sex in the car

aboutb 15 yrs ago while at work i fancied a woman who i shall call brenda .we started chatting quite innocently at first but as the days went by i knew she was attracted to me as she kept brushing herself against me ans i could feel her big tits pressed against my chest .i use to be a chef and my apron could usually hide my erection but this day as brenda brushed against me her hand went beneath my apron and felt my semi erect cock but as soon as she felt it ,it got harder and she just looked into my eyes and said does that feel good
i could hardly speak as she kept her hand there for a good 5 min .it was a good job we were in the store room so no one could see .i then put my hand inside her top to feel a nice firm tit .then we heard a noise and quickly stopped what we were doing
i kept thinking all day what had happened and couldnt beleive my luck .about half an hour before home time i asked brenda if she wanted to come out with me one day when my wife was at work .cause we were both married and had to be discrete.but we made arrangement to meet on my next day off but i couldnt get the feeling of brenda feeling my cock out of my head and i wanted to fuck her then
anyway i picked brenda up at 11am and we talked a bit as i drove into the country,when we found a quiet spot to ourselves i parked the car .brend had on a cute low cut top that made her tits look like they wanted to jump out and i noticed she had a short loose fitting skirt on which i thought to myself that wont be long bewfore my hand would be up her skirt feeling her cunt
to cut a long story short i leaned over to kiss her and started unbutton her top so those tits just fell into my hand.i managed to get her bra undone and was kissing those nipples as she had her hand between my legs taking my cock from my pants.i then stoppedec what i was doing to take my pants off and brenda bent down to take my cock in her mouth .it felt so good i can tell u but i wanted to return the favour so i said let me eat your cunt as well so i know what u taste csoon as i said that her skirt and panties were.when she took those panties off i could see the damp patch and i wanted her so bad i couldnt wait to get my head was between her legs as i spread those lips and licked her wasnt long before she said to fuck her ,fuck me ram that cock deep in my cunt then eat me again .i fucked her like a man possesed and looked down between our bodies to see my stiff cock fuck that wet cunt of hers
needless to say we met when we could over the next few years and it always ended up fucking each other and i use to get a hardon at work whenever brenda touched me ,but i have a sneaky feeling she knew that .
i miss those days
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Good,if a bit short.
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