My night with a sexy older black lady.

It was a steamy summer night back in 1990. I was on a train home from work then i saw this sexy looking black lady she looks like Halle Berry and she's only 45 twenty years older then me. I meet her on the train and then we talked and i bought her a drink and we kicked it off with a sexy walk on the beach and then we started to stare at each other and we kissed very passionately. She told me her last marriage is totally fucked-up by her jerk-off of an ex-husband who left her for a white woman and sees her a lot. I was so shocked by how her love life was ruined by her ex's infedelity jst like an episode of cheaters. Later we both went top this chic hotel. Then we rent a room and soon we both started to get naked in front of each other and my god her tits are as big as Jennifer Hudson's and her pussy is so tasting like Heather Hunter's. Then we both come to each other and we kissed slowly and erotically with our tounges rolling in our mouths so smoothly and sensually. We both lay down and we started 69 each other i began licking her wet pussy and suck her clit till she moans so loudly at the same time she sucked my long hard cock and she suck it slow and then she started to lickaround my balls and suck it more. After we sucked each other for 20 minutes we both started to fuck wildly in our bed. We did a lot of sexy positions together i fucked her from the top then we switched places and she ride on me from the top. then i fucked her ass so great she screamed with ectasy as i hold her juicy tits an played them as we fucked. then she asked me to suck her big juicy chocolate tits and it was amazing. Then we fucked more for a few minutes and asked her this sexy question " How do you get your pussy so tight?" She replied " Yoga, Years of sensual yoga." Then the moment came a i prepare to cum all over her. I yanked my cock from her pussy and soon i gave her the biggest cumshot ever in her mouth and she says "Every drop, every drop of your hot cum makes me happy like a little schoolgirl." After that we slept together all night naked and we enjoyed the most erotic night of our lives. I still remember about that summer night ever since. Thanks Renee & To quote the late Whitney Houston.. " I'll always love you.
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2 years ago
when it cums to fucking women i willalways prefer black women. they know hot to make a white soy cum.