All I really know is that he is A paralegal. He's a soldier, just a tad bit of a freaking hero In a today's society. I like a man in a suit but a guy in camouflage, that's even hotter. A great guy with a sense of humor,a uniform, and he makes me feel wanted and appreciated.
How much better can it get? Well I don't think that it can.
He works a lot of the time. But I can't help the growing lust I have for him inside, the wanting that I have for him. Just knowing he's in his uniform, makes me want to make sure that I was there when he walks in the door after a hard days work.
He walks in drops his keys on the counter and lays his bags down on the floor. I run down the stairs to greet him, even though it is late. I waited up for him.
"Hi, honey!" I'd exclaim when I seen him.
"Hey baby girl!."
"How was work?" I'd inquire.
"Busy like always."
I leaned in to kiss him softly, sweetly, as he trailed his tongue over my bottom lip. I opened my mouth just a little letting his tongue enter my mouth. I held my hands to his neck as we kissed.Our tongues now tangled. I felt the heat building between us. I knew where this was headed, when his hand trailed down my back and cupped around my ass. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him kissing his lips before kissing his neck. I jumped down.
"Ready to play Hide and seek?"
I didn't give him a chance to answer I took off running,expecting him fallow. And he did, I ran upstairs and too our bed room when I had everything set up. The candles, revealed a ton of sents through out the room, lavender,vanilla, brown sugar, pomegranate and my favorite, ocean breeze. I didn't have time to run out and get a bunch of the same smelling candles so I used what was laying around the house. I jumped on the bed and Listen to the thud of his hurried footsteps getting closer. He stood at the door his jacket half way off, I groaned.
He reached up to take off his jacket, I pushed his hands away and the look on his face said that he understood my command. I pushed his jacket off letting in fall to the floor and took a step back just to see if he would fallow. Sure enough, He did. I slipped my hand up his shirt tracing every muscle of his tight, toned body, biting my bottom lip as I felt my pussy clench. I pushed it up and over his head and let it fall to the floor before reaching up and kissing him passionately. He ran his fingers up over my ass and up my back tracing the bumps of my spine with his finger tips. Our tongues danced in each others mouth while i fumbled with his cargo pants. Finally They slipped of and I stepped back. He pushed me back to the bed while still with our tongues making love. I fell back on the bed. He pinned me from the front. Wrapping his soldier arms around me sending a shivers down my back as I let out a small moan and kissed his neck as he pulled my shorts off. He looked into my eyes as he trailed one finger down my body and slipped it into my slit, I groaned and let my head fall back. Him seeing the chance dipped his head in and nibbled and licked at my skin of my neck. I rolled my head from side to slide while his finger played with my clit before entering my entrance. I Pulled his boxers off leaning up forward a little before falling back to the bed. I pushed him back and got down on my knees before sticking his cock in my mouth and letting the tongue twirl around the head. Before pushing my head down on to his shaft rapidly taking time to flick my tongue around the base of his hard cock. He grabbed me and threw me on the bed kissing me, as I braced myself for what was coming. I moaned into his mouth while our tongues did the tango.
His dog tags jingling. and falling in my face. He slipped the head of his dick in and immediately started pounding my pussy like it was the last night he would ever see it. He leaned in close to me and had his arm around my head, so I took his dog tags in my hand and pressed them against his chest while I kissed him breaking only to moan.
"MMMMM, Fuck me baby!"
He reached his hand down and started rubbing my clit in circles I gasped and He only looked into my eyes, Hungry, heated, and wanting what he knew was his. This only made me want to cum for him so much more. I kissed him and moaned and he pick up the pace and kissed my neck and upper chest, I moaned and he rubbed my clit faster.
"MMM I'm gonna cum"
He sat up taking full control bracing himself on his knuckles and started pounding my pink center. Taking control i rubbed my clit hungrily, at the brink of my orgasm I could feel it right outside the edge of my body. I moaned. I could feel him watching me. Soon the orgasm came rushing in
"MMM I'm cummming, Oh fuck, mmm fuck me tad, fuck me baby, ughhh yea Like that!!!!"
Not long after He grunted , pulled out to shoot his hot love juice all over my stomach. He collapsed to my chest kissing me tenderly before we continued our night, of all fantasies.
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thank you for this 1 lil'lady
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This is your most inspired story yet :) love it and you!!!