I was definitely, impossibly in love, and that proved I was an insane person. Or at least half insane. Point one for insanity, she was married. Point two, I had seen her gangbanged by my four best friends. Point three, I had just been busy “getting her pussy ready” at her request, for some other guy to fuck, while she blew my friend, Spade, then Spade and I held her up so she could fuck this guy while he lay in a hospital bed. These are all signs that point against falling in love with a girl. But on the other hand… holy fuck, I wish you could see this girl! Call her Hearts, aged about 23, about 5’8” barely over 100 pounds with B-cup tits, perfect ass and legs, long dark hair, the absolute pinnacle of perfection in an Asian girl. She was fucking beautiful, which is just about all a dumbass like me needed to fall in love with her. Did she have something special for me? I wasn’t sure, but I thought maybe. Then again, a woman that beautiful . . . you are susceptible to mirages. Also, she was fucking brilliant. She was the slickest card dealer, talker, a genius with sleight of hand, both with cards and with cocks. She could charm a snake even in the dark. I love her. That’s it, I muttered to myself, I fucking love her.

We were riding in my friend Spade’s service van. Hearts had jumped into the closed off back end and had been there for about 15 minutes. Her absence was making me crazy, leading me to all these crazy thoughts. I could smell her still, her amazing smell, but more than that, her presence, whatever the hell she had cooked up. I could feel her energy back there, making my whole body tingle, my tongue feel dry as sand.

She had taken me and my friend Spade out with her earlier in the evening. Spade possibly loves her more than I do, if that’s possible. Spade was a beer drinking NASCAR loving pot-bellied blue collar guy who thought the greatest thing in the world was a true-blue blonde American chick with huge jugs and a busty build. Before Hearts, we had spent evenings arguing about my Asian fetish. He couldn’t understand how anyone could find a small-titted slanty-eyed stick-build little chinky jap attractive, let alone competition for one of his big titted tractor pull queens. One evening with Hearts changed all that. I watched Spade as he drove to the address Hearts gave him, unquestioning. No doubt he would murder me or anyone else if Hearts were to whisper that request into his ear. We had started off with Hearts rambling on about Charles Dickens and his story, “A Christmas Carol,” and the Ghost of Christmas Present. She had wanted to give a “present” to a local hero firefighter. I didn’t have the heart to clarify her broken understanding of the story. She was brilliant, but she had an accent, and she was apparently not a master of the English language or a scholar of English literature. I had no idea what we were supposed to be doing now, but I had taken advantage of the drive to decide I loved her, and I wanted to be alone with her, but apparently we were on some second leg of the same mission, whatever that was, and it meant there would be company.

It was about 2:45 in the morning when we arrived at the address Hearts gave Spade. We were in front of one in a street-full of four-story brick apartment buildings. “Ready ma’am?” Spade called back with utmost respect. An hour ago she had given him one of the best two blowjobs he had ever had in his life, equaling her previous record as far as the Book of Spade went. “Three minutes please,” I heard her call, just her voice sending a shiver down my spine. She was real, and she was in this van with me, and this was not a dream. What the hell would happen next?

The three minutes took about three hours to pass as me and Spade sat in the van and steamed up the windows thinking about Hearts. Then we heard the back door of the van click sharply in the early morning silence. In an instance we jumped out of the front seats and scrambled around to the back.

She looked at least five years younger. Her hair was tied up tightly in two pigtails by red ribbons, making her almond eyes look more horizontal. She wore a blue plaid skirt, navy jacket over a white blouse with a matching red scarf tied around her neck under the collar, navy socks with patent leather shoes, holding a computer notebook under one arm. She was any guy’s wet dream of an Asian School Girl. I stood, stunned, looking at her. “Pretty good, huh?” she asked. Spade and I stammered something as we looked her up and down.

She opened the swinging van doors wide, set up the notebook, started typing on it as she talked to us. “This is where Scott lives,” she said, as if we knew who the fuck Scott was. “He’s in my economics class this semester, he lets me jack into his wi-fi and borrow his notes too.”

“You take economics?” I asked.

“I keep getting degrees,” she said, laughing. Her husband -- call him King -- is fabulously wealthy and older. He had plucked Hearts while she was still in college. King was impotent now and Hearts had plenty of time to accumulate as many college degrees as possible.

“Look what Scott’s up to at this hour,” she said, and she entered a password in a window that popped up. An Asian schoolgirl was sucking cock on the screen. Then another screen popped up. And another. All Asian schoolgirls in various poses, getting fucked from behind, sucking cock, wrapping their legs around a white guy, stripping naked, fingering, using vibrators. The profusion of Asian porn seemed like it would overwhelm the screen.

“Same thing every day after we have class,” Hearts said, shaking her head and smiling. “Think it’s me?”

A few seconds of silence in the still morning. “Shit,” Spade began, “if it was me. . . .”

Hearts laughed. “It’s me,” she said, “trust me. I have charts monitoring his internet usage if you want to see it. He is obsessed with Asian school girls, and it gets worse every time he sees me in class. His fantasy now is to see me dressed up like one.” She looked at me and her eyes grew soft. She put her hands on my shoulders. “And he’s a nice guy!” she said. “I wish you knew him like I do. So nice, so shy, so nerdy. And he helps me so much.”

“Well that’s because you’re so hot,” I said, unable to help myself. I was standing next to her, looking at the screen as we spied on this guy. I put my hand on the back of her thigh and ran it up the skirt, up and up, feeling cotton panties underneath. She moved under my touch and exhaled softly. “Yeah, but he is nice to everyone,” Hearts persisted. “He looks at porn at least six hours a day. I’m pretty sure he’s a virgin, too.”

“So what do you want us to do,” Spade asked, confused, unable to concentrate, looking at Hearts’ ass, legs and tits in the schoolgirl outfit.

“Just hang out with me and don’t say anything much,” Hearts said, taking out a cell phone. She dialed a number.

“Hey Scott,” she said, sounding weird, “this is me, ----- ------,” she said
giving her real first name and King’s last name. “Yeah, sorry to call so late, but you know, I know we have the test tomorrow and I was about to start studying . . . I know . . . yeah but there was this party and . . .” she laughed, “well… I start to study and then I remem’ered you have my flash drive. Can I come by and pick it up? … Yah now. “ She laughed again. “I’m outside your house now silly. . . .” this seemed to really amuse her. She had taken on a different personality from the Hearts I knew. “Basement? Oooh, ohhh I see, okay! Byeeeee.”

We followed Hearts’ ass across the street, through an iron gate, along a sidewalk down a flight of steps, through another iron gate, to a basement apartment. “Shhhhh….” Hearts said. “I think his parents live up there,” she said pointing to the upper floors. She knocked softly on the heavy wrought iron and plexiglass outer door with her cell phone and started half-jumping up and down excitedly when she saw the inner door swing open. “Hi Scott!” she said, a whisper, but an excited whisper that seemed to travel half a block. “This is Jack and Spade okay?” She was laying on the accent thickly now.

Scott was tall, about 5’10” at least, and thin, wearing sweat pants and a Star Trek t-shirt, thick glasses, tousled hair, a guilty look on his face. He gave Spade and I a dirty look. “Here’s your flash drive, ------,” he muttered, addressing only Hearts.

“Can we come in?” Hearts said as she shouldered her way in. At that point Scott was noticing the schoolgirl uniform, and the effect was instantaneous. He became almost a vegetable. Hearts brushed past him with her skirt and into a hideous basement apartment, a single bed with no headboard, dresser, kitchen along one wall, bathroom and shower with no door in the far corner, and dominating the small main room was massive amounts of computer and gaming equipment with four monitors, all now innocently dark. Hearts threw herself carelessly on Scott’s unmade bed, tossing either tomorrow’s or yesterday’s sweat pants and underwear onto the floor. “Oh uh we just came from a costume party,” Hearts explained, pointing down at her body, making a vague outline of the shape. “Pretty good huh?”

Scott was pressed against the wall of his apartment, his eyes fixed on her, looking for somewhere to run. I don’t know what Hearts had done to her legs, but they looked so smooth in the apartment light that they almost shined. Like Scott, I couldn’t look away.

“Hey guys, Scott is soooooo good to me lets me use his wireless all the time and give me such good note on economics, he sits right behind me so I can’t copy him though on the test,” she said and laughed. Her IQ seemed to have halved itself since she entered the apartment. Spade and I gave non-commital waves and made “hey” noises.

“Oh Scott,” Hearts said, shifting her legs in the skirt as she sat on the bed, “I thought of one thing I need for tomorrow can I check it on your computer?” She propelled herself forward, making exuberant noises, and went to the grubby office chair that presided over the four monitors and a very fast and expensive-looking hard drive. Her fingers started moving quickly over the board, bringing the monitors to life. She punched through three or four screens and the porn came back up on the 25-inch screens. “Ohhhhhhh!” Hearts said, looking shocked, covering her mouth with a dainty left hand. “Ohhhhh so sorry.”

Then her head craned first left, then right as she stared at one of the girls. The window heading was “SLUTTY ASIAN SCHOOLGIRL TAKES HUGE LOAD ON FACE.” Hearts turned to watch intently as the girl on the screen massaged and sucked the cock – not nearly as expertly as I had seen and felt Hearts do – until the guy filming muttered something. At this point Scott took two steps toward Hearts. For some reason, Spade and I acted in concert and d**g him back. The girl on the screen leaned back and opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, as the guy jacked off a fairly standard load onto her tongue. One errant spurt went across her cheek bone, and then the movie faded out to a logo.

Hearts slowly revolved around in the chair to face him. On the other three monitors, Asian girls who looked basically the same as her took cocks, sucked cocks, gave handjobs, took cum shots in multiple screens. It was pretty nasty really, seeing another guy’s porn. “Scott,” Hearts said, “do you like these thing?”

He looked down at his shoes. “I meant, do you like to do this thing with women?” He looked more intently at his shoes, hoping to disappear. “What would your girlfriend think? Is she Asian too? Do you have a picture” He muttered something that after a few seconds’ analyzing I realized was “no girlfriend.”

But it was too late, Hearts had his picture program open, bypassing meticulously categorized folders stuffed with gigabytes of porn. It was as if she knew right where to go, and I suspected she did. She opened a folder with her first name and King’s last name on it. She pulled up and scrolled through the pictures, all of her in the same class room, all taken secretly, well cropped and enhanced, but definitely of her -- of her legs in panty hose, bare legs, legs in socks, feet in heels, several of her chest in a low-cut blouse or shirt, one of her ass bending over to plug in a lap top, lots of the back of her neck, one good secret upskirt picture that showed white panties through the shadows.

Hearts, in whatever weird role she was playing, took it in stride, as if she was flattered. “Ohhhh, you took pictures of me?!” Then she laughed like an idiot as she went through the pictures again. She looked at them again and again, and then she switched back to the porn movies, studying each in turn, taking her time, until all of the air had gone out of the room. When we were all quiet, she said:

“Do you enjoy to give huge loads on the face to girl?”

She was really playing it up now with the innocent, shocked, off-the-boat Asian girl. Scott had nothing for it. She let an uncomfortable moment’s silence pass and said: “I think I will try okay?”

More silence.

“Please Scott let me try a load to the face from you okay?”
Was he buying this shit? Yes, he was, he looked like a bird stunned by the hypnotic gaze of a snake. I could tell he wanted it to be true and would do anything to sustain the illusion in his mind. It made me reflect on my own thoughts of her. For me and for Scott, for all of us: Hearts held all the cards.

“Oh these guys are Spade and Jack, and I am called Hearts in their same suit,” she said matter-of-factly. Scott didn’t dare contradict her. “They are here to help me in any way.” Scott nodded, the faintest bit of a head bob.

“So… how does this thing work that you showed on there?” She stood and went back to his bed, pulling him by the wrist. “The girl sit like this right? And the guy undress?” She was pulling at his loose sweatpants, which were not tied, and would have had them down instantly but they were hung up on his huge erection. “Ohhhhhh….” She said as if surprised to feel it there. “Ohhhh,” she gasped again as if unwrapping an unexpected present. She squealed with delight as she disentangled his cock from the sweat pants and rubbed it in her hand, looking at it like it was an expensive piece of jewelry for her birthday. “Ohhhh wow wow,” she said, repeated “wow” slower and slower as she rubbed it against her hands, then brought it to her lips, looking into his eyes, freezing him there, enchanted. She pushed his pants down to his knees and started to lick and tease at his cock with her lips, toying with him, like an expert angler with a big fish on the line. Then, after about a minute, she abandoned all of her technique and let it all go wrong. “Oh!” she cried, as if she had lost control, sucking and stroking his cock harder, then pulling her lips away and stroking, pointing his cock at her face. He exploded on her, missing her face mostly but drenching her chin, a rogue shot hitting her left ear and pony tail, and most ruining the red scarf and white collar. “Sugoi!” Hearts whispered as she pumped the last of his cum over her face. I knew she wasn’t Japanese.

But Scott had no idea. He looked at her as if in love, in his own way, but the same way Spade and I looked at her. He was in no position to stand, but Hearts rose to wrap her arms around him. “Now this is the point the man take her right?” She pointed to the movie that had come to a pause on one of the monitors: “WHITE GUY TAKES JAP GIRL HARD TILL SHE CUMS!!!” I looked at the poor bastard as he stood there, his eyes swimming. He was in no position to take anything but a nap.

“Ms. Hearts gets what she wants or we kick the shit out of you,” Spade shouted, definitely loud enough to wake up his parents. We all listened but we heard no noises above. Slowly we began to move again, Hearts easing onto the bed and pulling Scott down beside her. “Maybe the man tastes the girl a while first? Not sure.”

“Yeah,” Scott muttered. His hands were slowly feeling up her tits, her legs, sliding inside one of the navy socks and rolling it down to squeeze the flesh of the bare leg. I knew the pervert had sat there in boring economics class all semester and dreamed of running his hands over that. Hearts lay there, totally submissive, as he groped her awkwardly, fumbling at the blouse and opening it to reveal a lacy but chaste bra, Hearts letting out a piercing cry of pleasure as he found the nipple. I saw a hand run up the skirt of the girl I loved, then twist to find its way inside the cotton panties. Her almond eyes jerked shut as he tried to insert a finger inside, again, a third time, until finally she guided him, pulling the skirt up over her hips and moving the panties aside. He began ramming his finger inside her rapidly, from 0 to 60 in no time at all, but Hearts bit her lip as if she was about to scream. She kicked out her legs and spread them wide with a heel on either side of the bed as he fingered her. She paused him, sliding off her panties and kicking off one of the socks and both of the heels. He gazed down at her bare pussy as she beckoned him. He looked sheepishly at me and Spade and then back at her now wet pussy slit and tiny but visible pussy hole.

“Jack and Spade were made eunuchs by my father,” Hearts said. “He is big-time yakuza boss,” she said, convincingly. “They can’t get up any interest in woman and they are sworn to my secret,” she whispered, guiding Scott’s face between her legs. I was thankful I was wearing baggy pants, because I had been nursing a hard-on for her since 10 p.m. Spade was luckily also wearing baggy camo pants. Hearts grabbed Scott by the hair and guided his lips and tongue along her crease, instructing him where to lick and when he was sucking too hard. Spade and I stood by the door with our arms folded, looking like security eunuchs while Scott the geek licked the pussy of the women we both loved. After maybe ten minutes Hearts lifted his pinching and groping fingers from her erect nipples, and Hearts said “maybe I am ready for sex now you think, okay?” She leaned up and began fellating his half-rigid cock, stroking it expertly, mewing like a kitten whenever he touched her. At last she pulled back admiring his cock. He lay down on her. She was now naked except for the skirt and one navy sock halfway down her calf. I saw him grip his cock and point it like a dagger at her wet slit. She bit back a moan as he started to try and f***e it in at all the wrong spots, and she screamed out loud when after an eternity he must have found her cunny hole and finally punctured her. Again we all froze – Hearts’ legs wrapped around him – until we were sure it woke nobody up. “Push the panties up against her mough,” I said, “it will muffle the sound.” I tossed him her white panties. Scott, wide-eyed, took the panties and pushed them to her mouth as he entered her. For her part, Hearts screamed like he was killing her with his erection. He muffled the sound gently as he humped her, desperate to finish it. She moaned and grunted exactly like the Japanese girls in his porn videos, I realized, her legs twitching and jerking around him as he humped her. As he was getting close, Hearts worked some more of her art, whispering, “Oh please don’t cum inside me my father would get so mad!” He pulled back and, again emulating his porn videos, lunged forward and held his cock as he came on her chest. Hearts writhed around as the cum dripped down on her nipples. She smiled up at him from half-lidded eyes, looking exhausted. One pig tail had been torn away with the skirt as Scott had fucked her.

The just lay there like that for an uncomfortable amount of time. It felt like forever as Spade and I stood there. Then, “Oh what time is it,” Hearts said as she jerked up. “Oh my god I have to study for the final tomorrow! We got to go guys.” With one more kiss to Scott she sprang into action. The skirt had been pulled away and was lying on the floor. She peeled off the sock that had now been pushed down to her ankle, pulled the blouse – which barely covered her ass – around her, picked up the patent leather shoes, and headed toward the door. “Ohhh good luck in the test tomorrow” Hearts said, leaning up to throw her arms around him, wearing only the blouse, the shoes around his neck, hitting him in the ear. She rushed off with Spade and I in tow, leaving behind her panties, skirt, jacket, scarf, socks – souvenirs for an Asian-schoolgirl-obsessed-geek boy.

It wasn’t a bad night’s work for her, I guessed. But I wondered, “Do you really have a test tomorrow” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said, “don’t worry, I’ll do fine.”

“But when will you study?”

“Don’t need to,” she said.

“Then why . . .” I asked.

“Because he’s a nice guy,” she said, buttoning the blouse around her. The bottom barely covered the curve of her lower ass. “He wanted to help me.”

“But. . .” I said, not sure what I wasn’t going to say.

She slid open the van door and climbed into the back seat. “If I didn’t pretend to be stupid, he wouldn’t help me,” Hearts said simply, as if that explained everything.

Spade drove us back to King’s estate, approaching by the back road that ran past the carriage house. During the trip Hearts sat in the back bench seat wearing only the blouse, the shoes beside her on the leather seat. She had an air of unapproachability, but we could smell her unsatisfied desire. I knew there was a bare wet pussy under that skimpy cotton shirt. God, how I wanted it! I kept waiting for something to happen, but nothing did. It would have been the wrong move had I tried anything.

When we pulled up by the carriage house, she slid open the door and stepped out without saying a word. I gulped, preparing myself for a long sl**pless night of questions without answers. Then she opened the passenger door where I was sitting. “Go inside and wait for me,” she said. As I got out, she slid into the passenger seat and I heard Spade put the van into parking gear. I didn’t look back.

Half an hour later I heard the door to the carriage house open. I was sitting in a chair looking away from the street, over the pool and toward King’s huge main house. I felt her hand on my shoulder. She said: “You won’t believe this but Spade’s cum tastes like beer and barbecue.”

I laughed. She laughed with me. We showered and then I took her to bed.


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