Dedicated to my muse "M"

Naina and I were on a much needed vacation. We both had been working a lot of hours and a four day weekend at a tropical resort was just what we the doctor ordered. The setting was perfect, pure white sand, 80 degree crystal clear turquoise water, a steady breeze blowing in off the ocean, not a cloud in the sky and our cabana was right on the beach. On top of all that I was with the girl of my dreams. Naina is smart, a masters degree in marketing. She is beautiful, an Indian girl from Delhi, smooth brown skin, silky black hair to the middle of her back, seductive smoky dark eyes, full luscious lips, 34yrs old, 5’4”, 135lbs, 36D+ tits with dark brown areolas and big suckable nipples, curvy hips, a pretty phat jiggly ass, smooth muscular legs, pretty small feet with a toe ring on each foot and a extra wet, insatiable pussy covered in soft downy black peach fuzz. Me, I’m just a regular light skin African American guy from Shaker Hts. Ohio. 5’8”, 170lbs, 9” and thick…nothing special. How I was so lucky to have a woman like Naina fall in love with me I’ll never know.

It was our last night at the resort and we were sitting out on or little patio drinking Caipirinhas and smoking some of the local Banana Kush with or cabana neighbors Elise and Michael. They were a 40 something married couple from London that were also leaving in the morning. She was a pretty, tall, thin blond with small boobs and nipples that had to be at least a half inch long that were always erect….its was sorta hard not to be distracted by them. Michael was a doctor and very cool, but I did notice him more than once staring at Naina big boobs, probably since they were the complete opposites of Elise’s.

It was getting late and since Elise and Michael had a very early flight to catch they decided to call it a night. We all said our goodbyes and Naina and I stayed out and had a couple more drinks and smoked another joint. It must have been the tropical setting, tropical weather, tropical night, tropical drinks and tropical buds but Naina said she was ready for some tropical fucking. I said ok lets go inside and do this but she said she wanted to do it outside on the beach under the stars. Who the hell am I to turn down my beautiful wife’s request, hahaaa. So we got our drinks, our buds and a big blanket and headed down to the waters edge where we thought we wouldn’t be seen. We started kissing then she told me to lay back and relax and let her do her thing. Her kisses started moving down, from my lips to my neck, my neck to my nipples, my nipples to my stomach, my stomach to my…oh you know where she ended up, hehehe. She started licking around the head of my dick, up and down the shaft, sucking on my balls then back to the head. She was teasing me so I just grabbed her head and pushed it down on my cock. She readily swallowed as much as she could and then started her patented dick sucking. Naina has a special technique she does with her tongue and those full lips that drives my crazy plus she has a very wet mouth so drool is running all over my cock and balls. I grabbed her hair and start pumping all nine inches down her throat making her gag and drool even more, we both love that. After five minutes of fucking her face she swings around and puts her pretty pussy right on my mouth, as soon as I part her lips with my fingers and tongue I get face full of her sweet nectar. She obviously had cum already from sucking my dick so I decide to make her cum some more. I grabbed her hard clit with my lips and swirled my tongue all around it, stuck me nose inside her pussy and let her use my whole face to ride on. She’s grinding hard on my face still sucking the fuck outta my BBC when all of a sudden I feel her body start to convulse and I know my face was about to be drenched with more of her cum. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy down hard on my face when all of a sudden she lifts up off my dick and lets out a low guttural moan and starts bucking on my face as wave after wave of cum flows out of her cunt onto my face. When she stopped cumming she went right back down on my cock and used her lips to create a vacuum on my dick and like a top of the line Dyson sucked a huge load of cum out of my prostate.

After all that I had to get a towel to wipe the cum out of my eyes and nose but I surely didn’t mind it at all. We had another drink and finished the joint we had been smoking when my dick started getting hard again. That was all Naina need to see to know it was time for round two. She told me to lay back again and started blowing me again. After about a minute I was at full attention so she climbed onboard and rode me, a slow grind then hard bucking then fast grind then a slow buck….dayum that pretty gurl is good, but I digress. After five minutes of this alternating fucking I saw her eyes roll back in her head and she started licking her lips back and forth real fast and I knew she was about to cum again. Her momentum picked up and then she plopped down hard on me and that familiar low guttural moan came out and I got a lap full of warm cum. She rolled off and got on her hands and knees so I could fuck her doggy style. As I started to put my dick in her pussy she looked back over her shoulder and with a sly grin said, “… David, wrong hole, u get my ass tonight baby….”. We had tried anal before but she wasn’t ever really to comfy with it so I never pressed her about it but she knew I always wanted to fuck that pretty virgin ass. With that I bent down and stuck my tongue in her asshole and licked and sucked it till I thought it was ready for 9 thick inches of black cock. I slowly started to pushed the head in and she gasped so I went even slower and all of a sudden it popped in and she let out a little yelp, then she said, “go ahead baby fuck my tight asshole, its yours forever” so I pushed in a lil bit faster and before we both knew it was all the way in. Dayum it was tight and she said “oh wow, boy that feels so good, fuck my ass, I’m your whore baby, use me however you want”. I started to fuck her tight anus faster and harder and then she was slamming back on my cock loving it more and more with every stroke. After ten minutes of pounding her tight ass she started convulsing again and I knew it was orgasm time again. She was pushing back hard while I was ramming forward when she let out a loud scream and started trembling and I couldn’t hold it any more and shot a geyser of hot cum deep in her bowels. We both fell forward and laid there for a few minutes recuperating from one of the most intense lovemaking sessions we had ever had.

We gathered our stuff and made our way back to our cabana. We took a shower together and both collapsed in bed and fell right to sl**p. Naina woke up before me. She jump back on the bed and woke me up and was giggling uncontrollably holding a card. I asked her what it was and all she said was “read it baby”, the following is what I read……..

Dear Naina and David, It was so nice getting to know both of you. You are an awesome couple, both so friendly and fun. Michael and I enjoyed hanging out with you, parasailing, eating, going into town, everything was great. But last night was something we never expected. After we went in to go to sl**p, Michael as usual fell right asl**p but I was having trouble, probably a bit of anxiety over leaving going back home, when all of a sudden while laying in bed I heard some noise outside, I didn’t know what it was so I got up to investigate and what I saw took my breath away. You two were in a 69 like I hadn’t seen before….WOW. I woke up Michael and we watched you two go at it and it blew or minds. Naina you are a sexual dynamo, an absolutely beautiful amazing woman and David your cock is a piece of meat I would feast on everyday all day. It took everything in our power not to come and join you so we just watched and had our own session. We copied everything you two did and let me tell you, its was FANTASTIC!!!!!
We will be here next year, same dates, same cabana.

Elise and Michael

Naina and I were dumbfound, slightly embarrassed, extremely proud and totally aroused. We had a quickie, ordered room service breakfast, packed our bags, went to checkout and made reservations for next year, same dates, same cabana.

The End
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1 year ago
1 year ago
erotic...makes my dick wet
2 years ago
Wow hot story got my little cocklet sohard i came in mypanties
3 years ago
You're a very sexy writer. :-)
3 years ago
sexy story
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
3 years ago
Nice read. Definitely had me stroking my dick.
3 years ago
She sounds good enough to eat! Great story!
3 years ago
Thats hot
3 years ago
liked the ending
3 years ago
Man, that's some really hot writing!!
3 years ago
very nice and way to take care of the wife great job give her what she wants and need
3 years ago
Thats great and hopefully you remember next year to post your vacation again....Always good to hear and read a good story
3 years ago
WOW Dave! That was an Awesome Story... made my big Dick Swell and Throb so U just HAD to Jack Off as I read it and CUM at the Conclusion!
BTW! It made me think of and envision my OWN Sexy HOT 19 Year Old Lover Girl in Peru... Who will soon be here in America and be my Common Law Wife!
She LOVES my Big Dick, Camping, Getting NUDE on the Beach... and she Loves Anal too!
Naughty Johnny in Los Angeles
(Wiping Up the Stream of Sticky CUM from my new Wood Floor!)
3 years ago
You know what you do for me sweetheart....ur truly a special person in my life! Muuuaaaahhh
3 years ago
thats lovely David.... I cant beleive that I can be muse for someone to write such beautiful stories... thanks