just flopped out.

“Fuck!” Joyce said and flopped into the seat next to me, throwing one leg over my thigh, spreading and spending the rest of the flight fingering herself.

“The pilot told me,” the man in the suit said. “Joyce is disqualified for attempting intercourse.”

“I don’t think she should,” I said. “No woman has ever sucked my cock so well that I didn’t want her pussy an hour later, especially when I had never had it before and will never have a chance again. That was her point all along.”

I looked back at Joyce – she had pulled on her shorts and shirt again and looked exactly the same as she had 24 hours ago.

He thought for a minute. “There is something in what you say. Maybe that was Joyce’s way of asserting her own superior talents. I am going to allow her to stay in the competition.”


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