My adventures with my wife - Episode II

My adventures with my wife - Episode II
I returned to my home and I prepared my steps except .. Came to my house to find my wife in the bedroom which is soluble in Ztha ..
I told her Khbrenne boring detail what happened with you and I will tell you on her tongue as she told me:
Knocked on the door .. So I open the door and if Maher and stand up and face went red house and visible signs of fear on his face. And gave him a hug before my lips until bl**d comes out almost ... Then we sat in the living room .. And offered him some juice and sweets .. And sat next to him .. Sip sip from the cup of juice and eat a sample over my body .. And began stroking my thigh with his hand .. I was in the case of violent sex ... and the first touch of ... I sat in his lap and just felt Bzbeh upright clearly from behind the clothes .. Belhs my neck and began to Musha and slowly descended to my breasts .. Raise my clothes that I wear and decryption Alsantian stayed Baltnorh only ...
He then suck my chest and I was way Raaaaaaúah royalty hike .. I felt that Casey Ksnbur dripped water from the intensity of you eager to Zub from his lap and took off all his clothes my hand ... Would the horror of what I saw .. It was twice the size of Zbeh Zpk I even felt scared for the first Ocalh like I'm 14 years old girl .. Zbeh put in my mouth and you Bms Whitath sense and so he began Baltoh .. My home by my hair and I Omus Bzbeh and lifted me up and take off the skirt and the internal Alklot .. And sat on the chair and tried to do in Wuxi Zbeh internalization but he refused ... Where only wants things to be external ...
Pets Bzbeh Casey started from the outside ... Began to apply chills all over my body ..
Began to move violently between Zbeh Hvrta Casey ... In every movement that I hope you will enter the head at least .. I hold and refused to do so .. I told him I have a condom that was feared to descend into the womb .. But he also rejected ..
Here, I said slowly, although it did not in the income of pussy, but my feeling was stronger than Zpk in Wuxi ... Here, we set off hysterical laughter ...
Completed little by saying ...
What the cat Bmlaabh Tiza .. From the outside and rub them Zbeh
And on the back and forward and suddenly without warning I felt shivery apply to every body .. Were higher than those chills that I felt at the beginning of my marriage
He told me that he is about to come down semen .. I told him what do you think that you download what you have in my mouth ... He agreed to immediately
And you suck Zbeh even filled his voice and began throwing lava in my mouth .. I was first directed by the first of the large quantity of ... It was very warm and salty ... And taste delicious ..
Boycotted ... I asked her and exclaimed, saying ... What income Zbeh air Cossack
She told me not ..
I felt a sense of disappointment mixed with joy .. For each case the distinctive achievement .. For me and her ..
Followed by bit it and then had to sl**p in nurseries and are naked and A disagreement to talk .. Continued Zbeh erection ...
I took half an hour after sucking Zbeh until ejaculation semen for the second time ... then entered the bathroom and bathed and dressed .. He kissed me and then left him and took exception to it again as soon as ... Antzerona in the next episode to find out details of what happened between me and them after Saint narrated to me
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2 years ago
Love the concept!
3 years ago
Was this meant to be serious...?
3 years ago
lots of translation problems