A soldier's girl (part 2 of "Soldier&quo

I woke up the next morning to see him still asl**p... His legs thrown over me, his chest rising and falling with each sl**p breath I smiled and Watched him sl**p. His face restful and content with satisfaction, His life was paused as he slept next to me not a care in the world. I watched his eyelids twitched as a dream played in his head, There was nothing I wanted more than to be the backside of his eyelids so I could see what he was dreaming about. I tried to slip out of his death grip but He only pulled me in tighter and I let out a slight giggle. He knew how I felt about how I looked when I woke up in the morning. Fella's let it be said that any girl hates the way she looks in the morning, Her hair is a mess her eyes have the undesired heaviness and puffiness. Her skin flushed and red, not to mention my undesired smell of sweat and sex. I tried again to slip away, dunking my head under his arm, freeing my chest, I sat between his arm and his leg that was still pinning me to the bed, I lifted his leg a little and slipped my legs to my chest free of his weight I rolled of the bed falling to the floor with a slight thud my face scrunching up from the sting of bare skin hitting the floor I lifted my head up to peak over the edge of the bed making sure I didn't stir his peaceful slumber. Still fast asl**p I jumped up and tip-toed to the bathroom, taking a quick bath washing myself and my hair. I stood up pulling the plug on the drain still standing in the water drying off, I stepped out dropping the towel to the floor to put on my panties. I heard a knock on the door and froze in a state of panic, my hair was tangled, not to mention wet and matted to my neck and shoulders. He caught me.. I was so close to getting to my desired look so I slipped on the bra and panties he had picked out on our last shopping trip. A light colored camouflage, another privilege to being a soldiers girlfriend. He was my everything, the love of my life, and In fact that scared me to know that without him I'd be lost I depend on him and I think he knew it.
"Come in" I studdered.
The door opened, and he looked at me still sl**py and in his boxers. He looked at me and smiled then frowned.
"You ran away."
I laughed. " I didn't run away I'm still here, why would I want to run away from you babe?"
"I wanted to see what you looked like when you woke up, but you escaped me! How.?"
"Trust me It wasn't easy."
I walked over to him locking my lips to his letting my wet hair drip over his shoulders and dribble down his chest and back. I broke away to look at his still restless eyes. Green, Green eyes. He had eyes a shade greener than mine. It is fact that people with green eyes are extremely rare with only about 2% of the worlds population having green eyes. Then fallowing are people with variations of blue now mainly with people of German decent.
"Mmm dang baby girl!"
"Hurry up and use the bathroom, I have to finish getting ready."
I shut the door and left the room going down the hall to the stairs and ran down to the kitchen went to the frige and got me a orange juice the cold are burst out when I opened the door hardening my nipples and sending goose bumps all over my body. His wrapped around me and he slipped his fingers into my underwear as He bite my neck and breathing in my ear. I moaned and Felt his hard-on press against my ass It was then that I knew I had to have him inside me and I had to have him inside me. I turned and Kissed him pulling his underwear down and grabbing his hard cock in my hand and started jerking it up and down. He groaned. I looked into his eyes and only saw desire and pure lust. I wanted to test it. I stopped and walked away. Not long after He fallowed pinning me down on the couch and kissing me slipping his hand up my shirt. tweaking and pulling my nipples. I moaned and ground my hips against him I felt my wetness seep down my pussy lips. I pulled them off. His hand slipped between us, rubbing my slit and plunging deep into my wetness. He stared at me, looking into my eyes his head cocked sideways watching my mouth beg for more, watching my moans roll off the tip of my tongue into the air. I wanted him and he knew it he enjoyed playing with me he enjoyed watching me wiggle under his fingers and really so did I ..
"Fuck me...hard!"
I couldn't help but blurt it out but he gladly did as I asked flipping me over on all fours and plunged his cock inside me, I gasped in pleasure fallowed by a loud moan fingers dug into the couch ripping the fabric and he drilled my pink center. The sound of our skin slapping together echoed out through the room. My hair bounced from the f***e of his giant member fucking my tight little whole. I moaned as I felt my orgasm crush me like no other, I shot up my legs and down from my head only to meet at the center and explode. He felt my pussy clench and milk his dick and Just couldn't help but release his load inside of me. I gasped and wiggled back against him pushing it deeper inside of me. Fell to the couch and he pulled my panties up around my waist and kissed me before laying down on the floor in front of me his dick still twitching So I got to my knees and lick the sticky substances from his shrinking member before crawling up to him and kissing his cheek.
**2 weeks later**
I couldn't keep anything I ate down. I was having terrible food cravings and I was extremely emotional. I knew the signs of pregnancy because both my s****r have been pregnant many times but I was oblivious to the signs. We went to the doctor in fear I was sick when I found out I was pregnant with his baby's ... yes twins.! The first day of the rest of my life. :D
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You make me smile. Love you!
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excellent wonderful