Asian girl, Hearts, Part 2

“Who’s next?” Hearts asked, pulling off the black negligee and sitting back on the poker table, stretching out her legs and sliding off the black panties. She sat up on her knees, pulling on my shirt until I was leaning against the table. Hearts was our nick-name for an incredible-looking 23-year-old Asian girl, about 5’8” and not much over 110 lbs. Her long hair and face still showed streaks of cum from the four blowjobs she had just given to my other buddies: We had all won a double or nothing bet with her husband, call him King, a fat and obnoxious old white guy. He’s now leaning against the bar of his man cave watching, against the background of the Doors Greatest Hits, his young wife give out blow jobs, and the bet was we all got to fuck her. I’m Jack. There’s also Ace, the best card player of us; Spade, a big guy, not the brightest; Nine, a regular guy who happens to be black; and Ten, a really handsome guy. Her eyes were on me now, waiting to give me head, and she was so beautiful that I shrank from her, afraid for someone that incredible looking to have me in her sights. She brushed back her hair and leaned down, undoing my pants, pulling out my cock, which was by now hard enough to cut diamonds. She started stroking my cock and slowly, teasingly, lowered her lips to it, her tongue darting out to lick the tip. After an agonizing minute of this, she lowered her lips onto my cock and began sucking me. The feeling was ecstasy.

I didn’t get her to myself for long, though. Ten was ready again, slipping up behind her and kissing the back of her neck, wrapping his hands around her, squeezing her tits as she half bent over me. Nine was back in action again soon after, standing next to Ten and sliding his hand under her ass to finger her pussy. She was doing something to me with her tongue. It made me feel slightly dizzy. She moved forward onto hands and knees, her long silky black hair, now askew, hanging down over her face. Ten stepped to the side and kept rubbing and teasing her B-cup tits. Her dark red nipples were firm and hard as he plucked and squeezed them. I saw Nine was now fingering her from behind. I put my hands on the back of her head, face-fucking her. Her almond eyes were shut to tiny slits, she appeared totally into it as I used her, guiding her head faster and deeper on my cock. Nine was fingering her frantically from behind, so hard it was thrusting her forward, in time with her taking my cock deep in her mouth. I was out of my mind as I felt myself start to come, I’m sure I let out an ungodly weird moan as I unloaded what felt like a pint of cum into her. Hearts kept sucking till I was completely still, then looked up at me and flashed a wide open-mouth smile. I saw a milky pool of my cum amongst her tongue, teeth and tonsils; then she shut her mouth and opened it again. All gone.

By then, Nine and Ten had pulled her upright. Ten was behind her, grinding on her ass and squeezing her tits, biting her shoulder. Nine had stepped into my spot to finger her from the front. Hearts reached for Nine and put her spread hand behind his neck, pulling him into a hot kiss that lasted a good two or three minutes.

At last she disentangled herself from Nine and Ten. I saw Ace and Spade leaning against the bar watching intently, waiting their turn. Now we watched Hearts as she slid off the table, totally nude. She strode to the wall of King’s impressive man cave. One whole 30-foot wall was lined with glass museum-quality display cases of New York Yankee Memorabilia. Hearts opened one of the cases displaying an autographed No. 7 Mickey Mantle jersey. She took the pins out of the jersey, pulled it off its mount and slid it on, buttoning one or two buttons in front as she strode toward King. King was perched on a bar stool with a glass full of vodka, watching with a look of misery. The Doors were now playing “Touch Me.” Hearts strode up to King and backed her bare ass up to his lap, pantomiming an amazing lap dance without ever actually touching him. She looked, if possible, even more hot wrapped in just the jersey. Hearts turned around and leaned her forehead against her husband’s. “Not UP to it, tonight?” she asked with an ironic tone. Her hand slid up his thigh, to his crotch. “Hmmmm…. Nope!” she said. “I guess you’re going to sit this hand out?” She kissed his cheek and walked away from him.

We all watched Hearts in breathless silence as she walked over to one of the game chairs, turning it around so the back leaned up against the poker table. She planted her knees on the seat part of the chair and then leaned her forearms against the table, poking her ass out. Ten did not need any further invitation -- his cock already out, he climbed behind her on the chair and knelt down, bending his knees and rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks, then sliding down and inside her, pulling the jersey out of his way. She began moaning as soon as Ten took her, banging her hard. Ace and Nine were standing right there, wanting a piece of her. Hearts crawled up over the table, away from Ten and lay sideways, her knees together on the table but her ass pushed outward, at the spot where Ace had been sitting. She bent her back and began sucking Ten as Ace walked back to his spot and unzipped his pants, rubbing his cock on the exposed and bunched up slit of her pussy, as he tried to hammer it inside her as she lay sideways. I had seen how small and tight her pussy was even when wet and spread. She was not making it easy for Ace, but he was enjoying the attempt. He could slip the head of his cock into the wet and fleshy outer labia, but couldn’t gain the hole. He eventually worked it out by bending and pushing her knees up near her chest to penetrate her by several inches. Hearts seemed preoccupied sucking Ten and Nine, licking their dangling balls and stroking their cocks whenever they were not filling her mouth. Just as Ace was gaining purchase, Hearts pulled away and slid in a semicircle, almost like a spinning bottle, until she was lying spread-eagled in front of Nine. He didn’t hesitate, but pulled her forward by the knees and pushed the tip of his cock inside her. In half a dozen thrusts, he was buried inside her to the hilt of his nine inches. Hearts moaned and writhed on the fake leather of the poker table, wrapping her legs around Nine, trying to pull him even further inside her. Spade was beating off openly as he watched Nine fuck her, Ace and Ten waiting to resume. She seemed preoccupied for the moment with Nine’s cock, leaving the rest of us to watch, along with King.

“C’mon man, tap out,” Spade said, and Nine reluctantly backed away. Spade slipped into his spot, sliding inside her now well open and very wet pussy in a single long slide. Hearts smiled at him and moaned happily as he banged away at her, gripping her thighs tight, making her small tits bounce up and down. Spade kept pushing her further up the table as he fucked; Hearts kept pushing toward him so that their bodies collided with a slap at each thrust. At last Hearts pushed forward and slid down to the floor and then turned around and bent over the table.

Ace saw his chance and went for it, wrapping his arms around her and sliding inside her, fucking her from behind as her hips bucked and pushed back against him. He was hot again and talking crazy. “You… fucking hot little slut. You little whore. Take it! Oh shit. Mmmmm. Shit, yeah, fuck! You little slanty eye hot little cunt! Of fuck you fuck so good. Take it little oriental cum slut! Yeah! Yeah! Of fuck yeah!” With that, Ace let go, pumping her fast as he came. When he pulled away, his cock was already shrinking. A long stream of creamy white cum was emitting from her cunnie, still bared as she leaned against the table waiting.

“Fuck it, I’ll take sloppy seconds,” Spade said, climbing behind her and easily slipping up inside her. Hearts’ fingers tightened on the table, and she bit her lip, her orgasm coming with Spade as he shot his load inside her, coming loudly, wrapping his arms around her and almost crushing her as he spent. Hear climbed onto the table away from him, and lay on her back. Her pussy was drenched now in cum, her chest rising and falling. Between her peeled-back petals I could see the open black cunny hole and the pink flesh clenching in pleasure as she caught her breath. Nine strode up to her, looking a little winded himself. He stroked her now sweat-covered black hair with one hand, his cock with the other. They communicated, as far as I could tell, with a series of moans and breathless laughs. He rubbed his cock against her lips and slowly stroked it as she helped. She smiled and tilted her chin, opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to him. Nine started stroking it faster, faster, as she teased his balls and wiggled her entire body.

Ten took the opportunity to climb up onto the table on his knees – he had stripped totally naked, and he rubbed his cock up and down her wet slit and then sank in. Meanwhile Nine was stroking his cock and rubbing it on Hearts’ offered tongue. He pumped his cock faster and began to soak her face in his come, the first shot missing her tongue and hitting her nose, the second her chin, the third huge jet of cum cartwheeling sideways, half catching her cheek and the other landing in her mouth. She seemed to revel in it, and every drop – there was quite a lot – landed in her mouth or on her face. She daintily dabbed at the gobs of cum on her face, licking them off her fingers, as Ten pumped her, propped up on his forearms, licking her nipples.

Ace yelled: “Hey! It’s Jack’s turn!” Ten slid out, admiring hand still touching her breasts, and all eyes were suddenly on me. “Light My Fire” had started playing and I hadn’t noticed when. Hearts, lying on the table, covered in sweat and come, smiled invitingly at me. I was so hard I could barely pull my jeans down, and so horny I couldn’t figure out how to manage it. She giggled a little watching me, as my friends – everybody but King – began to chant “Jack! Jack! Jack!”

“Come on, Jack, it’s your turn,” Hearts said encouragingly, shifting her open legs and wiggling a little. I crawled up on the table and lay between her legs, wrapping my arms under her back. “They call me Jack because I spend a lot of time fantasizing about you,” I told her. She laughed. “I know that. . . . I know who watches me.” I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have to say anything. Our bodies took over. With her moving under me, my hard cock easily found her waiting slit and the entry point. She felt tight and hot and so wet as I went into her. With her body and the music and the alcohol and the chanting, the experience was perfect, indescribable. I felt her legs wrap around me, and I just fucked her for all I was worth, trying to savor every second. Whatever she was doing, as a unit, with her pussy, her body movements, smell, taste and the moans she emitted, it was too much to comprehend or keep up with. They were no longer yelling my name, but I still couldn’t concentrate. Hearts lazily stretched out one hand and grabbed an unopened pack of cards. As she kept her body in rhythm with mine, she opened and unwrapped the cards, and I felt the wind in my face as she shuffled them. She looked at the cards as she shuffled them twice more, then looked into my eyes as she dealt two cards off the top - the Jack of Hearts and the Queen of Hearts. I stared at her in amazement, but she only smiled at me. Her pussy muscles twitched and writhed inside, making me crazy, and I felt simultaneously half nauseous and as if my left nut had been punctured, and then I fell against her, not moving, as I exploded inside her. I heard Hearts orgasm with me, a cheer from my mates, as I seemed to cum forever. At last I was able to stop thrusting into her, and I held still. My heart was pounding harder than I could ever remember.

“Mmmmmm,” I heard Hearts’ genial giggle, and she wiggled out from under me and turned over, dropping off the side of the table onto the floor. “Okay guys, I gotta shower.” She stood up, still wearing the Mickey Mantle jersey, making her legs look impossibly long and thin as she ascended the stairs. I pulled up my jeans quickly, eyes never leaving Hearts. Behind me Ace and Ten were involved in some discussion with King, Nine and Spade were listening.

I followed Hearts. I was compelled to. I couldn’t let such a perfect woman leave my sight, especially when I had just experienced the greatest orgasm ever between those perfect legs. She got to the main floor, walked through nicely decorated rooms – I had never been on the main floor of King’s house, he must’ve been a fucking millionaire – and then I followed her up a curving stair case to the second floor. I followed her, my bare feet now sinking into deep carpet, to a huge bedroom, and then into a dream of a private bathroom, all glass blocks and marble, an open shower so big it didn’t need a door.

“Didn’t want to stay with the boys?” Hearts asked me, not turning to look at me as she dropped the priceless jersey onto the bathroom floor and stepped into the shower area. “No,” I said, my voice sounding hypnotized. “Well,” Hearts said, “can’t blame you. They’re just going to argue now and drink a little more and argue some more.” “Yeah,” I said, unable to think of anything more intelligent than that. I was watching her as she turned on the shower, watching her wash her body, seeing her breasts arch as she washed her hair, in awe of her body and her beauty.

She was lathering her whole body now. She looked up at me, saw me watching her. “Did you know ---- first met me… you guys call him King, right? He first met me in college. I was 20. He was kinda my sugar daddy. It was fun for a while. He bought me anything and everything I wanted, and took me anywhere I wanted to go, and I did whatever he wanted.” I was still at a loss of anything intelligent to say. So I said: “Really?” “Yeah. Like I said, fun for a while. We went to a lot of casinos, played a lot of games, won a lot of money. But well, you know King, a big asshole. And then after a while he couldn’t get it up at all. Hasn’t been able to at all for the last year, doctors can’t do anything for him.” “No shit?!” I said, slightly more eloquent now. “Really,” she said, turning off the shower. I handed her a thick cotton towel. “Thanks,” she said, drying off and then wrapping the towel around her hair. “Yeah,” she said. “He tried hours a night at first, and I did whatever to help him. It’s a physical thing, he just can’t no matter how much he wants too. He used to cry a lot.” “Wow,” I said, still monosyllabic. She sat up on the long marble sink with one foot hanging over the ledge, bent one knee and started filing a nail one of her toes. I could see down her open legs, to her pussy, now just a tight little slit – I could just see where the clitty hood would be, and where the vaginal opening would be found. I remembered the temporary stretching she got in the basement and the opening breathing pink vagina hole – now it looked impossible that even a pencil tip would fit in there.

“I feel bad for him,” I said, still looking between her legs. “I do too,” she said, “he still wants me a whole bunch. We tried everything.” She started brushing her hair, leaving her leg still propped up on the sink counter, smiling at me as I watched her. “Funny, when I first realized what an asshole he was and got tired of him, I fucked everyone I could find, just to spite him, no other reason. I would deal out the cards and make him lose $10,000 to somebody at black jack, then I would go and blow that guy. If he was rude to anyone, I would come back and fuck or blow them." She set the file aside and started rubbing lotion on her legs. I watched, enchanted. "That took a lot of fucking! But, when he couldn’t get it up anymore, I put all my energy for a long time into trying to help him.” She shifted her leg, lotioned the other one, then slid down to the floor and pulled on a white silk robe. I stood still and silent, watching. “I hadn’t been with anyone in almost a year until tonight,” she said, “it was a real thrill.” “Me too,” I said, lamely as before. “Yeah, I know,” she said, “but I mean something deeper. It *awakened* something in me.” She fastened a heavier, ankle length robe over the light silk one, covering almost her entire body.

She walked out of the room and I followed. “Stay here,” she said, not looking back.

I stood in the middle of the huge room, not knowing what to do. After about 10 minutes Hearts was back. She smiled. “You’re missing another game down there. They’re going to play till dawn now. Want to go and join them?” “Not really,” I said. “Good,” she said, pulling off the outer robe, then drawing back the covers on the bed. “Then you can stay with me a while.”


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3 years ago
excellent & yes more of hearts
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great story...
3 years ago
I love you hearts! Lol waiting for the finale, epic story. Love your work
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she's got my heart