Hearts' Present, Part 1 of 3

I woke up the next morning still inside her. My head swam. For a moment, I didn’t know who I was or what happened, and I didn’t fucking care as long as I could stay with this beautiful woman forever. It was her, the woman of my dream, Hearts. Hearts was a tall, slender Asian dream with great legs, perky breasts, tight ass and pussy, and fucked like a machine. I had assumed and dreamed all of that for months, but last night, I had seen and experienced it. I spurred a bet with her husband that wound up a winner, and the payoff was me and my four buddies got to fuck his wife, Hearts. But that was only the beginning. He was impotent, she hated him but loved him, he couldn’t satisfy her, he hadn’t had an erection, and she hadn’t had any in over a year, and she said that night’s experience had awakened something in her. She wouldn’t say what, but then she took me to bed and fucked my brains out over the next hour and a half while my mates were downstairs playing cards again. Pity them.

Downstairs, I later found out, King (that was our name for Hearts’ husband) was having a minor crisis while talking to Ace. He told her what we saw for ourselves, that he couldn’t get it up, not at all, not even for that hot little piece of ass offering him anything he wanted. He loved her, he was afraid of losing her. “Please,” he begged Ace, “do whatever it takes to help me keep her.” Ace felt awkward about it, but my other friends, Spade, Nine and Ten filled me in on the whole scene. Their take was that King didn’t care if we fucked her, didn’t care who fucked her, as long as she was happy and stayed with him. They imagined gang-banging her every day from then on, indefinitely. I wasn’t so sure that was going to be the case.

A week went by.

The next Friday night I was with Ten at a bowling alley. We had nothing to do, and we had already put back almost two pitchers of beer when my phone beeped. I had a text. It was from Hearts, asking me to call her. I dialed the number, and she answered right away.

“Who’s with you?”

“Just Ten.”


“That’s our name for ----.”

She laughed. “Yeah, that’s a good nickname for him.” We called him Ten because he was a very handsome guy. Just last week Ten had been part of the gang bang, had pulled back Hearts’ hair while she sucked his cock and came in her mouth, then later climbed up on top of the poker table and took her from behind. This was the first she was hearing about our various nicknames, other than mine, which was Jack. I was called Jack because I was a sucker for women, especially Asian women like Hearts. I told her the rest of our nicknames.

“But,” Hearts said, “Ten’s no good to me tonight. I want you . . . and 'Spade'. We need his work van. Come to the back entrance.”

“What?” Ten asked, coming back from his turn and seeing the look on my face. We were both pretty buzzed, and Ten was on his third straight split frame.

“Nothin’,” I said, “call at work, I have to go in and check something out. I’ll catch you tomorrow, okay?” I paid our tab and got out of there as fast as I could.

I called Spade, and he was waiting with his van. Spade was dumb as an ox. He was a cable installation guy who got his fair share of horny housewife ass, but never had anything half so fine as Hearts. He used to put her down and argue that no tiny squinty-eyed small-tittied skinny little chinky girl could hold a candle to your average big-titted blonde American woman. After last week and what Hearts did to him with her tight little cunny, he was half in love with her. She sucked him off with her lips in under 60 seconds. That only made him want her so bad that he later willingly took sloppy seconds and fucked her cum-filled pussy. Naturally he dropped everything when I said that Hearts wanted to see me and him.

We drove to King’s house and went around back as Hearts had asked. She was watching from the carriage house at the back of King’s property, and she came out as soon as the van came to a stop. She was wearing a tight black dress that came down to her ankles but had a slit up the right side to the mid-thigh. She was wearing black spiked fuck-me heels. Her blouse had a collar, but the top two buttons were undone. Her hair was tied back tight around her head, her makeup emphasizing the shape of her almond eyes, and her substantial BSL lips – very ample lips for an Asian girl. She was holding a large dugout bag and a purse. When she climbed into the front passenger seat of the van, the smell of her almost caused me to swoon – it was all perfume and intoxicating girl and waiting wet pussy. I said lamely, “hey.”

She smiled at me and tossed her dugout bag next to me on the back seat. “Thanks for coming. I had some thoughts about what I told you, about something that awakened.”

“Yeah?” I asked. Shit! Why could I never manage to say anything clever around her?

She asked: “Do you ever see the ‘Christmas Carol’ with Scrooge? Past, Present and Future right?”

“Yyyyeah,” Spade and I said cautiously.

“Well tonight I want to deliver some Presents.”

I didn’t know what to say. Sometimes Hearts’ command of the English language lead to some interesting statements and ideas.

She directed us where to go. We parked at a hospital, and she lead us inside, past a sign that said “VISITING HOURS END AT 10 P.M.” I looked at the time on my cell phone. It was 11:43 p.m. We rode up to the third floor, and we followed her, watching the line on the back of her black silk stockings – the heels made her legs look impossibly long and slender. She strode past the desk attendant, who didn’t even question her. We went into the patients’ ward, and she entered a private room. A guy was lying in bed with the sheets pulled up to his chin. I recognized his face right away from the newspapers. He was a hero.

His name was . . . call him Sean. He was with the Fire Department. Six weeks ago there was a huge apartment fire. The whole fourth floor of a six-story building went up. Sean went all the way up and carried down seven k**s, making trip after trip. He helped the adults to the window and down the ladder. As he was helping the last old lady out – he had already saved four of her grandk**s – there was an explosion that propelled him out of the window. He lived, but he had broken lots of ribs, both arms, both legs, and his back. He had been lying in the hospital ever since getting thank you gifts, tons of flowers and balloons and cards and Teddy bears, great meals, daily visits from the mayor, politicians, celebrities and sports figures.

Yet nobody had offered him any pussy, which was probably what a 23-year-old man probably wanted the most. Only Hearts had picked up on that, apparently.

“How are you feeling?” Hearts asked him, as if she had met him before. Maybe she had.

“Okay,” he said, smiling at her, his smile fading a little as he saw us two guys follow her in.

“Hmmmmm” she said, pulling back the hospital sheet to his chest, showing his mangled body, mostly in a cast or secured to the bed so he couldn’t move. Both arms were in a cast, one above his head, the other fastened to his side. “I think you will make a full recovery,” she forecasted, “but it will take a little while huh?”

“The doctors say I will be here until at least the end of the summer” Sean said solemnly.

“So sad,” Hearts said. “Do you still have feeling everywhere?”

“They say I will regain it,” he replied, “but not much so far.”

“Well,” she said, reaching back to untie her hair and shaking it down, “I am Hearts, Angel of Mercy.”

He looked at her, puzzled.

“These guys are part of my suit.” He looked at her as if she was an insane person. So did Spade and I. “So they need to make sure you are able to have sex, right?”

“Riiiight,” said Sean. “The doctors still don’t know about that. They have me on a lot of d**gs right now.”

“Well what would they know,” said Hearts, sitting on the bed next to Sean.

She put her hand on his thigh – midway between his crotch and knee and leaned her head down and talked nothing but sweet to him for the next five minutes. Not dirty, just how she admired him, how he would get better, how she thought he was so handsome. . . .

“Well just thought I would visit to let you know,” said Hearts, standing up. “But since we are here, let’s see if you are going to have any sex problems.” Her hand was still on Sean’s thigh as she stood and leaned across his bed.

She looked at Spade and it was eerie. I swear she could control him with her gaze. He came around to stand next to Sean on the opposite side of the bed. She leaned across and half-laughed, half-smiled as she stretched her lips up to kiss him. Spade, as if commanded by Hearts, slowly and methodically began unbuttoning her black blouse, showing a matching lace black bra underneath. He pulled the blouse free of her skirt so it hung free at her side and began kneading her B-cup breasts through the bra as Hearts began kissing him more and more passionately, her tongue doing lascivious things to his face and lips, her making little laughing and minute cooing and moaning sounds, her hand still planted stationary on Sean’s thigh over the hospital sheets.

“Jack,” Hearts called, her hands sliding down Spade’s shirt, headed toward his belt, which she started to unbuckle, “can you come over and help with my skirt?”

I was sitting in the guest chair watching dumbfounded, eyes split between the shape of her ass in the skirt, fabric stretched as she bent over the bed, and watching her hands on Sean and her lips and tongue on Spade. I stood up and walked over to her. By the time I got there, she had Spade’s belt unfastened and jeans unbuttoned, and she was sliding down the zipper. Spade was gazing at her as if she was God. Sean was staring up at her in amazement too. Her long and delicate fingers unzipped Spade’s jeans and reached inside. She blushed – I swear she could blush on command – as she pulled out his rigid hard cock – then made a noise of impressed amazement, cupping it reverently in her fingers. I reached out to the zipper at the back of her skirt and unzipped her. She flicked her hips, and the tight skirt shook loose and slid to the floor showing black lace panties and leaving her in her black stockings and high heels.

Hearts raised up a couple of inches to look back at me. “Oooh Jack, can you please get my pussy ready for Sean?”

“Yes ma’am!” I muttered, sliding my hand inside the back of her silk panties. I noticed Hearts had taken advantage of the interval to creep her hand a good three inches closer to Sean’s crotch, but still teasing him. She was also teasing poor Spade with her free hand, rubbing his cock and letting her hair brush across the purple throbbing head. She began to lick the tip barely with her tongue as I rubbed my middle finger along the crease of her ass, under her hips and along the tight slit of her pussy. I ran the tip of my fingernail along the barely discernable crevice. I remembered how tight it had felt to take her, how after I and my four friends had taken her multiple times, her labia lay fanned open, cunny hole wet and open and ready, but 20 minutes later – as now – it was impossibly tight. How could I do what she asked? I pushed my finger up further to where I felt the clitty hood and wiggled and felt her respond immediately by wiggling her hips. I made little circle motions with my finger and then slid it down along the crease, still impenetrable, along the inner labia, back to tease the opening of the cunny hole. I could feel the heat and wet inside. Slowly I worked the tip of my finger into her. By now, she was licking the tip of Spade’s cock, driving him crazy by looking up at him through her mussed hair, promising him more, while her other hand gripped Sean’s thigh through the hospital sheets as if holding on to him while I penetrated her with my finger. She lifted her left knee and slid onto the bed, pushing her ass out at me as she crawled toward Spade’s cock and slid it between her lips. One stockinged knee was now between Sean’s legs on the bed, the other planted on the floor. I slid the back of her panties down below her ass cheeks and wiggled my finger further inside. I felt her cunny muscles relax as she pushed back and slid further down along my finger, then started to glide along it in time with her sucking on Spade. I shoved the panties as far down her hips as I could with her one leg bent and began fingering her clit with my free hand. Spade began to go for broke face-fucking Hearts, and she let him. I knew at that rate he would not last long, and I was right. In less than a dozen thrusts Spade bit off a cry that sounded like a wounded bear, unloading in her mouth. Hearts cupped his balls and stroked his shaft with her free hand, never releasing her grip in Sean’s thigh, and took every drop.

Hearts’ ass and hips never broke rhythm as I kept fingering her. I wanted to shove her other leg up on the bed and push those panties down and fuck her.

She was giggling and smiling at Spade as he withdrew, giving her glazed over looks of love and admiration, making sharp cooing noises to him that only he seemed to understand. During this banter with Spade, her hand crept up Sean’s thigh, way up his thigh, and she was outlining something under the bed sheets -- a very erect cock. Hearts had done her magic.

She slid her knee off the bed and lowered the sheet down to Sean’s knees. I saw the casts began at mid-thigh and went all the way down. Hearts slowly lifted the hospital gown, showing a raging hard-on.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” Hearts said, sliding her apt fingers very lightly along its length. “What are we going to do?”

None of us men said anything, we just stared at her.

“I want to make love to you,” Hearts said to him at last. “Is it okay?”

Sean laughed. “It’d be more than okay, it would be a dream come true.” He looked down at the equipment and casts boxing him into the bed. “But I don’t think it’s possible! I can’t move and there’s barely room for me in this bed.”
Hearts just laughed back at him. “That’s what my suit is for. These guys will help, right?”

“Right,” Spade and I muttered automatically.

Hearts leaned forward and whispered something in Sean’s ear, something only he could hear, as she rubbed his cock with her long fingers, pausing to kiss his lips and neck and ear between whatever it was she was whispering to him.

Finally she pulled back and stood up, sliding her panties down her legs and kicking off her heels. Then she looked first at me, then at Spade. “You need to hold me up okay? No room on the bed.” She slid her left leg over the bed and Spade caught it, holding her by the knee and ankle. As her right leg slid up I caught it and lifted her on that side. She was amazingly light. She hovered there, bare wet pussy poised above Sean, and then with her body she willed up so lower her onto him. We lowered her legs, and her hips followed, her wet slit gliding along Sean’s cock. He let out a low involuntary moan as her pussy touched him, wiggled along his length until the tip slid down and she shifted till the tip was positioned between her pussy lips. Then she pushed forward, taking him inside, the palms of her hands on the pillow on either side of his shoulders, slowly taking him further and further inside her with each sultry up and back movement of her body.

All we had to do was hold her and she did the rest, fucking Sean while half suspended in mid-air, with amazingly fluid gyrations of her hips and contractions of her cunny muscles that both Spade and I had experienced before. She drew Sean out as long as possible. He looked like a k** at Christmas for all of the 20 minutes she was able to prolong it. At last Hearts leaned forward and whispered more into his ear. I could hear “cum” and “cock” emphasized, and he started to speed up. Hearts backed off until he subsided. I just watched her, holding her right calf and ankle. I thought about licking her hip and ass while I waited. She wasn’t that heavy, so it didn’t take all my concentration. I could see and smell that quivering pussy wrapped around Sean’s cock. After more whispering she started moving again, crying out and biting back a scream, making an incredibly erotic face, pulling her right hand up to squeeze and pull at her tits as she began to come on his cock, moaning so hot that if both my hands were not holding her up I would have started rubbing my own cock for broke. She squealed and moaned perhaps another 15 seconds, and that was all Sean could handle before he slammed his eyes shut and unloaded into her, without a doubt the best orgasm of his young life.

We helped Hearts dismount, several ounces of come flowing from her now well-fucked pussy. She took her time getting dressed, which none of us minded, and then spent another ten minutes whispering to Sean, kissing and licking his ear and promising to come back some time soon. When we left she looked exactly the same as she had when she came in, her hair even pulled back tightly as it had been before.

As we walked out to Spade’s van I couldn’t resist asking Hearts, “What about me?”

She took my hand and said “We have other things to do still tonight. I need you to stay focused.” She gave me a peck on the cheek, hardly the same girl who had spent the night with me several days ago, or who had just asked me to strip and finger her while she sucked another guy, then had me hold her up so she could fuck a third guy. But I was being unreasonably jealous. “Okay,” I consented. She stood up on the tips of her spike-heeled shoes and gave me a kiss that made me forget my jealousies and insecurities, then she opened the sliding side door of the van and grabbed her dugout bag. She asked spade to let her in the back of the van, which was totally closed off from the front portion. I heard her give him an address. Spade shut her in the back of the van, and the two of us drove in silence to the location Hearts gave to Spade.

It took about 20 minutes to get there. We parked the car in a street of four-story brick apartment buildings. Spade got out first and went around to the back to open the door . . . .


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HOT!!! Very well done. I'll be watching for Hearts' return. Thanks.